ep3 question

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So i'm watching ep3 and its in the middle right after kenobi makes contact with GG the movie cuts to a small meeting with Mace Anakin yoda and mundi they talk about how the darkside surrounds palpatine and how they will have to take over the senate for a little while.

1. if the darkside is surrounding the chancellor isn't that like a dead give away i mean really if some guy was walkin down the road and they had a darkside aura around then they'd be like ok he is a sith or evil at least we need to arrest him. If yoda was so wise and not even just him but the entire masters council is full of intelligent people and they couldn't put 2 and 2 together?

2.The jedi have been protectors of the republic for thousands of years and the public knows this so why would it be so horrible to let them take control of the senate for a little while. and then the senate politicians aren't strangers to the jedi so it's not like they'd think that they are making a horrible decision by allowing the jedi to take control for a little while right?

Lord Lucien
1. I think they were playing with the idea that Palpatine was under the Sith Lord's control. His amiable and charming temperament combined with his political moderation would make him a good target for a powerful mind-raper.

2. Imagine the CIA, but with Force-powers, taking control of Congress right after they arrested or killed the President. After 25,000 years of that not being done. Not popular.

Captain REX
1. Palpatine was also greatly adept at using the Dark Side to hide the fact that he was actually the source of all evil rather than a corrupted minion of it. Also he was doing a lot to consolidate power to himself in the Senate and keep popular for longer than his term normally permitted.

2. The period before the end of the Republic was also a period filled with great distrust for the Jedi. Palpatine played off of it partially.

Darth Rex
somepeople just saw the jedi and sith as the same
dooku was a jedi and he was against them so none of that helped the jedi order. If you read Labrinyth of Evil they believe palpatine is being controlled not he is the sith lord they discover that far too late

ah ok I haven't read LoE in a couple years but now that you mention it that makes good sense.

about the people distrust of the jedi that also makes good sense

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