The Legend of Zelda: Seven Years

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Mandrag Ganon

Anon E. Mous
Do the Zoran's have to stay in water?

Mandrag Ganon
No. They can travel the land, they are just superior in water. Though they would need to return to water from time to time.

Anon E. Mous
k smile

Name: Leonidas (Leo for short)
Age: 20
Race: Zora
Gender: Male
Location of origin: Zora's Domain
Appearance: Guy with the fish hood in the Zora picture, playing the crab guitar.

Mandrag Ganon
((Well, even though only 2 of us have actually created our characters, I'm getting tired of waiting, and am going to start this thing))

Richard stood next to the tree in the center of Kakariko Village, and watched as Mt. Doom erupted with immence fury. 'This is not natural' he thought to himself as a massive plume of smoke erupted from the top of the mountain. 'There hasn't been an eruption this from Mt. Doom in years.'

He looked down to the mountain path, and saw a dark man, riding a black horse, gallop into the village. The man galloped through the town as fast as his horse could manage, almost knocking Richard to the ground as he passed.

Richard knew who this man was all too well, his name was Ganondorf. The man who had killed the Noble King of Hyrule, and assumed his throne. Just yesterday he destroyed Hyrule Castle and began building a castle of his own. Richard was in Castle Town that day and saw the dust rising when the castle fell.

Richard turned and ran after Ganondorf. When he got to the bottom of the staircase leading up to Kakariko Village, he saw Ganondorf riding along side the small river... Directly towards Zora's Domain.

Without a second thought, Richard gave chase to Ganondorf.

Anon E. Mous
Leo was wandering Zora's domain, humming peacefully. Without warning, Ganondorf flew through the city, a Hylian chasing behind him. Leo was bored, so he ran after the Hylian, quickly catching up. What are you doing?

Mandrag Ganon
Richard came to a halt as Ganondorf ran up the small path to King Zora's throne room and turned to the Zora who had spoken. 'what the hell am I doing?' he thought to himself. 'I couldn't hope to stand against this man, hell, I don't even have my sword...'

"I have no Idea. All I know is that three weeks ago, this man, Ganondorf, killed the King of Hyrule. Yesterday, he destroyed Hyrule Castle and began constructing his own keep in it's place. I think he did something terrible on top of Mt. Doom earlier today, and I chased him from Kakariko village to here." Just then he heard voices coming from down the path.

"You underestimate my power, King Zora. If you do not bow to me, and surrender all of Zora Domain I will slowly exterminate your people... Starting with this one."
"Don't you DARE touch my daughter! RUTO RUN!"
Richard heard the scream of a young girl.

The next thing Richard knew Ganondorf galloped past, holding a young female Zora in front of him. He turned to the Zora standing next to him."Listen, I don't know who you are, but it seems that Ganondorf took your princess. My name is Richard, and I think I know where he may take her. I'm going after him once I retrieve my sword from Kakariko village, If you want to come too then grab a weapon, but I won't wait long." Richard held out his hand to the Zora. "Well?"

Anon E. Mous
This Ganondorf seems quite powerful. On the other hand, I must protect my people. I will go with you.

Leo ran back to his house and grabbed his guitar (the guitar is his weapon). Arriving back at Richard, he said:

Come! We must give chase!

Is Kafei open for grabs, if so I want that character. BBL with writeup

Mandrag Ganon
((Sure, that sounds like fun. New addition to rules: Minor characters are avalible smile))

Richard leads the Zora back to his house in Kakariko Village, and retrieves his black-hilted broadsword. "Allright, as I understand it... and the way he appears confirms this belief... Ganondorf is the leader of the Gerudo. Now, as I understand it, the Gerudo have a prison to the north, near the desert of Mystery. I'll be willing to bet 999 rupees that that is where they have taken your princess."

He starts to walk back toward Hyrule Field, but stops and turns to the Zora. "You know, if we are going to work together, I will have to know your name."

Anon E. Mous
I am Leonidas. You can call me Leo. Thank you for letting me come along with you.

ok I'm kind of getting the feeling that this takes place in the OoT timeline... in which case using Kafei here doesn't make sense...

Mandrag Ganon
Originally posted by Cyner
ok I'm kind of getting the feeling that this takes place in the OoT timeline... in which case using Kafei here doesn't make sense...

((It could work, just having him travel to Hyrule for some reason but yes, this takes place in the 7 years in which Link is sealed away and Ganondorf is rising to power.))

Originally posted by Anon E. Mous
I am Leonidas. You can call me Leo. Thank you for letting me come along with you.

"Allright, let's go." Richard turnes to the west and notices the sun hanging low in the sky. "" he turnes to Leonidas "We have to leave, now if we are going to make it actoss hyrule field before the Stal Childs awaken. And believe me, we don't want to be there if the big one finds us... Come on." Richard turns and runs toward Hyrule field.

Dark Exile
Could I be from Termainia?

Mandrag Ganon

Anon E. Mous
((Hey, i'm back! Sorry I was gone, I went to Bonnaroo... This is still going on, yes?))

Leo ran after Richard, putting the guitar on his back.

((This sounds interesting, mind if I join as a Gerudo? Always thought they were cool. Spose I just throw in my character sheet and go?))

Name: Rosalinde
Age: 22
Race: Gerudo
Gender: Female
Location of origin: Gerudo Valley
Appearance: Standard white Gerudo outfit with face veil, dark bronze skin, bright orange eyes and pure white hair. Uses twin scimitars.

Mandrag Ganon
Originally posted by Anon E. Mous
((Hey, i'm back! Sorry I was gone, I went to Bonnaroo... This is still going on, yes?))

Leo ran after Richard, putting the guitar on his back.

As they run past Lon Lon Ranch, Richard hears a strange whooshing noise. He turns toward the source of the noize and sees three peahats flying directly at them. "Crap, LEONIDAS! WATCH OUT! Three Peahats to the left!"

Richard ducks, rolling under the nearest peahat, as he unsheaths his sword and cuts into it's soft underside. The Peahat flys up and angrily dives at Richard, who roles to the side, narrowly avoiding being hit. "You have to attack their undersides!"

Originally posted by blazinvire
((This sounds interesting, mind if I join as a Gerudo? Always thought they were cool. Spose I just throw in my character sheet and go?))

Name: Rosalinde
Age: 22
Race: Gerudo
Gender: Female
Location of origin: Gerudo Valley
Appearance: Standard white Gerudo outfit with face veil, dark bronze skin, bright orange eyes and pure white hair. Uses twin scimitars.

((Go ahead, We'll be in Gerudo valley soon enough too, so it works out pretty well. big grin))

Anon E. Mous
What? Ahh!

Leonidas ducked and stabbed the sharp end of his guitar into the second peahat's underbelly. He grabbed the weakened monster, swung it around, and right into the other one.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard turns to see Leonidas throw a Peahat at the other one. "Wow, you've got a strong arm there, my good man."

He turns toward the final Peahat, dodges right as it charges directly at him, and quickly stabs his sword deep into it's brown underside. "Blasted plants need to stay in the ground where they belong."

Richard looks at the sky, and sees the sun slowly sinking toward the horrison. "We'll never make it to Gerudo Valley before the Stal Childs awaken at this rate." Richard looks toward Lon Lon Ranch. "But perhaps if we rented ourselves a horse..." Richard turns and runs toward Lon Lon Ranch "Come on, Leonidas! We have to hurry!"

