Skill improvement.

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What do you guys do to get better at video games? Do you play them on the hardest level, or play others in a versus, or etc.?
For me, i do a combination of things. I play on a tough difficutly, and when there's a game that have settings where you can edit even your opponent in fighting, i give them the upper advantage, and make it almost impossible for me to win. Helps a little.

depends on the game...guitar hero and rockband i just play as much as i can...shooters i usually changes the sensitivity on the controls down cause i have tendency to turn to quickly and shoot at the sides of opponents and miss...i also like to stop and look though the screen, so to speak, to see if there's movement anywhere rather than looking at 1 specific part of the screen at a time.

football games i try to try lots of different attacking moves and formation changes to see what works best against what opposing formations.

General Kaliero
I'm just naturally good.

Seriously, though, I find repetition works wonders. Studying move combos, doing things over and over until they're second nature.

TO get good, first play the game, then play some more, and then when you have done that, you play some more.

I don't worry about getting better at video games anymore. I worry more about enjoying them but when i was younger and i still thought i had to master every game i played. I did what Morrindi said; just play them.

I've never really cared about how good I am at games. I play them to have fun, and if I suck, oh well. So long as I still enjoy the actual game that's what matters stick out tongue

Wei Phoenix
Follow my 5 step program

1. Buy game
2. Play game
3. Get better at game
4. ???
5. Profit

is step 4 "pimp out some crackhead whores"?...i know it's completely unrelated but it fits well enough

No step 4 is worked hard, don't get picked up by any sponsors, lose girlfriend and have no money, live on street.

damn...i've been doing it all wrong

Best thing to do is simply just play it over and over. The more you practice the better you'll get each time. Also reading a strategy book or something similar is known to help you out too.

So yeah, just play alot with freinds and you'll get good in any game.

Lord Knightfa11
the only game I really couldn't get better at just by playing it was JA, where i actually got someone to teach me how to play it (it has so many nuances it isn't funny). As for other games, I find going on the internet and watching other people and mimicking things you like untill you have devloped your own style works wonders.

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