So my brother and I are playing super smash brothers 64

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Lord Knightfa11
My brother and I are playing smash brothers 64, and he starts crying over how I am spanking every character he tries with Fox (including Seamus, whom he has played multiple times before).

Is fox overpowered or does my brother need practice?

its a matter of opinion..i personally don't think fox is cheap/overpowered in any of the ssb games erm
i always thought n64 ness was cheap, though (god i loved using him big grin)

Lord Knightfa11
hm... i might have to unlock him. i just got the game and am like wtf have i been missing out on?

Wei Phoenix
I still say Falcon was THE BEST character on 64.

Yoshi Paradise
The only reason why Fox might be considered "cheap" and/or "overpowered" in SSBB 64 was because he's the only character who had a special move capable of reflecting projectiles.

Ness could reflect projectiles, but you'd have to use your smash attack with good timing. Unlike Fox, Ness couldn't deflect projectiles while airborne.

Fox isn't overpowered. Captain Falcon would be a good match for him, even though I still don't consider him overpowered either.

I usually play as Link more often than any of the other characters.

Lord Knightfa11
what do i need to get falcon?


But yeah, Captain Falcon is faster, stronger, and heavier than Fox...But his specials are slow.

Lord Knightfa11
ya my strategy consists of banging the enemy until about 100% then juggling until death... he doesn't like the part where he's bobbing up and down with no control over his body.

Wei Phoenix
Beat the game in under 20 minutes for Falcon.

Nemesis X
You know what's the most simple answer? Your bro sucks. I'm Sorry if I sound rude but that's the fact.

Nah, your bro just needs to pick a broken character as well.. samus is usually too slow in every game.. there are many other characters with fast startup and low risk... samus isnt one of those

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