Dooku's warning Grievous of council master's?

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Darth Martin
Can someone give me the exact qoute and book this is from? I'd appreciate it. Been on mind for a while. I'm looking especially for the select few he warned GG about fighting.

Elite Hunter
It's from LOE.

"Power moves served you well on Hypori against Jedi such as Daakman Barrek and Tarr Seir. But I pity you should you have to face off against any of the Council Masters."

He called into hand his courtly, curve-handled lightsaber and drew a rapid X in the air - - a Makashi flourish.

"Do I need to demonstrate what responses you can expect from Cin Drallig or Obi-Wan Kenobi? From Mace Windu or, stars help you, Yoda.

He flicked his blade quickly, ridding two of the guards of their staffs, then placing the glowing tip a millimeter from Grievous's death-helmeted visage.

"Finesse. Artfulness. Economy. Otherwise, my friend, I fear that you will end up beyond the repair of even the Geonosians. Do you take my meaning?"

His vertically slit eyes unfathomable, Grievous nodded.

"I take your meaning, my lord."

Darth Martin
Thank you. Seems like Dooku knew Kenobi's mastery of Soresu could be the end of GG. Are these the only four that could beat him. 'm sure Anakin or Depa would give him a fight.

Captain REX
I think it was just those four that the author decided to reference. I am sure there were more Jedi that could put up a fight against Grievous, but he is rather lethal and would not be a credible threat if many of the Jedi could contest him.

Dooku could have added Anakin but I doubt he was much impressed by him last time they met? stick out tongue

Darth Martin
Not sure if Anakin would do as well against Grievous as Tyranus or Kenobi did. His form implies all offence and total domination. Only problem with this is Grievous is stronger than Anakin(when not using Force to amp up) and Anakin would almost certainly be on the defensive the entire fight. No doubt he could do it in an all-out battle but with sabers only and Force just to amp and pre-cog......not sure.

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