Anon E. Mous
HA! I can run faster than a horse. For your sake, however, we can go.

Leonidas started to run towards the Ranch after Richard.

Mandrag Ganon
"Faster than a horse eh? We'll see about that." Richard turns the corner into Lon Lon Ranch.

After entering Lon Lon Ranch, Richard meets a tall man with a large mustache.

"Who are you."
"My name is richard, do you own this ranch?"
"Do I look like I own this Ranch? Just because I, Ingo, do all the work? No. I don't own the ranch. That Lazy Talon does. Go speak with him if you want to talk to the good for nothing lay about owner." Ingo gestures toward a nearby door. "He's in there, with his good for nothing Cuccos."

Richard Looks back at Leonidas "Ok, thanks... I guess..." He walks to the door that Ingo pointed at.

Inside the room was a heafty man with a mustache, surrounded by Cuccos. Three of the Cuccos were standing on boxes behind him.

"Are you the owner of this ranch?"
"Yes, I am Talon and who are you?"
"My name is Richard, and this is Leonidas, I was hoping to rent a horse to take me out on an errand... to Greudo Valley."
"Yes, and what horse were you hoping for?"
"The fastest one you have."
"Hmm, Yes, I have the perfect one... for 600 Rupees."
"600? I only have 450."
"Well, Tell 'ya what. You see the Cuccos above me? They are special Super Cuccos. I'll throw them into this Gaggle of regular Cuccos, and if you can find them all with in 30 seconds, I'll let you rent the horse for 350. How does that sound?"
Richard looks at the Super Cuccos, and at the regular Cuccos. They looked exactly the same... Except, Richard notices, they move a little faster than the regular ones.
"Allright, I'll do it."
Talon releases the Super Cuccos into the Gaggle of regular Cuccos, and starts counting... 30...29...28...
Richard scanned the cuccos, the super ones blended in easier than he thought they would. 25...24...23... Richard spotted one near the far wall, and rushed ober to pick it up.
"That's one"
19...18...17... Richard spotted another Cucco.
15...Richard rushed over to it...12... Richard picked it up.
11...10...9... Richard couldn't spot the last Cucco...8...7...6...5...4...Richard found it next to Talon...3...Richard rushed over to it...2...1Richard picked it up
"That's... That's all of them... you are the second one to find them all... The first was a boy named Link... gave him a bottle of milk for it... Well... A Deal is a deal..."

Outside Lon Lon Ranch

"Well, here she is. Fastest horse I got. Name's Epidii, only one that ever has hope of catching up with her is her daughter Epona. But Epona is still too young to be rode, that and my daughter Malon has taken a strong liking to her. Epona doesn't like many people either... except that boy Link... an interesting child, that Link. If you see him around Tell 'em Talon said hi! You will know him if you see him, he wears a strange green tunic and a long hat. Anyway, I'll just take the Rupees and you two can be off."

((Obviously we won't see Link since he is locked away in the Temple of Time, and future him has finished going back and forth in time.))

Richard mounts Epidii and turns and starts to Galop toward Gerudo Valley.

Anon E. Mous
The horse was fast... Really fast... Leonidas could barely keep up. After ten minutes of running, he managed to get up next to Richard.

Fast horse. Not... Fast... Enough! Ha!

Leonidas ran in front of the horse, his adrenaline keeping him going. The two of them were quickly making there way to the Gerudo valley...

Rosalinde sat in a large prison pit in the Gerudo Fortress, thoroughly unimpressed.
Being one of Nabooru's most trusted definitely has its downsides, Rosalinde thought as she looked up at the trap door above that she had been thrown through. It was quite a proper prison, fully enclosed in stone with only a window far out of reach and the pit door on the roof.
She stood up, rather bored of this and exceptionally curious about what happened to Nabooru.
At least there was one upside to serving Nabooru, Rosalinde was a lot better trained than the others. First things first, getting out of the prison, then she had to locate her scimitars.
Rosalinde sprinted at one wall and ran several steps up, turning around and sprinting back down, along the floor and up the wall under the window, leaping at the last step and catching the sill.
She roughly pulled herself up and looked around, seeing the patrols on the ground around the fortress, wondering how to proceed.

Dark Exile
Name: Jon Aab
Age: 19
Race: Termanian
Gender: Male
Location of origin:Clock town
Appearance: A little taller than average, wears nice robes, green eyes and brown hair and a beard

Mandrag Ganon
Originally posted by Anon E. Mous
The horse was fast... Really fast... Leonidas could barely keep up. After ten minutes of running, he managed to get up next to Richard.

Fast horse. Not... Fast... Enough! Ha!

Leonidas ran in front of the horse, his adrenaline keeping him going. The two of them were quickly making there way to the Gerudo valley...

Richard spurred the horse on, slightly overtaking Leonidas, as the two closed the gap to the road twoard Gerudo Valley.

When they reached the small canyon road, the sun had set, and Richard could hear the Stal Childs emerging from the ground in the distance. "Come on, We have to get out of Hyrule Field. I don't know why they stay only in this field, but, honestly I don't care." A Stal Child emerged between them, and Richard cut off it's head, and Epidii trampled it's body, breaking off it's legs. Though the body continued to crawl to Richard and the horse, he paid it no mind as it wasn't a danger to them anymore, and turned toward the Valley.

When they reached the bridge leading to the Valley, Richard saw that it had recently been cut down. Richard looked over into the chasm, seeing the river hundreds of feet below, and turned to Leonidas. "Well, It looks like we're going to have to jump the chasm, so hop up behind me... or are you going to tell me that you can Jump that yourself?"

Anon E. Mous
Leonidas sighed and looked over the edge of the chasm.

Well, I guess you finally beat me, good horse.

He laughed and got on the horse behind Richard.

Okay, lets go...

Mandrag Ganon
Richard backed to the rock wall behind them and spurred the horse into a galop direcly at the chasm. When she reached the edge of the ravine, Epidii lept across to the other side. When she landed, she skidded slightly, until she finaly came to a stop about a foot from the edge. Richard looks twoard the small path which lead to Gerudo Valley.

He turns to Leonidas "Allright, through that gap is Gerudo Valley. Be very careful, as the Gerudo are a race of female thieves. They are the disgusting dregs of Hyrule, and none are to be trusted. However, don't attack them unless they try to attack us... which is very likely, considering they tend to hate men, unless it is their Leader... Ganondorf."

((Yes, my character hates the Greudo... You'll find out more as to why later on...)))

((Awesome, this'll get interesting ^.^))

Rosalinde figured half the fortress would be on her if she just leaped down, so she turned and looked at the pit door, judging the distance a little before launching herself out, catching the lip of the door and swinging out in the same motion, kicking over a Gerudo guard, swiftly ducking a spear from another.
It wasn't exactly hard to avoid most of these two guards' swings, but it wasn't easy trying to do anything else in the process, dodging and weaving around the glaives like a strange dancer.
At one point she caught the pole of one and blocked the other, crudely commandeering the first's weapon for a moment to defend herself before disarming them and knocking them down the pit, dodging the next swing and lunging, catching the second's arm and hurling her at the pit door too, but she pulled back and tried to bring Rosalinde along.
Fortunately Rosalinde's glaive wouldn't go through the door lengthways so she hung from the glaive for a few moments to kick the Gerudo off her, climbing up onto the pole and out of the pit once more.

Now, to locate her scimitars, she cast aside the glaive and swiftly ran off into the fortress, hoping they were in the armoury.

