Terry, Sephiroth, Kratos, Samus & Dante Vs. Illidan (/w twist)

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The balance of the planet hangs in the balance, when someone manipulated time and space, concequently brought Kratos, Ryu Hayabusa, Sephiroth and Terry Bogar to Azeroth.. Few of the legendary Azerothian heroes are still around, but Illidan has survived once again..

Knowing that all that is could cease if these time & space faults are not removed, the dragon Aspects are each giving Illidan a blessing for this battle.. Once he kill, or defeat an opponent to the point where they can not continue, Nozdormu will use his strength to remove them from Azeroth permanently..

Illidan in this battle:
- Post-Outland rule
- Alexstrasza blessed him with the ability to rise once after have fallen
- Malygos blessed him with the ability to teleport and mde his spells deal chaos damage
- Neltharion blessed him with near impervious skin (On par with Kratos) and enough physical strength to lift Kratos at maximum size over his head.
- Nozdormu blessed him with advanced precognition (Spider-Man and the speed to use it efficiently) and knowledge of his opponents
- Ysera blessed him with the power to turn intangible

- Terry Bogar I do not know much of, but has seen him spoken highly of
- Sephiroth does not have access to the nega-livestream or whatnow it is called
- This is Kratos after having defeated Ares
- Strongest version of Samus
- Strongest version of Dante

Additional rules:
- If the battle lasts for longer than a day, Illidan will obtain the Demon Soul

Burning thought
Kratos and Dante will make this battle id imagine, if Illidan gains the Demon soul i dont see any of them surviving apart from Kratos at his full height of power and maximum size, Dantes time powers and high powered weapons will be the highest damage dealer since I dont see Kratos at his speed getting in range to unleash his most powerful combos unless Illidan is incapaciated by some means.

Which Kratos is this?

This question matters.

This is Kratos just after having become the God of War..

And another question.

...Why is Terry Bogard in this thread? no expression

Anyone in it could take him one on one pretty easily...

I passed by the Terry Vs. Kratos thread and thought him to be on par with Kratos..

Kirikaze Fuuma
you don't know Terry Bogard? I thought he was famous that every KMC members knows him. blink

well..now u know he's s**k instead of famous because nozdormu doesn't even know him eek!

Burning thought
I dont know him either

Kirikaze Fuuma

He's not tough enough for this thread. That I assure you of.

Kirikaze Fuuma
I know.

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