Project Sovereign: Registration Thread

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Project Sovereign:

In 2041 a peculiar event took place on live television, on every channel. World leaders were broadcasting their hopes for a peaceful world, and to work together to make it a better place for all to live. All of that ended when somehow, the same man entered every broadcast, at first suspected to be a guest, but quickly denounced to an assassin. Every world leader was shot and killed on the same day, somehow by the same person. It was only until a week later that Project Sovereign discovered and brought to light. Cloning technology was perfected and had been secretly used to create an army made with the perfect specifications. Every soldier was well disciplined, stronger, faster, more accurate, more intelligent, and adapted for combat that any other army on the planet. Eventually, Europe was the first to fall, followed quickly by a massive assault on the Americas and parts of Asia, and Russia. Militia converge in every major city and attempt to fight off the inevitable, but it always seems that Sovereign has an endless supply of troops, which is true. It is up to you, and a few of the last remaining Militia to find a way to halt the clones, and take the fight back to Sovereign.

Advantages: (You can have one)
Equipment: (Items, not weapons)
Mental Stability:

-Jericho 941 (.50 Caliber pistol)
-Jackal (.22 pistol)
-Liberator (.45 Caliber Revolver)

-M401 (Fully Automatic Assault Rifle)
-M402 (Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle)
-M404 (Single Shot AP Assault Rifle)

-Hammer (Mounted Sniper Rifle 50 Caliber)
-M104 (Bolt Action Silenced Sniper)

-Shredder (10-Gauge Shotgun used for killing huge groups)
-M202 (Automatic Shotgun)

-Combat Knife
-Survival Knife
-Short Sword (Used for last resort close encounters)

Name: Jake "Joker" Book
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 236 lbs
Affiliations: Militia
Alignment: Neutral
Weaponry: Jackal, M401, Survival Knife.
Personality: Brutal, Angry, Fighter, Never leaves a man behind.
Specialties: Stealth
Advantages: Speed
Equipment: Emergency Rations, Radio, Transponder beacon, updating digital map.
Temptations: The Lives of his Friends and Family.
Mental Stability: 100%

Name: Rick Graham
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 239 lbs
Affiliations: Was Militia
Alignment: Neutral
Weaponry: M202, Jerico 941, Combat knife
Personality: Keeps to himself, strong silent type,
Specialties: Up close and personal (Shotgun in your face)
Advantages: Pet wolf for scouting ect.
Equipment: Food Rations, Comlink
Mental Stability: 91% (i dont know if it has to be 100% or not)

Mental Stability on this is just a fun little way to show how the war is affecting your character.

Mando' Ade
Name: carlos
Age: 32
Gender: male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 234 lbs
Affiliations: militia
Alignment: neutral
Weaponry: integrated hammer, m401 with shredder attachment
personality: lone wolf
Specialties: rushing, tearing large groups apart
Advantages: is not easily defeated in melee
Equipment: big ass shield, power armor
Temptations: none
Mental Stability: 34%

Name: Max Herron
Age: 34
Gender: M
Height: 6'
Weight: 220
Affiliations: Mosquito County Militia
Alignment: Patriot
Weaponry: M202,Liberator,Survival Knife
Personality: Paranoid,Has been waiting for the Apocalypse for years.
Specialties: Owns a survival school and Commands local Militia
Advantages: Stamina.Quick reloading.
Equipment: Med Kit, Survival bag(Water purification,fire starting, Ham radio, Antibiotics, Gas mask.radiation suit)
Temptations: Women
Mental Stability: 100%
Appearance: Wears his B.D.U.'s and Body armor from his time in Marine Recon.

Scarlet Fox
Name: Lily Tank
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 6'1
Weight: 187
Affiliations: Milita
Alignment: Neutral
Weaponry: Jackel, M104, Survival Knife
Personality: Quiet, Loyal, Never Leaves anyone behind
Specialties: Stealth
Advantages: Speed
Equipment: Night/Thermal vision Goggles, Med Supplies
Temptations: Has to have the perfect shot
Mental Stability: 75% ((She is fine but the 25% is because she hardly talks))
Appearance: Shoulder length Blonde Hair Dyed Blue, Light Blue Eyes, and black lipstick

Name: Jason Tank
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 267
Affiliations: Militia
Alignment: Neutral
Weaponry: Liberator, M404, Short Sword
Personality: Acts like he doesnt care but really does.
Specialties: High Accuracy
Advantages: High Pain Tolerence
Equipment: Heavy Armor, Flash light, Lighter
Temptations: Impossible Odds
Mental Stability: 42%
Appearance: Blonde Mohawk, Blue eyes, Scar over left eye and right cheek, A Huge guy. Very Muscular.

Changing my character's age to 32

Name: Tack Hail
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 180cm
Weight: 235 lbs
Affiliations: Militia
Alignment: Unsure
Weaponry: Jackal, M401, Short Sword.
Personality: Calm, cool headed (usually), fierce fighter, prefers not to leave men behind, unless the odds are overwhelming.
Specialties: Assault, and sword fighting. Always carries some kind of explosives pack.
Advantages: Alertness, good shot.
Equipment: Emergency Rations, Radio, Transponder beacon, updating digital map.
Temptations: Money.
Mental Stability: 100% (will eventually drop to zero ect)
Appearance: (same uniform)

Just to warn all of you, this is going to get WAY bigger than it is, plot wise

Name: Ben "Hammer" Sapp
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 281 lbs
Affiliations: Militia
Alignment: Corrupt
Weaponry: Hammer, Jericho 941
Personality: Brutal, Angry, Fighter.
Specialties: Combat
Advantages: Durability
Equipment: Emergency Rations, Radio, Transponder beacon, updating digital map.
Temptations: Highest bidder
Mental Stability: 70%
Appearance: (Same as Jake and Tack)

Is this going to be another Hazmat, you think?

I have made this Role Play's story MUCH more expansive than Hazmat. Buckle up for the ride, because it's gunna be a long one.

And if I'm involved, bumpy, so I suggest you strap in too.

I don't know if you ever noticed this but almost all the time, all my main characters are good with explosives, or at least carry the things.

A Dose Of Vraya
Name: Tom
Age: 14
Gender: male
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 136
Affiliations: militia
Alignment: um...good?
Weaponry: survival knife, liberator
Personality: sneaky, quiet, but nice
Specialties: sneaking
Advantages: ruthlessness
Equipment: wit, survival guide, books that help maintain sanity
Temptations: murder, women, drugs
Mental Stability: 50%
Appearance: see avvy

as background, he was the son of one of the assassinated world leaders, and saw his father's death. Now he has escaped and wonders the wild looking for help, and destroying all who look anything like the marauder who killed his father.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.