Forum Rules *Please Read*

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General Kaliero
1. Before opening a new thread, please use the function first, to make sure a thread on the subject does not already exist. Any duplicate threads will be closed. We do not appreciate searching out the old threads, so breaking this rule multiple times will earn you a warning.

2. Report any duplicate threads or inappropriate posts using the report function. This will make them much easier for us to find and deal with.

3. For any discussion regarding the current-gen consoles, use the official thread.

4. Title threads properly. Actually type out the full name of the game instead of simply abbreviating it, so that it can be found in a search in the future.

5. Posting any scams or hacks is illegal and against the rules.

6. Do not PM me or Peach to report things. The report function is there for a reason; use it. We do not appreciate receiving PMs about things that could have and should have been taken care of another way.

7. This is the Computer/Video Games forum. Not Computers and Video Games. What does this mean? It's for discussion of computer games and video games. Video game consoles fall into this as games are their sole function. Computers, however, do not; they are not primarily for gaming and thus do not count as a gaming discussion.

8. ROMs, emulators, torrents, etc. are illegal and thus discussion of them is not allowed. No arguments, period. The legal usage of these things is very narrow and restricted, and thus we are just going to cut the entire argument short and disallow any such discussion.

9. Game vs. game threads are not allowed. Such threads simply degenerate into fanboy arguing, which is just a hotbed for flaming and trolling to sprout out of. All such threads will be closed. This means "which game is better" threads.

10. Don't make a spectacle of yourself; if you think a mod decision was unfair, contact us (or the mod involved) via PM and we will calmly discuss it with you that way.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.