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This is a relatively new game i rather like. While the graphics are lacking, the great combat makes up for this with a stunning and balanced leveling and fast paced 3rd/1st person shooter style combat. Its alot like what oblivion might have been.

You ride along an ancient country side recruiting men to your side. You can fight for a kingdom, a dethroned noble or even just become a selfish warlord and fight for yourself. Very little storyline is given, but a few things are evident: there is no magic. This is a great "actual" medieval "simulation". The men with the best toys and the biggest army win.

The game has a few activities you can partake in, including, but not limited to: Fighting a melee in one out of many arenas; fighting a tournament in an arena; leading your men against bandits; fighting for a king; fighting for yourself; heroic last stands; and horse combat.

This sounds too good to be true; a free roaming RTS with 3rd person/1rst person fighting and RPG elements.

It is. While the fight sequences are amazing and the environment looks acceptable, when out and about and roaming, it switches to this god awful 3d map that your single character moonwalks along. This of course changes upon the opening of a battle, which looks rather nice.

As for Game play, I only ask for one thing more. MORE TO DO! the game is great and all, but I got bored after hours of roaming around fighting and sieging. maybe there could be tradeskills and non combat related skills or something. Maybe a quest with a storyline that doesn't involve collecting money like a overly cocky disgruntled middle age pimp.

The idea is unique. The fighting is some of the best Middleage style fighting i have ever seen. The fact that there aren't any elves or goblins is fun. This game is pretty good.
the annoying travel map:

My rating:
Fun: 4/5
Realism: 3/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Originality: 3/5
Content: 2/5
Badass: 3/5

OVERALL: 3.1/5

(this was a review and an attempt to bring an acceptable game to the attention of the public, so trolls and spammers who are going to come in and hate on me because this is in the wrong thread or something, please go fvck yourselves.)

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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.