Red Steel 2

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A sequel to red steel and an upcoming first person shooter made by ubisoft paris for the wii. Set for release 4th quarter 2009.

This I'll probably get, just to have a reason to pull out my Wii again sometime. Looks better than the Conduit at least IMO.

Must buy for me, unless I'm broke and I have to choose between it and No More Heroes 2. It has a very nice art direction and I love that it makes use of MotionPlus. I can't wait to get my hands on this and some more M+ games.

how much does motionplus cost?.. you can purchase it seperately right?

I won't get this seeing as it is motion plus exclusive, they should have made it compatible with the normal wii-mote.

Oh, so you have to buy a separate controller thing to be able to play this game? Now I'm starting to reconsider mmm, unless someone convinces me that it's worth it.

Unlike most though, I actually did enjoy the first Red Steel. Granted, it was the first Wii title I had gotten, so I probably had low standards, not knowing what to expect, but I adapted and grew to like it in time. I feel I can do the same with this game too.

I too enjoyed Red Steel, and I do think it's underrated simply because everyone felt odd that we could aim without moving our entire body (which is more realistic then allother FPS).

Red Steel was a decent effort and mostly for this reason alone- someone had to be first with a Wii FPS using the Remote. It's all very well for later ones to say they are better- well they are, but they all had Red Steel to look on and see how they could improve it.

(and let's not forget that Red Steel made it out in time for the Wii release day, which is better than most Nintendo games that were meant to did)

Basically they are now doing it again; the first serious attempt to try swordfighting with motionplus (I assume the Wii Sports Resort Swordfighting will be a basic showcase rather than an in-depth thing). People have talked fior so long about this, something I have always had my scepticism about. Well, now we will see.

It's probably worth a shot.

I seriously like the new art direction they're taking with this game. Don't really get the cowboy thing though.

Also, I hear that the game comes bundled with a Wii Motion Plus.

jalek moye
from the video i saw with the motion plus sword fighting. it's really solid

and I love that you can use your sword whenever you want for this one

Looking at the main character's design, is anyone else at least subtly reminded, in just an aesthetic view, of Clint Eastwood's character from "High Plains Drifter"? While I'm still new on the whole idea, I really like the character's design too. Bound to be better than "Scott-san".

lol Agreed, though I forget what Scott-san even looked like now.

I don't think he even had an appearance. I remember his silhouette supposedley having a mullet though...

Oh, that, and he was on the game's cover, but otherwise... shrug

At least this game's main character will be much more fleshed out.

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