Into Past Depths

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A Rich and Powerful company has summoned you to its main branch in New York City for, as you have been told, an 'Exploritory Event'. This company has been known for purchasing odd and seemingly usless trinkets from various dig sights around the Globe. The reason for contacting you is unknown other then then exploring and until recently their activities have been minimal. A recent discovery has ruffled the companys feathers and has sent them into a high range of Activity and this item is seemingly the cause of the Exploration. Each of you have been hired for your specific Talents in hopes of going through this easily and with minimal 'Interference' as you have been told. As of now you are entering the building that was only three storys tall but when in the Elevator the numbers go backwards. You are told to push the Thirty button and upon hitting it you begin to go down instead of up. You have also been told if you do accept the proposition you will be given upon reaching Level 30 you shall be given a substantial amount of money. Half upon accepting the Task and the other upon completing said task. Information about the event has been strick and you basically know nothing about it. Said info will be revealed upon Acceptance.

Will you join us in our task?

Thats all you know right now. If you wish to join please say so with One of the following Talents. Note that if someone has chosen the talent before you then you can not pick it as well. There is only one of each talent. First come first serve.

Navigation/Translator: Me / Zalindrana
Demolitions/Pyrotechnics: Scarlet Fox
FireArms/Marksman: Wei
Medicine: Lycan
Mechanic/Electrician: N/A
Heavy Weapons: Jalek

Note: Weapons/Equipment for each class are as follows. Some will have these items when you come to the company Building. Some will not. ((Weapons Special to the character will be put into storage on a plane. you will not have any weapons AT ALL in the building. Weapon Detectors. Not Metal. Weapon. This company deals in high tech equipment that of which the world has yet to see.)) If you are allowed to have special weapons that are highly wanted by your character I will put a yes next to the character. You do not HAVE to have a special weapon.

Marksman: Pistol, Shotgun, Assualt Rifle (Yes)
Heavy Weapons: Chain Guns (Yes)
Demo/Pyro: Items Provided. May bring own Pistol or single handed weapon. SMG is allowed.
Navigation/Translator: Unknown
Medic: Tools provided in large pack. Medicine. Gause. Bandages. Anything needed in order to fix a wound. Small Gun allowed for Character.
Mechanic/Electrician: Tools provided by Company. Also in heavy bag. Small weapon Allowed for Character.

Note: Characters who are allowed a Small weapon can only use Pistols or One handed guns. No sawed off shotguns plz. Variants of Pistols and SMGS only. This is taken place in Modern day If the weapon your character uses does not exist in real life you can not say you have brought it along. Unrealistic weaponry will be introduced later on however.

I am the Navigator and Translator for the reason being that only my character can say which way to go, how long it will take, and what certain writing says. any words upon walls a character sees will be in another language not known to any race of people in history. Only My character will know what it says. Specifics of the Navigator/Translator will be given within the RP itself.

OK what is the set up???

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.