Bond 23 Wishlist

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Darth Martin
Christmas is around the corner! smile So I thought that I'd come up with this idea. Now we all know Marc Forster said he won't be returning for Bond 23 at least twice now. So what would you fans like to see in the next film?

Here's mine.

1. First and foremost: Daniel Craig returning as Bond. In my book he is the best followed by Connery. He is closest to Fleming so far and is the way Bond should look(meybe aside from hair). He looks rugged, not "dashing" or "fine" but handsome. He should attract women by his persona and "bad boy" image, not Brosnan boyish looks(Goldeneye).
2. Christopher Nolan directing. Now I wouldn't want this to hamper the Batman franchise b/c that series is obviously more important. If you can get him great. If not pay Martin Campbell. Love his action but still retain the artistic elements Forster had in QOS(Opera scene).
3. More of "Quantum" and Mr. White.
4. Judi Dench(M) returning and ALOT more of Jeffrey Wright(Felix Leiter)
5. Aston Martin DBS V12 as Bond's on the duty car. Scene of Bond off duty w/ the 1964 Aston Martin DB5(won in CR).
6. Scenes of Bond's home while off duty. Like in DN and LALD.
7. Traditional Opening Gunbarrel(slower and more relaxed than the one in QOS) And please keep the standard tie buisiness look and drop the tuxedo. Connery style. NO HAT!
8. More traditional Bond lines. Keep the "dry Brit humour" used in CR and QOS. CR notch script, no cheesy Brosnan lines, or "You and I have a mutual friend!"
10. More of Bond's one night stands, casino scenes, and more of ordering a "Vesper".
11. Fleming title w/ 007 insignia.
12. Stuff the revenge, Bond Begins storyline. Let Bond come into his own w/o the exotic villains, gadgets, lairs, and other propoganda.

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7 7 7

Overall I think the Bond franchise has been re-energized by the Craig-Era and is on the right track. Keep up the good work. Don't resort to crowd pleasing DAD, TSWLM, or GF. Keep on doing serious spy thrillers like Craig's first two, FRWL, DN, and FYEO.

Great thread. I thought Quantum was great as an action movie but not quite a great bond movie. So here's what I want...

1) the original james bond theme to be played during at least one of the action sequences

2) more humor and charm from bond. I loved daniel craig in CR but he seemed a bit dull in QoS... but I think that's more due to the scipt than anything else

3) No more choppy bourne style editing. Quantum of Solace could have been one of the greatest action movies ever if they dropped the cheap stupid 0.0002 second shots. Jesus christ editors.... WE GET THAT BOND IS DRIVING AND SHIFTING! WE DON'T NEED TO SEE THE SAME SHOT 10 TIMES.

4) The traditional gun barrel sequence should be in the beginning. Like seriously. They've already done it right before the intro credits and right before the end credits so what's next? Is bond going to randomly fight some guy halfway through the movie and the producers will be like "hey this would be a great time to throw in the gunbarell sequence to surprise the audience"
No. That's stupid.

Darth Martin
Yea that's another thing I forgot the Bond theme throughout, not excessively though.

Mr Parker
I like the ideas you both have.

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