The Sith'ari

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Darth Truculent
Sith'ari - Who do you think it is?

What are your opinions? Who is the Sith'ari?

1) Darth Revan is a potential candidate, since his destroying of the Star Forge greatly reduced the Sith's numbers, at the same time, bringing about the eventual purge of the Jedi Order. His holocron also provided Bane with the foundation to create the Rule of Two, which would lead to the Jedi Order's downfall. He also was in a hair's reach from completely conquering the galaxy. Later, Kreia alluded to the idea that Revan was above the influence of the Dark Side. Revan indeed was above the darkside's influence and is one of the greatest Jedi in history, but still the most likely candidate for the Sith'ari as it is not necessary to be a Sith in order to be a Sith'ari. He is also the only candidate other than Darth Caedus to be able to use lightside and darkside powers at the same time, and not being able to do so is another restriction.

2) Darth Bane is a candidate, as he provided Kaan with the thought bomb, leading to the destruction of the Brotherhood of Darkness. Afterward he instituted the Rule of Two to make the Sith stronger than ever. It is also alluded to in Darth Bane: Path of Destruction that Bane is fulfilling an ideal that he found in the prophecy and Darth Revan's holocron. He is a very likely candidate as well.

3) Darth Vader is another candidate. His killing of Darth Sidious ended the Rule of Two and eventually brought forth the rise of Darth Caedus and Darth Krayt. However, he is the least likely candidate as the prophecy states "He will be free of all restrictions". All of Vader's limbs were cybernetic, disabling him from using Force lightning and other physical abilities. On the other hand, as the Chosen One he was likely conceived via the Force and had the highest Midi-chlorian count ever recorded, which would likely give him power "free of all restrictions".

4) Darth Caedus is a candidate due to the fact that he succeeded in mastering both light and darkside force powers, nearly conquered the galaxy, and having no restrictions to what he would do to achieve his goal, peace. However, it is highly unlikely that he is the Sith'ari as he is already the subject of the prophecy of the ancient Sith tassels.

5) Darth Krayt is a candidate due to the fact he destroyed the Rule of Two and created the Rule of One. He also had great influence over the galaxy as well as fear.

6) Darth Sidious is a candidate simply because he trained Darth Vader, who destroyed the Sith, and because he ruled more or less the entire galaxy for a considerable length of time.

Stop making duplicate threads. The Complete Encyclopedia confirms that Bane is the Sith'ari.

Not that it needed to be said, since anyone with common sense realized that he fit the criteria.

Captain REX
Duplicate thread, also of one that I closed. When I close threads, I close them for a reason. Please do not re-open them somewhere else thinking that it's okay.

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