OK, what happpened to the old JKII Topic?!

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General Kaliero
Anyway, I got it now. Awesome game, nice graphics, great voice-acting, and a multiplayer mode to rival Goldeneye!
I like the basic plot, and Desann is now my favorite EU character. It's good to have actual control of the saber this time, and the Lightning is alot more useful.
What I like most about Outcast, though, is a few little things put in to make it more realistic. Yes I'm talking about stormtrooper voices! Take the first level for example. Don't just start blasting the first one you see. Wait a few seconds, and another will come over and they'll start talking! Just general, off-duty chit-chat. There's some more in a few places on the first level in the Cairn.
Another fun thing is to use force pull to take their weapons. Sometimes, they'll put their hands up and beg for mercy. Sometimes, they'll dive for their guns. Sometimes they'll just run away!
I've also found you can get all multiplayer characters by entering "PEEPS" in the cheats section. Only one I've found so far.
Anyway, I have an excellent multiplayer character set-up: (The ability numbers are how many circle are highlighted)

Character: Desann
Saber color: Red
Force mastery: Jedi Master
Side: Dark
Preset: Blademaster
Jump: 3
Push: 1
Pull: 1
Speed: 3
Grip: 3
Lightning: 3
Saber Offence: 3
Saber Defence: 3
Saber Throw: 3
Best combo: Force Grip and Saber Throw
Alternate combo: When near a cliff, Grip the enemy, then turn so they're over the side. Then release them.

I've never lost with this set-up, not even against a BOT-controlled Luke!

Captain REX
I have a set up like that. Desann, but not a Blademaster. He's a either a Support or Setinel instead. He gets 99 points!!! Everything in the lightsaber catagory is to the max. Grip and Lightning are to the max. Push and Pull to the max. He's good at that level. smile

I got it for Christmas on GC, but I've had the PC version since August. As I don't have a PC that can play it, it's useless unless I go to my dad's office. big grin

Captain REX
A few more cheats for ya Kaliero. DEMO gets you the computer demo for JKII. CHERRY gets you levels 1-7. BISCUIT is infinite ammo. BUBBLE is invincibility. FUDGE lets you use your lightsaber in the beginning. And PEEPS, as you already know, gets you all of the multiplayer characters.

kaliero..the bot characters quite the same in multi player. Weather it's luke or storm trooper..only the skin is different...
I got cases when i killed luke and i get killed by the storm trooper.
It's a great game...but i stopped playing for some time now. I got bored of the multiplayer. Only played it once with someone at a club. the rest here at my pc against bots.

Finished the single player twice. The first 2 levels are just sick..especially that 2nd one when you have to jump on that mining train...it's just SICK!! i spent hours searching the solution

I thought Desann was rubbish. And JKII suffers from some bad level design.

Captain REX
Dexx, that would be level 3 or 4. 1 and 2 you're investigating the Imperial outpost on Kejim, and 3 through 7 your on Artus with the mines and stuff.

And about that character... is it really much to boast about being good with a character that is almost maxed out in all powers? The bot AI is rubbish anyway. The multi-play modes in that game do not come close to Goldeneye. Deathmatch is a mess.

but its a damn funny game for all its flaws, and that's what matters! I heard the conversion from PC to consoles was a bit rubbish however

yes, i also think dessan is crappy.
I don't actually know the levles by hear, rex. But i reffer to the first lelevl as the one before that cutscene with mon-mothma, and the second afterwards..the whole mining thinggie smile
The ai from mp is boring after some time, but againts real opponents it's a good game. I liked the ai in sp though

Captain REX
But that doesn't make any sense Dexx!

I don't like the multiplayer as much on GC, and I couldn't figure it out on the PC. sad

anyway..the game has some twisted puzzels...

When you look at a typical multi-play battle scene, with two dozen people running backwards whilst wildly swinging their sabres and kangarooing around the screen, any hope that the fights in the game would actually seem at all like the films was dashed.

The duels were far better in single player though that is because the single player AI is programmed to meet your blows so it seems like a duel.

Basically, the FPS format is not sufficient for sabre duelling. JKII can be well appreciated as an action game but as yet no really decent 'sabre simulator' exists.

