Hitomi vs Kasumi

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Korea had been an interesting place to Hitomi, but it would be soon time to move on from the country and into another. Hitomi knew where to go from then on there.

Tokyo, Japan.

It had been three weeks since Hitomi had endured the battle with Cammy White, otherwise known by her codename, Killer Bee. The bruises and fractures from the fight with the girl were actually bad enough that Hitomi had almost missed a month out on training.

But the rest was needed. And she had grown stronger from the fight, she had gained alot of experience it from it-- physically and spiritually. But she knew that there would be others out there like Killer Bee, and it was only a matter of time before Hitomi would find them.

Or they would find her.

She stood ontop of the roof of the hotel which she was residing in, looking over the city lights before her. A marvelous sight to behold, it was worth taking a picture of. Unfortunately, Hitomi wasn't a very good photographer.

"The path you are treading on is a courageous path. But know that there will be dangers before you, and some dangers you might not be able to over come." A voice said.

Hitomi immediately turned around and spotted a young girl. Beautiful as she was, Hitomi was even awed by her beauty.

"Be careful on the fights you choose, Hitomi."

"How do you know about my fights? Do you know something that I don't?" Hitomi asked as she raised her brow.

"You are currently being watched, by whom, I don't know but someone has been watching fighters."

That wasn't much of a surprise to hear from the girl. After the incident with Killer Bee, Hitomi figured that out all to herself.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Kasumi... I am the eighteenth master of the Mugen Tenshin. I have seen you in action for a while, Hitomi. You competed in the third and fourth DOA tournaments and held your own, but you got stronger recently."

"I've been cross training. Had a little help from Ken Masters." Hitomi replied. "So...Why are you here?"

"To test you... To see what you have as a martial artist."

Hitomi balled her fists up and then raised up her arms in gaurding position. Kasumi watched as she slowly entered into her own fighting stance.

"Don't you dare hold back on me, Kasumi. Because I won't hold back on you!"

Hitomi immediately rushed in towards Kasumi, ready to throw a punch.

Kasumi should win everytime IMO...

Depends which one I control.


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Hitomi gets smacked down.

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