Dark Exile
Jon Aab slowly walked through the dark forest that formed on the outskirts of Clock Town.
Jon began to mutter to himself. "I'll show father. A few hours in the woods and he will actually care."

Mandrag Ganon
Richard looked around the corner of the cliff, seeing a Gerudo Guard pacing infront of one of the buildings. He reached in his pocked and extracted an old slingshot. Kneeling to steady his aim he loosed a rock and hit the guard in the forehead. The Guard fell, unconcious to the ground.

Richard guestured to Leonidas, and they both crouched and ran into the small stone building.

Rosalinde instinctively rolled under a glaive as she entered the fortress, rolling to her feet in the same motion and kicking the glaive wide as it came back at her. She roughly gripped the glaive with both hands and levered the Gerudo wielding it across the room and into the other two guards in the room.
She didn't entirely care what her fellow Gerudo's intentions or reasons were, only that she found her scimitars and what happened to Nabooru.
Getting to the armoury was proving to be a chore though, two glaives and an unarmed Gerudo were very persistent, and Rosalinde was better with her scimitars than a glaive.
All of a sudden she launched herself and crash tackled a Gerudo into the next room where the armoury lay, swiftly rolling off her victim onto her feet once more and charging into the armoury in search of her swords.
She found them resting on a crate, still in their extravagant sheathes, and Rosalinde smiled behind her veil.

When the Gerudo finally chased her into the armoury, they faced a pair of scimitars that seemed to be everywhere at once.
Rosalinde glided along the floor as she fought, weaving around and twirling back and forth as she evaded and parried in some kind of intricate dance-form fighting style.
She left the armoury with several unconscious Gerudo behind her, looking rather determined.

Dark Exile
Jon moved through the Forrest quietly, it had been six hours since he left Clock town and he seemed to have lost his way. Muttering curse words to himself he spotted a stream, and began to follow its natural flow south, looking for some way out of this "damn" forrest.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard entered the building and immediately jumped behind a table, dragging Leonidas behind him. He peered over the table, and loosed another rock, which struck the guard at the joint between the neck and the shoulder.

As the guard fell, Richard took a quick survey of the room, and once satisfied they were alone, he began walking to a door, which opened into a long hallway.

Rosalinde carefully moved through the fort, keeping quiet, when she passed a window she noticed a Gerudo guard prone outside, being helped to her feet by the others.
She cocked her head slightly, a little curious as to what had happened but nevertheless, she still had to get back to the Spirit Temple, Nabooru had said she was trying to get inside it, and not long after that Rosalinde had found herself captured by her own people.
She came to a long hallway and hid to one side so she could examine it safely. There were footsteps of more Gerudo approaching, Rosalinde looked around for a place to hide.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard led the remarkably silent Leonidas down the long hallway toward a room at the end. He had seen a flash of something dart in the room, and decided to investigate it, thinking it may be a lead them to where these dregs were keeping Ruto.

Anon E. Mous
((sorry man.))

Richard, did you see something?

Rosalinde saw what looked to be two people, one she didn't have enough time to see but the other was clearly a Zora, which meant they didn't belong here, so she swiftly ran up the wall behind her at the corner of the room and held herself in place roughly, seeing no other alternative hiding spot. As a thief she had done this before, and was quite used to it, but it still didn't take away from the fact it took an amazing amount of energy to keep her there, her muscles twitching a little.
A Gerudo guard entered the room inquisitively, looking around and holding its glaive ready.
If those two people were responsible for the guard outside, then perhaps they'd take care of this one too, so Rosalinde decided to wait, even against the protest of her muscles.

Anon E. Mous
Hold that thought. You've had all the fun until now. Its my turn.

Leonidas watched as the Gerudo guard walked into the room. Leaving Richard where he was, he readied his guitar in an attack ready position, and sprinted to the room, hoping to take the guard by surprise. She was facing the door when he ran in, so that didn't work out well. He flipped his guitar and blocked the guard's glaive. One twist and the glaive was on the ground, one strike and the guard was unconscious. He looked around the room, not seeing anyone, so he yelled back to his friend down the hall.

Richard! The coast is clear!

Rosalinde grumbled at the Zora, sure it was obvious he and his friend were responsible for the unconscious guard outside, but she didn't think they were this amateur.
'Real subtle,' Rosalinde sighed, letting go and falling to the floor rather quietly, 'Half the fortress probably just heard you, now I need to find a new hiding place before we're all captured.'
She dusted herself off lightly as she looked around, finding the one she guessed was this "Richard" that the Zora was talking to.
'What are you two even doing here anyway? This isn't some playground,' Rosalinde asked.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard walked into the room. "Well, Leonidas, You'd been so quiet recently I had almost forgotten you were there."

He turned to see the Gerudo. "Before we're all captured? Please, don't think I am not going to believe that you aren't one of these... people..." He said, spitting the word people out as if it were venom. He unsheathed his sword, and raised it to within inches from her nose. "Now, kindly get out of our way, so we can rescue the Zora Princess your master took."

Rosalinde looked rather amused, not all that phased about a sword hovering right in front of her face, she flicked it aside.
'My master? I suppose you mean Ganondorf? He's no master of mine,' Rosalinde said, swiftly moving around them and running halfway up a wall to the window, 'Have fun fighting off half an army of Gerudo, normally I'd join in beating up a pair of males but I'm kinda busy trying to escape.'
There were hundreds of footfalls from all directions signifying the approach of more than just a few Gerudo, Rosalinde just ducked out of the window and climbed onto the roof, idly surveying the area for a moment.
A Zora Princess? Strange... What would Ganondorf want with a Zora? She thought.

Mandrag Ganon
'Sure' he muttered under his breath. Richard turned to Leonidas, "Listen, this room is soon to be flooded with Gerudo, and though I would love to wipe this land clean of those dregs, the odds are considerably against us." Richard looked toward the window that the Gerudo so gracefully jumped through. "As much as I hate it, we have but one choice, we have to follow her." Richard backed to the wall opposite the window, and sprinted forward. When he was about fifty feet away from the window, he lept, barely grasping the bottom of the window with his fingers, and heaved himself up.

When he reached the roof, he saw the Gerudo little more than ten paces away. "You know, it isn't very polite to leave in the middle of a conversation." he pulled out his slingshot, but not wanting to knock her out, he fished around in his pocket untill he found one of his Deku Nuts. He loosed the nut, and shielded his eyes from the flash when it landed no more than five paces infront of her.

Anon E. Mous
Leonidas looked up at the window.

He carefully judged the distance, and jumped up to the sill. He pulled himself on to the roof, and saw Richard throwing the Deku Nut. He wasn't ready for the flash, and almost fell off the roof.

Rosalinde's natural reflexes saved her from the brunt of the flash, managing to half turn her face away, she blinked a few times with her eyes watering, staggering a bit on the spot.
'Polite!? Damn it boy, in what backwater town did you learn your manners?' Rosalinde growled, gripping the hilts of her scimitars, listening carefully for his footsteps as her eyes weren't the best at the moment, 'Why are you bothering me anyway? Go rescue your princess and leave me to my escape.'
Cursed Deku Nuts...

Mandrag Ganon
"Well, I don't hang out around here much, and since you are one of them, I figure you know where you all keep your prisoners. Tell you what, you seem to be in a hurry to escape your friends down there, and I am sure I don't want to know why. Regardless of why you are in such dire need to escape, we need to find the Zora's princess. You help us and we will stop bothring you. You don't... we will inevitably be captured... and believe me, if I die here, there is nothing I would like more than to take one... or all... of you gerudo down with me. So, do we have a deal?"

