Heishiro Mitsurugi vs Paul Phoenix!

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I just thought of an interesting match. Soul Calibur vs Tekken.

Heishiro Mitsurugi



Paul Phoenix.


Both of them have comparable feats: Both of them are well balanced. Both of them had the potential to win in their competitions. Both of them get a thrill from a strong challenge and they both grew bored of fighting at some point. Mitsurugi had a woman chasing after him and Paul had a bunch of ladies after him. Both of them lived in time periods where they had to fight against demons. To top it off, they both started out not having facial hair but now they've grown beards out of their face. If there was a fight between the two who would win?

Mitsurugi has a sword dude. of course it aint impossible for Paul to win, but mitsurugi aint just some chum with a katana but one of the best samurais. EVER. for all my love for Paul, Mitsu cuts him so many times he just passes out of bloodloss and then shaves his head with his katana.

Lars Alexander
T6 isn't out yet, nor is any of Paul's T6 info, so there's no reason to be using Paul as of then, but I don't think it would change the outcome of this fight.

Man of Violence

paul is bigger then mitsarugi and most martial arts have blocks that defend blades and blunt weopons so they are both alittle evend out exept mitsurugi has never been defeated so he wins laughing out loud

Hm, as featless as Mitsurugi is, we do get implications he is pretty powerful, but this is impossible to say for certain.

Well, he is apparently at least bullet speed. He was deflecting them in the SCII intro.

EDIT: Nevermind, there was one guy with what might have been a musket, the rest had longbows though.


Those were bullets.


No, you're right. He's deflecting arrows, but than we see a bunch of soldiers with guns shooting at him and two hit him in the shoulders and he deflects the third.

But did he deflect it after it was fired, or just do the uber samuraizor predict haxx?

He may have put up his blade afterwards, he may not've, but I think it's obvious he was putting up the blade anyway. The musket was aiming at him the whole time.

Not to mention in SC3 he saw Setsuka's attack coming after he parry'd her umbrella. Not that it's as good as feat #1, but a feat nonetheless.

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