Star Wars Role Playing Game

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I've heard of the role playing game for a while now, but what in the world is it and how do you play it? Is it really fun or you play it once and cram it under your bed for eternity?

ummm..ummmm...ummmm...ummm..ive heard of it...but i dont have it..umm...ill let you know how it is when i get it..

Thank you Sabrea, but that does not answer my question!!!!!!!

Moving this to the EU section.

The official Star Wars RPG used to be done by West End Games but is now done by Wizards of the Coast who are slowly taking over the RPing scene on the profits they make from their card game, Magic. It therefore now uses the same playing system as the largest of all Role-Playing games (and poorest of films...) Dungeons and Dragons.

All you need to play is the main rulebook, which despite poor cover artwork is well constructed inside and crammed full of source matieral. I just say, there are large portions of the system and the way they have attempted to bring Star Wars to the RPing scene do not attract me (which is why when we RP at home here we use an entirely different system, which I have adapted for the on-line Star Wars RP we play here)- problems like, for example, in that a Jedi is no more powerful than any man with a gun. Other people may well prefer it more than me, though, and a well-presented book is better than the way a lot of RPs tend to be presented.

I cannot honestly tell you if you will like Role-playing or not but I would tell you tyhat if you wanted to start, Star Wars is a good place to do so. It is not a complex setting and you and all your friends will understand it all without trouble. The rules ARE a little cumbersome if you ask me- the rulebook has far too many tables and stuff like that; the essence of Role-playing should be more on atmosphere and storytelling than endless table checking. But if you keep it simple it should be fine.

But all role-playing follows the same basic idea- you have one man who is in charge, who writes stories for others to play through and controls the game world they play in, and others who create a character and play him through the story, telling the person in charge what they want to do and the person in charge tells them what happens. Whenever some form of difficulty or challenge arises, dice and the rules are used to determine what happens; each character also has a sheet that tells him what his character is and is not good at.

There are no 'winners' as such (though games should be designed so that players can feel triumphant if they have done well); it is more about telling good stories and watching your characters develop. It is more of a social thing than much else.

If you have the spare cash, you may as well pick up the book and see if you like it.

ok, maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Captain REX
Hey SOS210. Are you a Turok fan by any chance? big grin

Oh, I thought he ment the board game. I'm confused...again.

Anyway, they have a lot of info on this stuff at Go into the Star Wars section and they'll teach you a lot from there.

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