'Help you!?' Rosalinde said incredulously, 'You're unbelievable. I have been sitting in a prison pit for quite awhile so I have no idea what Ganondorf has done with your princess, if she's here then she's probably in one of the prisons deeper inside the fort, and that means lots of Gerudo to get passed.'
She blinked her eyes a few times more, they were slowly recovering so she could properly teach this kid a lesson or two.
'So you'll probably get caught and sold to someone if you try and be a hero, now if you'll excuse me I have to be somewhere,' Rosalinde said, moving off along the rooftops, fly tackling a sentry as she went along.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard quickly persued the Gerudo. She was going to help him whether she liked it or not. He had come this far trying to save the Zora Princess, and he wasn't about to give up now, and since Rosalinde was appearantly not trying to kill him, he needed her... as much as he hated to admit it.

As he ran past, he kicked the sentry in the face, for good measure, and watched as the Gerudo lept to a lower rooftop. "Fool." he thought, and performed a flying leap, tackling the greudo. He rolled off her, kicking her scimitars out of reach, and leveling his sword across her throat. "Now, I wouldn't have any regrets about removing your head from your body right now, however, my friend and I find ourselves in need of a guide. Now, if you are a good girl and help us find who we are looking for, Ill let you live... If not... well... y'know..." He his lips turned up into a half-smile as he pressed the sword to her throat to make his point crystal clear.

Anon E. Mous
Leonidas' eyes cleared up, and he saw Richard running after the Gerudo. He sprinted to ward them, getting there at the exact moment Richard's sword fell across her throat. Leo grabbed the Gerudo's arms and twisted them behind her back.

Come on Richard, put down the sword. She's not going anywhere.

Rosalinde's eyes flashed dangerously and she clenched her fists.
'What ever gave you the idea that I could be a "good girl"?' Rosalinde asked, quite rapidly slamming a heel into the Zora's crotch and letting her foot fly out and slam into the Hylian's crotch too, she nimbly pulled herself over and behind the Zora, knocking him into the Hylian before running over to her scimitars, roughly kicking them from the ground to her hands.
'Don't ever pull any cheap tricks on me like that again,' Rosalinde said furiously, giving her scimitars a flick.
Several Gerudo were swarming onto the rooftops now, leaping to and fro like acrobats as they bounded between rooftops.
'Ugh fine, I have a feeling you're going to get me captured either way, follow me if you can,' Rosalinde said grumpily, sheathing her scimitars and running off the building, catching the edge and slinging herself through a window inside the building, landing in what seemed the kitchen quarters, a vast pot cooking something in the centre with several tables around. Fortunately it was empty as everyone was out searching for the intruders.

Mandrag Ganon
"Shoulda just cut her head off." Richard grumbled. "Well, let's go."

Richard lept through the window landing directly behing the Greudo. "Oh, and don't think this means I trust you. If I even think you are going to betray us to your friends out there, you will find my sword impailed through your heart faster than you can think." He checked to make sure his sword was clear in it's scabbard, just incase.

'Oh please,' Rosalinde said, flapping a hand at him, 'I may be a treacherous thief and all, but I still have my honour. If I wanted to get rid of you I'd do it myself, I'm not just some ordinary Gerudo.'
She ran a hand through her white hair absent-mindedly as she scanned the room one last time.
'Going on the fact they lost us, they'd initiate a search pattern which would originate from the edges of the base inwards to the prisons, it's likely we have about three minutes,' Rosalinde said to no one in particular as she moved off toward a door. There was a rush of metal on metal and several thumps before Rosalinde came back out half carrying a Gerudo guard, dropping her backwards through the other door.
'And if they did see us disappear in here that will make them think we went the other way, come along,' Rosalinde said, giving her scimitar a little flick to indicate they should follow as she moved through the door she previously vacated a Gerudo.

Anon E. Mous
Leonidas followed along behind after the Gerudo.

She moved through to a room similar to that of a barracks, many weapons adorned the walls and there were somewhat soft mats around the floor that made landings a little less painful. Fortunately it was empty too, which made Rosalinde a little curious.
'How did a Hylian and a Zora end up travelling together anyway?' Rosalinde asked over her shoulder as she continued to the next door, a long hall way deep inside the fort with a prison room at the end.

Mandrag Ganon
"I could ask you how you ended up running from your own people." Richard responded, eying the Gerudo Suspiciously.

"Aww I didn't know you cared," Rosalinde said dryly, "If you had been paying attention you might have heard that I don't serve Ganondorf? Lately that's been reason enough for anything around Hyrule. I just hope Nabooru is okay..."
She listened carefully for any sounds from the next room.
"I hope you two can fight properly, if this princess is in the prison there will be at least two or three jail guards, and they'll probably call for a dozen other Gerudo," Rosalinde said.

Mandrag Ganon
"Oh, you don't have to worry about me..." Richard said, absently checking to make certain his sword was clear in it's scabbard. "Let's just say I spent several years training with a Swordmaster from a distant land."

He stopped for a second. "Nabooru?... Why does that name sound so familiar..." He shook his head... He hasn't had anything to do with the Gerudo since that day... years ago.

Mandrag Ganon
((Addition to previous post... Flash back thingie... big grin))

The rain was pouring in buckets across Hyrule Field. "Sokra!" Richard screamed. "Sokra! Where are you?" He looked toward the bridge to Castle Town, which was raised as it was the dead of night. "SOKRA!!! Damn, why is she out here, in the rain, with Stal Childs everywhere..." As if on que, a Stalchild rose up and began to strike at Richard, but Richard slammed his knife into the Stal Child's forehead, then turned, cutting off it's legs. Then kicked it in it's head for good measure..."

Richard came back to his sences to see Leonidas and the Greudo staring at him questioningly. "Hmm?" he asked looking between the two of them. "What are we waiting for? We have a princess to save."

Anon E. Mous
"You all right, man? You seem kind of out of it."

Rosalinde looked back at the Hylian and raised an eyebrow questioningly but remained silent, her expression mostly hidden behind her white veil.
"Yeah... By the way, I'm not afraid to run off if you two start losing, but I'll happily pick the lock of the prison, I doubt you'll be able to muscle through its reinforced bars any time soon," Rosalinde stated before continuing up to the door of the next room, looking inside and finding it suspiciously absent of guards, though Rosalinde knew it wasn't actually unguarded, she'd been one herself once upon a time so she knew they were hiding.

Mandrag Ganon
"It's... It's nothing... just... no, It's nothing." He started to walk through the door, but noticed the Gerudo simply peering inside and stopped, signaling Leonidas to do the same. He peered into the room, and noticed nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that there were no guards. "Hmm... That's interesting."

"This could be fun," Rosalinde said quietly, grinning behind her veil as she gripped the hilt of one of her scimitars and crept forwards towards the prison.
As she suspected, five jail guards fell from the ceiling and immediately surrounded her, each wielding a pair of scimitars like her.
"Hope you two can deal with ten scimitars flashing around your face, because I don't intend on fighting much," Rosalinde called back as she gripped her other scimitar also.
In an explosion of motion Rosalinde had thrown herself at two, ripping out her scimitars and launching into the air, rapidly turning their scimitars aside with her own as her feet came through and kicked them off balance, shooting along upside down through the air, roughly sheathing her scimitars and twisting mid-air to land on her feet before the jail cell.