My least favourite level is the first Nar Shadda one, full of those ridiculous sniper rifles that you cannot block the shots from.

The Tavion duel is probably the best bit. Desann was way too easy and you were also stupidly powerful by that stage.

I liked the bespin part best too. The tavion duel is ok. but i like the normal reborn/shadowtroopers duels better...especially when i'm fighting more

General Kaliero
What have you got against Desann? and as for the AI? go into the duel page where you set up time limits and kill limits and stuff, and go all the way to the bottom to "BOT options." You can select which character you want to face and raise or lower their Force mastery. Raise Luke to Jedi Master and see YOU fare, whydoncha?
On to pleasanter things. The duel against Tavion was cool, but I lise "Artus Topside" the best. Getting to use all those cannons was a blast! (haha)
My favorite cutscene is when Desann chokes Kyle, second favorite when Kyle choke Tavion, third the Valley of the Jedi.
Right now I'm where you have to sneak around without getting caught. The part after the first Shadowtrooper. I keep getting caught. (Cool cutscene when you do though...)

easy level.
Kaliero...we do know how to set the ai intelligence in the multiplayer. Still, those movements are based on an algorithm wich fales to satisffy the play difficulty.
Dessan? besides an overgrown lizzard i see nothing...

Dessan can be killed very quickly. a weakling

Luke on Jedi Master level is easy to beat. Sorry to give you the news but the bot AI IS awful.

Desann just failed in inspire and died with no drama. You never really felt he was a threat. The plot is not the game's strong point.

General Kaliero
Well, I only got it three days ago, so I ain't finished yet!

Captain REX
Desann didn't come up with the Shadowtroopers or Reborn anyway! It was all Admiral Galak Fyyar's idea. Desann just provided the Force-users.

The whole game is (more or less) Kyle getting revenge for the death of Jan, then discovering she's alive and goes to save her.

General Kaliero
Ok, say the duel between Luke and Desann, and I have a question. Was Luke SUPPOSED to lose his hand again? And was he SUPPOSED to pretend he still had a lightsaber, and continue to beat Desann with a bloodly stump? Cause that's what happened in my game.

Doh! Nope, that's all wrong...

Oh yeah, and having Jan alive was a real cop-out.

Also, Luke should have annihilated Desann!

bwah...maybe he thought of letting Kyle take him. Luke was too good and he faked the deffeat big grin
Jan being alive was OBVIOUS since the moment she was supposed to be dead.

Guess i have to get a graphic card to be able to play this game, so when is KOTOR out

this spring i think....got to get a new processor for that one...

Hey if all you are done griping and defending the game I need some help....how the heck do you beat the "DOOM COMMUNICATIONS" level.....I can't get past the part where there are three lights and you have to get the big computer thingy up and running....ahhh...
oh well..so far a decent game...but I get a headache at times,...with all the puzzles

gimme more details. I know the doom comunication level...it's scrambled. when you enter the big room with the three places for plugging that symbol (red, blue green) There will be one elevator that'll take you down into a HORROR room! there are some squares linked woth pipes to one atorher. And you simply have to jump your way through there in and back again pressing the right symbol wich will be found in one of the squares. Then you jump back out take the elevator and press the buttons on each colour's pannel up there.

Captain REX
Hmm, I haven't gotten that far. I'm stuck on "Reelo's Hideout".

oh, you didn't finish it? reelo's hideout..that's a shitty level, hard as hell

Captain REX
Nope, haven't finished it.

I'm on the part after I've dropped into that room and extended the bridge. I'd look it up on GameFAQs, but their guides aren't very good for JKII.

ask me if you cant pass...i remember that part.

Bespin Bart
He's on a part where there are lamps hanging overhead.

I don't play JKII often. Usually I'm snagging a few bounties on Bounty Hunter.

Whoa there dexx....you'll have to go slower for me...I'm stillstuck at that crappy spot in doom comm....what the heck do I have to do...are you saying that there is only one button that really counts???? down there in that crappy room with 9 squares?

yes! and it's usually farthest away from you.smile Not to worry, your jump upgrade sustains moovement through there. I think you have wich one you have to activate, press tab or whatever you set for objectives.

General Kaliero
Remember, one symbol per color.

Captain REX
Yep. Like in the first level...

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