'Power Charts' and LFL.

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An argument has been made by a member of a certain party that our establishment of who is stronger than who is flawed because "LFL does not hand out power charts."

It's clearly bullshit, but this is a thread for a case to be made for it, so we don't interrupt the fascinating morality argument in the Battle Bar thread.

Step up, Nai, and make your case.

Yes, they do.

Which is essentially the same thing. If LFL's policy is to make sure that no "power charts" are given, to leave it ambiguous as to the relative strength of certain characters, then they would not declare -- in any way, shape, or form -- that Character X is stronger than Character Y. But they do. All the time.

Nonsense, Nai. You've been arguing against absolutes for years, here.

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia and official databank both refer to Yoda as "the most powerful practitioner of the light side." The omniscient narrator of Revenge of the Sith refers to Yoda as "the most devastatingly powerful foe the darkness had ever known." And since you're a big fan of using a person's statement once it suits your benefit, Mace Windu himself says to Palpatine during Dark Rendezvous that he is not Yoda's equal in peace or war.

"Kenobi moved in for the attack, but Dooku proved far too powerful."
-- the Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, H-O, page 210.

"Shywalker and Dooku dueled, but again the Count proved his superiority."
-- the Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, H-O, page 211.

"Dooku and Skywalker dueled with fierce energy, but Dooku proved far too powerful for even the Chosen One."
-- the official databank, Anakin Skywalker.

He's not the only source, actually.

But it's not the only example.

This makes no sense, I'm afraid. You cite George Lucas as an absolute source and say "even he can change his mind." That doesn't mitigate his authority. The retcons are irrelevant.

gideon I don't think there is a need for anyone else to post you pretty much rocked that.

Originally posted by xxxpoppunker182
gideon I don't think there is a need for anyone else to post you pretty much rocked that.

I'm sure he'll be here to argue the case eventually. But thanks.

Lord Knightfa11
its alot like archaeology. You have stuff located in the dirt. the stuff that is known to be below other stuff is older than the higher stuff. In terms of relativity, all characters can be accurately calibrated in terms of each other.

This reminds me of something I saw recently: has anyone seen the Kotor Campaing guide? The Exile is listed as being Revan's superior in Intelligence and Charisma by one attribute point, and is inferior in wisdom and strength by a single attribute point.

She's listed as being superior to Ulic in many attributes like Intelligence and Wisdom and has a (use the force) skill level above his as well. She shares "adept tactician" feats with Revan and she has a leadership feat Revan doesn't as well as a "battle analysis" feat iirc, although Revan has some miscellaneous skills like deception etc. that she doesn't.

Ironically the Exile is overall superior to the likes of Ulic and Bastilla shan despite being given a CL (character level) two places below both. Although Shan and Ulic have some attack feats unique to them.

It also says in her profile that one of her teachers (Vima Sunrider) cautioned her about the use of her powers, especially her aptitude for severing others from the force. Overall she has better defense feats than anyone, including well rounded attribute and skill levels.

So is it safe to assume the Exile is one of the deadliest in Kotor? Depending on whether we take subjective stats (considering Kotor 2 had a higher level cap as well as more planetary level battles she's still given a slightly lower CL).

Personally I think it was way too subjective, although certain force powers like beast trick, telepathic manipulation, telepathic influence were listed. To put the Exile's CL below the less experienced Bastilla is pretty much off beat with how the kotor games depicted them.

She was given the same CL as Atris although we know she should have a CL as high as Malak's or Revan (who are at 20) because of similar experience, they didn't even list jedi master as one of her classes (only knight) despite being a knight already in the Mando wars - they even mentioned that she trained several people but didn't give her a master class.


A thread dedicated to this is ridiculous.

Final word- it's all interpretation, which is ultimately all opinion. There is no universal unambiguous soruce of relative power levels, nor is such a thing desirable as it would be a very petty creation.

No amount of sophistry or double-talk will change this simple fact.

This has been a whole new level of feeble. Don't make threads arguing about arguments again. Sheesh.

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