((Is Ruto actually in the prison? It's been a bit unclear lol))

Mandrag Ganon
((Yea, she's there))

"Not bad." he said, being sure to step on the Gerudo guards as he walked in. Richard looked in the cell and saw Ruto lying on the floor, against the back wall.

"Princess Ruto?" He said. There was no response. Richard turned to the Gerudo. "We have to get this door open NOW!"

Anon E. Mous
"Stand back..."

Leonidas used his anger to fuel his strength.

"Ahhhhh! With one hit of his axe, he smashed the bars of the cage. He walked into the cell, falling to his knees next to his princess.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard ran into the cell and rolled Ruto on her back. "She's still alive, but she needs to get back to Zora's domain. You're the fastest one, I'll make sure to draw the guards off of you."

Richard heard a faint whisper escape Ruto's lips. He nelt down, putting his ear to her mouth. "L...Li...Link...Where" then her head turned to the side as she passed out. "Link?" Richard said, remembering the name Talon had mentioned. He turned to the Gerudo "Gerudo, We've found who were after, so I guess our Partnership has ended." He turned to Leonidas. "She doesn't have much time left, Don't worry about any guards... They'll all be after me soon." Richard smiled as he began to head back through the door. "I'll meet you there, I am curious about this Link character that Ruto and Talon are talking about."

Anon E. Mous
Leonidas' face was epressionless as he picked up Ruto and started running. Out of the fortress, out of the domain, back to his homeland.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard climbed to the rooftops, firing rocks at Greudo as they swung their Glaives at Leonidas. He then saw a group of ten Gerudo running streight at Leonidas. He lept off the roof, landing on two of them, hitting another one with the side of his sword blade, knocking all three unconcious.

He found himself surrounded by seven Gerudo, all carying Glaves. He parried a glave wile simultaneously moving out of the way of the others. and kicked one of the Gerudo in the face. He saw a Glave heading streight for him, but he ducked at the last second, and the glave flew past hitting another Gerudo in the neck. 'two more down,' he thought. two more glaves were coming directly for him, He parried one while dodging the other, and slammed the two heads toghether. 'that's seven total.' he thought. He turned to see the other three Greudo staring angrily at him. He reached in his pocket, and tossed another Deku nut on the ground, shielding his eyes from the flash. While the Guards were stunned, he ran to Epedii, jumped on, and began galoping through the breaking dawn toward Zora's Domain.

'Intriguing,' Rosalinde remarked as the two ran from the fortress, they made a brilliant diversion for her and didn't even give a second thought to their Gerudo guide.
Seemed like it paid off to help them after all, as she leisurely strolled out of the fortress and over to the gate to the desert, roughly climbing over it and wandering into the desert that she knew so well.

She had to find Nabooru, something had obviously happened and it could only be explained at the Spirit Temple, she began running through the desert, performing graceful leaps over most of the quicksand regions, keeping the balance of an acrobat through the moving dunes of the desert.
The scorching sun didn't bother her any more, her trips were a lot shorter and her skin was a lot darker, and her garments made sure she didn't overheat, it made desert travelling a lot more pleasant than for most people.

Rosalinde came up to the Spirit Temple in good time, lithely dodging several creatures that lived beneath the sands as she ran up inside the Temple.
There was an absolutely massive stone in the way of the main door inside the temple, it made one wonder just how they were supposed to even access this place. But nothing was impossible for a thief like Rosalinde, she knew these Temples often had old treasures in them and that was more than enough reason to try and get in.
She saw a small hole in the nearby wall, some kind of drain or some such, it'd be a pain but she'd be able to slide through laying down flat.

Mandrag Ganon
When Richard reached Zora's domain, he ran into the King's Chambers. When richard entered the chambers, he saw Leonidas leaning against the wall, with his arms crossed before him. Then he saw the king sitting on a slab of rock, looking directly at a small raised platform, great consern filling his eyes. Then Richard saw what he was looking at. Ruto was still unconcious, with another Zora examining her.

"King Zora," the Zora started, looking up at his king. "This doesn't look good. It appears that Ganondorf has poisoned her.
"Poisoned?" The King said, his eyes widening. "Is there any cure."
"Not here, My Lord." The Zora replied, with a shake of his head. "However, I have heard that there is a plant in the Lost Woods, that can be refined to cure it."
"Is that so?" King Zora said, hope sparkling in his eyes again as he looked up and noticed Richard standing in the doorway.
"You," he said "Hylian, you helped Leonidas save my daughter right?"

"Yes" Richard said.
"I have another request for you," He said "If you are willing."
"Yes?" Richard replied.
"I would like for you to accompany Leonidas to the Lost Woods to recover this plant." King Zora said.
"How will we know it when we see it?" Richard asked
"It has pink pedals and a long black stem." The Zora examining Ruto said.
Richard looked from the king to the Zora. "I will." Richard said confidently.

"Good," King Zora said. "There is a shortcut right outside the waterfall to the Lost Woods, but only one who can swim like a Zora can make it."
"Then how will that help me?"
"Take this Item." King Zora said tossing richard something that looked like a large silver scale. "This Scale will help you swim like one of us."
"Thank you." Richard replied, putting the scale in his pocket. "How does it work?"
"Just keep it with you, it is magic and will work on it's own."
Richard looked at Leonidas. "Well, it looks like we will be working together for awhile."
"As soon as you exit the waterfall, just turn to your left and you will see the shortcut there." King Zora said.

Richard began to walk out, but then paused. "Tell me, do you know of a boy named Link?"
"Link?" The Zora said. "Yes, I do know him. He saved Ruto and our Lord Jabu Jabu from Ganondorf's evil creatures not long ago. A Remarkable boy Link is. I believe he was one of the Fairy Boys from the Kokiri Forest."
"A Kokiri?" Richard replied. "But I thought they couldn't leave the forest."
"No, I believe Link to be a Hylian like you." King Zora said, "How he came to live with the Kokiri, however. I don't understand."
Richard stood there thinking.

((Exile, we're coming your way...))

Anon E. Mous
((Link's a Fairy Boy...))

((Kokiri don't ever grow up and they have permanent fairy guardians, Link has neither of those traits, Navi was just hanging around coz the Deku Tree told her to))

Rosalinde felt a little sore from being in the cramped drainway thing, but at least she was somewhat passed the massive stone barricade, which meant she could use more of her skills of her shadowy occupation, roughly climbing about, slipping through gaps and picking locks, assassinating the odd monster and dodging traps, all in a normal days work of thievery.

It wasn't long before she was sneaking inside a room where she heard a few people talking, peaking through she saw Nabooru half encased in huge armour, slowly being fully entombed in the suit of an Iron Knuckle.
"Nabooru!" Rosalinde said in despair before she could stop herself.
Nabooru seemed to rouse slightly and instantly saw Rosalinde, the two witches were steadily approaching her.
"Rosalinde run, find the little green boy, he has the silver gauntlets," Nabooru said quickly, "You can't save me."
Rosalinde clenched her fists but obeyed, sprinting away long before the witches could get close to cast anything.

Little, Green, Boy...? A Kokiri? What would a Kokiri be doing with the silver gauntlets?
Perhaps there were more answers to be had with the Kokiris, she fled the temple with all due haste and retraced her hazardous trip across the desert, her shortcut that usually seemed suicidal even at the best times in the desert.
Back over the gate to the Gerudo Fortress and running right through, several guards chasing her all the way to the bridge.
"I hoped I'd never have to do this again," Rosalinde sighed, leaping out off the bridge and pulling out a pair of daggers as she plummeted down, roughly stabbing into the cliff wall on the other side. It took a lot of arm muscles but she slowly climbed up using the daggers.

