Activision works on a Spider-Man vs. Marvel Zombies videogame

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Nemesis X
It appears that one of the many Spider-Man game projects Activision is working on has been revealed. Everyones friendly neighborhood web slinger will be going toe to toe with a zombified Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, and many other heroes and villains that have become flesh eaters. Not very much of this game has been revealed yet but at least we do know Activision's making it as we speak. It's going to be coming to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the Wii. A release date hasn't been announced yet but it's suspected to come out somewhere in 2009. Rating of the game isn't known yet at the moment but obviously it'll probably be rated M (if not then we got another MK vs. DC on our hands....).

I'm looking forward to this game and I'm sure some of you are too.

jalek moye
they will not make a spider man game rated M

Would need to see the press release. Sounds like this could easily be a rumor, especially since it's not a wise business decision to leak info about an upcoming game in a franchise that has a title about to release (Web of Shadows) since it might cause gamers to wait for the future title if they like the premise more.

jalek moye
and also i would think they would have a better idea then this.

web of shadows already is covering a zombie like theme. They could another new thing with spiderman and i hope they do

yeah, it definitely sounds like a bad rumor. I wouldnt mind seeing a marvel zombie's game but im not sure how fun it would be. You would be fighting zombie versions of other superhero's. That sounds cool until you think about it for a minute. The scenario would work better in an ultimate alliance game where you travel to an alternate universe for one of the stages and everyone is a zombie.

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