How to revive Heroes? Adam Munroe Spinoff.

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Vinny Valentine
After putting some thought into this, and discussing with my friends about the downfall of Heroes over the past season , I believe I have come up for a solution to their failures: Adam Monroe Spinoff.

Remember Adam? The main villain of Season 2? The villain they made into a superb character and then killed off for no valid reason other then to introduce another, uninteresting character? Well, he's dead, and they decimated one of the coolest characters in the show, (a choice worse then what they've been doing to Sylar)

Well, think of this. Go back a few hundred years and have the show be based on Adam Monroe, and the people and abilities he meets throughout.

Personally, I think it would generate a better fan base then what Heroes has sunk too.




I've been thinking of a The Twelve prequel series as something interesting. Showing how they'd all came together and let up to all the beginning of the current Heroes generation to be what they are, sense nearly all the current heroes have links to the Twelve.

But hell just starting from the beginning of the beginning all the way back to right after Hiro left Adam in Japan 400 years ago would be even better giving even more stories along the way and be able to show us the full path to how he'd became so dangerous and turn so destructive.

Heroes really is in desperate need of something new to fix the series. I mean the acting is good but the writers just rape this show by apparently just doing whatever they want. Its complete carelessness to not even try to maintain some kinds of rationality or stable continuity.

There are so many examples I don't even wanna try to name them all. In fact I'm just completely sick. I actually want them to pull the plug on this show. Not because I hate it but because I love it and the genera its about but it needs to seriously be put outta its misery if the writers can't even try to work harder than that. And trust me it can't take much to do better than this garbage.

Vinny Valentine


Neo_Version 7
David Anders for the win.

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