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As richard began to walk out of the King's chambers, the King called to him."
"Yes, King Zora?" Richard replied
"When you get the plant, take it to the scientists next to Lake Hylia, he will be able to make a cure out ot it." The other Zora said.
Richard replied with a nod of his head, and turned to Leonidas. "Well, I guess we need to get going..." he said.

((For future refrence if we end up in Kokiri forest, which is my plan, because I kind of want Richard and Leonidas to discover that the Great Deku Tree has died:

((Meh, Let's throw in the tree too. smile

She heard the telltale stretch of a bowstring and turned slightly from the cliff face to see a Gerudo letting fly an arrow, Rosalinde's eyes shot wide and she tried to dodge, although hanging on a cliff wall by a pair of daggers didn't allow much movment.
The arrow hit home in her left shoulder, Rosalinde cried out in pain and her grip on her daggers slipped, and she fell a distance into the river below, being carried away by the currents off into Lake Hylia, plummeting down several waterfalls limply as she clutched the arrow in her shoulder, vainly trying to keep her head above water.
Eventually she hit the still waters and was able to swim to the lake's edge, clambering out groggily and staggering along to a dry patch of grass where she could tend to her wound.

The blood was staining her white clothes as she worked on getting the arrow out, creating some makeshift bandages from one of her sashes before heading back over to the water to clean most of the blood out of her clothes.
"What's going on," Rosalinde wondered aloud tiredly, climbing back out of the water and began heading out of the area, completely soaked.
All she knew was she needed to get to the Kokiri forest, those forest children would know more, so she made her way along the Hylian fields, left arm dangling at her side uselessly as she waited for it to heal, right hand firmly gripped around the hilt of a scimitar.
The skeletal monsters of the night in the fields would not deter her, they moved slower and were quite fragile, Rosalinde owned the night, not them.
She made steady progress over to the strange tunnel to the forest, it wouldn't be long now.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard surfaced in the middle of a small pond in the forest. Once he climbed out of the pond, he looked at the three paths which led deeper into the Lost Woods. He decided to take the path to the Left. Once he made it through a small area of pitch blackness, he found himself in an open area, with what looked to be several trees made into houses, and children dressed in green walking around, talking, and playing. This, he thought, must be the Kokiri Forest. Richard turned back, gesturing for Leonidas to follow, back into the forest.

When they re-entered the forest, he found himself in a completely different part of the forest. Puzzling, he led Leonidas out of the woods and back into the Kokiri Forest. He looked to his right, and saw another entrance into the Kokiri Forest, with a Greudo walking in... Infact it was the same Gerudo that led them through the Gerudo Valley to find Ruto. "Damn, he thought... What the hell is she doing here." Next thing he knew he was freeing his sword from it's scabbard and rushing directly at her. When he was within five steps from her he stopped and raised his sword. "What are you doing here, Gerudo? And by Din, if you plan to do anything Malicious to the Kokiri or the Great Deku Tree, I will cut you down where you stand."

((Yes, I will be using the names Din, Nayru, and Farore, in place of the word God... being in a Zelda RP, I feel they fit beter. smile Oh, and here's a map of the Lost Woods, incase anyone forgot the path... like I did. embarrasment Just keeping it like the game. big grin I thought about using Subrosia from Oracle of Seasons as hell... but thought that is alittle over the top. stick out tongue))

Rosalinde gave the Hylian a dead stare, she didn't look to be in the best of moods right now.
"I wish you'd stop pointing that thing at me, does it make you feel more secure?" Rosalinde said, hand still gripped to the hilt of her scimitar, it was out in a flash and struck the Hylian's sword aside, and just as fast it was back in its sheath, "The only time you should be suspicious of me is when you can't see me."
Her shoulder bandage was staining up with blood again, with a grumble she lumbered over to sit against one of the houses, taking a moment to re-tie her bandage. She still felt pretty wrecked from the hard impact with the water and the blood loss, she wasn't up to moving much.
She looked around at all the Kokiri children, some watching the foreigners curiously, how was she supposed to find a specific Kokiri? Specially with that Hylian around again, Rosalinde thought he was supposed to be at Zora's Domain with that princess, not that she entirely cared as long as he wouldn't attack her, in such a weakened state she'd have to resort to a lot of nasty techniques.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard eyed the Greudo curiously then, deciding that she wouldn't be too dangerous with that injury on her arm, turned to Leonidas. "Well, since we are here." He turned to a young Kokiri female with green hair and nelt down infront of her. "Do you know of a boy named Link?"
The Girl's eyes opened wide. "Link? What about him, is he okay?"
"I've never met him, but his name is circulating around Hyrule like wildfire. A Zora princess, whom had been poisoned, was calling out his name. Do you know him?"
The Girl looked at Richard for a good long time. Then deciding that"He was a friend, and was sent to Hyrule by the Great Deku Tree... Before it died..."
"The Deku Tree is dead?!?!?"
"A few weeks ago." The girl said "A dark man came... Link tried to save The Great Deku Tree... but he couldn't..." She looked down, a tear in her eye. "If you find Link... Tell him... Tell him... we all miss him."
Richard placed a consoling hand on the girl's shoulder. "I will." he said. "Do you know where we could find a flower with pink pedals and a long black stem?"
"Pink pedals..." The Girl said thinking. "No... Why?"
"The Zora Princess... The Zoras say that that flower may be able to save her."
"I don't know... But," She said looking up. "The Deku tree is still open... you may be able to find a clue there."
Richard turned, looking from Leonidas to the Gerudo. "Damn..." He said. "Leonidas, I need you to stay here, and make sure the Gerudo doesn't do anything. I'm going to the Great Deku Tree. We may even find out more about this Link character." He said turning back to the girl."
"Where can I find the Great Deku Tree?" He asked, and Saria pointed to the right, past a small pond, at a path through the trees."
Richard stood and began walking toward the path.

Anon E. Mous
Wait, what? You want me to stay here with her?

But it was too late. Richard had already run off. Leonidas turned to the gerudo.

Well, we might as well make introductions. I am Leonidas of the Realm of Zora. And you are?

Mandrag Ganon
As Richard walkied into the opening and saw the tree. "Damn..." He muttered to himself. It was a horrifying sight, The tree that had stood as the guardian of the Kokiri forest for ages had indeed died. It's bark was blackened, and it's leaves were dried and brown. Richard looked at it's face, it's mouth was still open, and he could see inside... something crawled past the opening...

She looked up at the Zora a little inquisitively, examining him for a moment before continuing.
"Rosalinde," she replied, pulling her bandage tight and tying it up before she went to stand unsteadily, blood rushing from her head causing her to nearly fall over again.
"Who's this 'Link'?" Rosalinde inquired, "Is he a Kokiri?"
It would have helped if Nabooru had given her a name as well, but she didn't blame her. She had to get back there with the gauntlets, they would surely give her prodigous strength, and combined with her speed and finesse she could likely defeat those two witches and break Nabooru out.

Anon E. Mous
You'll have to ask Richard about him, I'm just the tough guy.

Leonidas laid on his back, strumming his guitar, playing a song he had written himself. It was A fast song, influenced by a vision he had of a strange futuristic band.

((Tenacious D-Master Exploder))

Mandrag Ganon
((Tenacious D... Never been much of a fan of theirs, but to each his own.))

Richard stepped into the mouth of the tree and found himself inside a circular room with a pit dug into the ground, which dropped off into the ground under the tree. He looked around and saw several ledges with bridges streaching across them and a ladder leading up to the top of one. 'Interesting tree.' Richard muttered to himself, as he walked to the edge of the pit.

As he looked down into the pit, he could see that it dropped for several feet into some water. He looked up into the tree and saw that the path spiraled all the way up. 'now which way?' he thought.

Finally, he decided to ascend the tree, and then go down into the pit if he had to. He climbed the ladder up to the top of the first ledge, and found himself face to face with a strange skull-like spider. He recognised it for what it was, as there had been a family in Kakariko Village that had been cursed into something similar untill... untill one day they all finally came out saying that... saying that a young boy dressed in green turned him back into Hylians again... 'who is this boy?' Richard thought 'and why is he apparently known all across Hyrule?'

Richard turned his attention back to the Skulltula, which was swinging back and forth on it's web. Richard took up his sword, and swung it hard at the Skulltula, but it just hit the skull-like armor with a sharp tink. The Sulltula swung on it's web, then spun as hard and fast as it could, knocking Richard back to the ground below. 'Damn' he thought as he got back to his feet, and looked up at the Skulltula. The Skultula spun again, and he saw that it's side that wasn't covered by the Skull-shaped armor was soft and vunerable. Richard quickly returned his sword to it's scabbard and removed his slingshot and two rocks from his pocket. Carefully aiming he loosed the first rock which hit the Skulltula's armor with a dull thud, causing it to spin again. Richard loosed the second rock as soon as the soft side was facing him. The rock hit home, and the Skulltula hit the ground hard. Richard looked up into the tree, wondering what else was waiting for him inside what used to be the guardian of the Kokiri Forest.

Rosalinde sighed, being forced to seek out the Hylian wasn't exactly something she was looking forward to.
"Alright then I'll go talk to this Richard," Rosalinde said, flexing her arm a little as she wandered off through the Kokiri village, skipping across a few isles in the makeshift moat around the entrance to the Deku Tree's grove, idly walking passed a dozen animated plants that were unsuccessfully trying to hit her.
The Great Deku Tree stood before her soon enough, withered and grey, leaves slowly falling from its branches.
"And he was worried that I would do something," Rosalinde muttered, she knew Ganondorf's work when she saw it, one of the reasons she was so mistrustful of her king.
The front of the Deku Tree was open like a vast door, so Rosalinde figured Richard had gone inside, she flexed her left arm again, trying to encourage its regeneration.
There were lots of plants and herbs around the forest that had almost magical healing properties, she'd have to keep an eye out for one.
She entered the tree cautiously with her right hand resting on a scimitar hilt, wondering what could possibly live inside a famed Tree.

Mandrag Ganon
In the top of the tree, Richard looked down at the path he had climbed, then he saw her. That Gerudo was walking through the doorway into the tree. "Damnit, Leonidas... I give you one simple task, to watch a wounded Gerudo." he muttered to himself. "well, it's not like there is anything she can do to a dead tree. But if she even so much as touched a hair on one of those Kokiri, I will have her head... and Leonidas' too if it is still attached."

"Where'd that damn Hylian get to?" Rosalinde grumbled as she looked around the tree, idly kicking one of those plants again as it attempted to bite her, not all that concerned.
She did find a particular plant however, tucked away in a little niche off to one side, behind a soon-to-be dead Deku Baba.
Rosalinde sheathed her scimitar as she went over and knelt beside the plant, pulling out a dagger to cut a few leaves free as the Deku Baba behind her crashed to the ground dead. The plant healed itself almost immediately, confirming its properties so Rosalinde took off the bandage and crushed the leaves onto her wound, gritting her teeth a little as the juices left the leaves and entered the wound.
The pain faded almost instantly and her arm felt perfect once more, Rosalinde stood up renewed and looked around the Tree again.

There was a hole in the floor, or a path that reached up through various ledges, however the hole seemed to have a lot of mangled webs dangling from the edges, spiders weren't that clumsy with their webs so clearly something had happened.
One edge of the hole gave way to a wall wreathed in thick vines, she couldn't help but be curious.
"Wonder if that Richard guy went down here... Seems like someone did," Rosalinde wondered aloud to herself, before beginning to scale the vines down into the hole.

Mandrag Ganon
Having finished searching through all the rooms at the top of the tree, and killing several Skulltulas he decended back to the ground floor.

Once Richard reached the bottom, he looked down the hole, and began climbing down the vines, which led under the fabled tree. He reached the bottom with relative ease, and had to roll to dodge one of those plants. He came to his feet, and easily severed it's head from the stem.

Richard looked to the right, and noticed a Deku Scrub huddeled against the wall on the other side of a stream. He looked to the right and a block which had been pushed into the stream, shortening the gap from one side of the stream to the other so that it could be jumped.

Richard jumped across the stream and walked over to the Scrub.
Queenie is dead... killed by the boy in green.
"What?" Richard asked the Scrub "What about a boy in green?"
Oh, Queenie... Kingie is very angry now... Very angry. The Scrub wailed, not even acknowlaging Richard.
Richard reached out and turned the scrub's head toward him.
"What happened?" He asked
Queenie is dead... Killed by the boy in green... Kingie is angry now an is killing all of us Scrubs. Queenie kept us alive... Kingie hates us... Our dear Queen Gohma... Killed by the boy in green... Now King Gohma has returned to find Qeenie dead... He blames us Scrubs.
Richard looked at the Deku as it huddled up against the wall again. "Gohma?" he said to himself as he stood again. "That does not sound good..."

Rosalinde was idly hanging from the roof near the vines casing the room when the Hylian came down and went over to a Deku Scrub.
"Well that's interesting," Rosalinde said after hearing them, swinging off and landing with a roll near Richard and the Scrub, "I suppose this 'Link' is the green boy, where did he go?"
It seemed the Scrub was terrified of this 'Kingie', she had no idea what it was but most kings had treasure. She jerked her head a little, now wasn't the time for treasure, that green boy was out there somewhere with those silver gauntlets.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard looked at the Gerudo. "Even if I did know, I wouldn't tell the likes of you." he said. "Now if you will excuse me, I have some business to attend to." He said walking to the nearest door.

((I wonder what a King Gohma should look like...))

Rosalinde rose an eyebrow at Richard, not really understanding him but it wasn't like she cared, instead she knelt beside the Deku Scrub and examined it for a few moments.
"Your King sucks too huh?" Rosalinde said to the Scrub conversationally, "Yeah I know that feeling... Tell you what, I'll go kill the king, maybe you can tell me more about 'Link', he has something of mine."
She looked around the room idly and noticed another hole in the floor, a small hole in the wall like she had seen in the Spirit Temple, only the hole in the floor had scorch marks around the edges. This Link had obviously gone down there at some point, so Rosalinde slid over to the edge of the hole and looked down, seeing the wall wreathed in vines as well with water at the bottom.
With a shrug she just leaped down and caught onto the vines, making small falls down the vines periodically before landing in the water with a splash.

((Bigger, maybe more arms))

Mandrag Ganon
((Kinda what I was thinking))

Richard landed behing the Gerudo with a splash. "That king may have a clue as to where the item I am seeking may be." He said, checking that his sword is clear in it's scabbard. "I'm coming too."

Anon E. Mous
Leonidas had fallen asleep on the grass, his fingers limp on the strings of his guitar. A group of Kokiri were standing over him, apparently curious. One bravely touched him with its toe, and he instantly jumped up and looked around. The Kokiri ran away, frightened, and Leonidas realized that Rosalinde wasn't there.

"Richard's gonna kill me..."

He sighed to himself and started running towards the Deku Tree. He finally got there and warily stepped into its mouth, looking up and around for Richard and Rosalinde. He didn't watch where he was stepping, and fell right into the hole, landing with a splash next to the other two.

Rosalinde shielded her face slightly as the other two landed down in the water ner her, she just shrugged at Richard.
"Just don't try any stupid tricks on me while I'm killing this king," Rosalinde said, gliding through the water to the edge and walking out a little awkwardly, her garments quite water-logged.
"Brilliant, soaked again," Rosalinde sighed, checking to see water hadn't gotten into her scimitar sheathes, "Of course I figured I'd mostly be doing things in the desert when I made this outfit."
She stomped her boots a little to knock some water off as she looked around the room. The only way out of this place seemed up the vines or through a door, though she wondered where all the doors came from when it was inside a Tree, but she didn't complain.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard shielded his face from the splash as Leonidas landed, flat on his stomach, next to Richard. "How kind of you to Join us." Richard said looking at Leonidas, who was climbing to his feet. "Nice landing, by the way. I give it a 10/10 for style and comic relief."

Rosalinde continued to beat some of the water out of her clothes as she grinned at Leonidas's entry.
"So, Richard is it? Looking for an item are we?" Rosalinde said conversationally as she went over to the door and examined it for a few moments. It was quite an old door, seemed to be almost growing, kind of stuck in place as Rosalinde soon figured out.
The Gerudo gave it a swift kick and a sharp nudge, and the door slid out of the way.
"Can't imagine what it would be," Rosalinde said, looking inside cautiously.

Mandrag Ganon

Mandrag Ganon
Richard looked at the Gerudo, then turned murderously back to Leonidas. "Dammit Leonidas, you told her my name? Do you not remember anything I told you before we went into that valley?"

Without waiting for a response, Richard shoved the Gerudo out of the way and walked through the door.

Rosalinde folded her arms for a moment as she looked at Richard pass through the door, still pressed up against the wall where he had pushed her.
"You know, it's understandable for there to be aggression towards Gerudo, but I thought it would have been clear by now that I follow Nabooru's code, not Ganondorf," Rosalinde said, rather unimpressed, "I'm Rosalinde, if you're that upset about names."
This Hylian was by far the most hostile toward Gerudo she had ever seen, sure there were people who were obsessed but this one was different.
At the very least with him going first Rosalinde was quite safe from any surprises this old tree could throw at her, she wasn't too enthusiastic about finding them out herself.
Her hair had been somewhat tamed for the moment with it being soaked, the additional weight made it hang lower that she had to readjust the silk ties keeping it out of her way, she idly did so as she followed the Hylian into the room.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard turned his head "I don't really care who you work for..." He said but was cut off when a giant creature fell from above.

He cursed as rolled out of the way, narrowly avoiding being flattened by the massive creature.

Richard climbed to his feet as he got his first look at the creature. The thing was massive, atleast four times Richard's height. It stood on two legs, and had four massive claws protruding from it's head. Its body was covered in a black shell, except for it's single eye, which was staring directly at Richard.

The creature kicked Richard halfway across the room, whom landed next to a terrified Deku Scrub.
Kingie! Please! Quenie's death was not our fault, it was the boy in green The Scrub pleaded.
The creature made a strange hissing noise as it directed it's murderous gaze on the Scrub.
No! Please! The Scrub begged as it tried to scurry away, but it was too slow. The Creature picked up the Scrub with one of it's claws, and crushed the thing as if it were made of paper.
"What the hell kind of King is this!" Richard shouted as he pulled his sword from it's scabbard. "So you are King Gohma..." Richard readied his sword and King Gohma's gaze settled upon him once again.

Rosalinde sucked in a sharp intake of breath as she saw Richard nearly being crushed by a massive creature, spider-like in appearance yet very different.
"Spiders... I hate spiders..." Rosalinde said through gritted teeth, she flung a Deku Nut she'd absently procured from Richard and launched herself across the room feet first at the King.

The flash caught it offguard and stunned it, Rosalinde flew by and knocked it clean off its feet, sparks appeared as her scimitars merely bounced off its carapace hide, and she flipped away.

"Armoured spider, brilliant," Rosalinde said, twirling her scimitars a few times as she tried to figure out what to do whilst backing away.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard reached into his pocket for his last Deku nut and found it missing. He looked up and shielded his eyes, just as Rosalinde threw his deku nut onto the ground. When Richard lowered his arm from his eyes, he that she had managed to stun King Gohma, and was standing right next to him.

"See?" He said to Rosalinde, while retreveing his slingshot from his pocket. "This is why I can't trust you. You steal my stuff." Richard loosed one rock directly at King Gohma's eye, which simply bounced off at impact, however, Richard could tell that, by the way King Gohma was thrashing about, the rock had caused it a good deal of pain. "Allright," Richard said "It may take a bit of slicing, but it looks as if the eye is it's weak point."

"Figured it was only fair after you threw one at me," Rosalinde stated airily as she hurriedly sprinted away as the King charged after her, she ran partly up a wall and flung away right over the King, landing with a roll beside Richard.

"How are we even supposed to get close to that thing to attack its eye?" Rosalinde inquired as the King swiftly spun around and charged back for them. She half crouched in preparation to flee, wondering what Richard's plan was.

Mandrag Ganon
"You'll see" Richard said right before he lept aside, causing King Gohma to slam into the wall. King Gohma turned, slightly dazed, and looked directly at Richard, and charged again.

Richard Jumped to the side again, causing King Gohma to slam into the wall again, and ran directly at the Dazed creature's eye. Richard took one good slash at the eye, and Gohma reared up in agony, sending Richard flying into a nearby wall. Gohma settled back down again, it's damaged eye centered on Richard, whom was lying dazed on the floor next to the wall.

"Yeah... I was worried about that," Rosalinde said grimly as she saw Richard get thrown across the room with a vicious counter-attack. On the upside, Rosalinde worked a lot better when her target was ignoring her so at least the Hylian did that much.
She swiftly crossed the room and leaped over King Gohma, using her scimitars to push the claws out of the way and simply landed a heel into its eye, using it like a stepping stone and propelled herself over at the wall above Richard, the King flailed its claws about from the attack and reeled backwards, after which Rosalinde kicked off the wall and landed with a roll underneath the thing, pushing a foot against either of the King's legs and using her scimitars as leverage to push it face first into the ground, claws continued to flail about and nearly hitting Rosalinde more than once.
"I hate spiders," Rosalinde grumbled as she scampered away, vainly trying to deflect all the claws.

Anon E. Mous
Leonidas got up off the ground, shook his head, and walked into the room with the others. He walked in just as the Deku Nut went off, and the flash made him fall over again. By the time he had recovered, Richard and Rosalinde were both fighting a huge creature, spiderlike, but huge and apparently armored, as their swords were bouncing off of it. They were trying to hit its eye, which seemed to be its weak spot. Rosalinde succeeded in knocking it over, and Leonidas used this as an opportunity to move in, readying the sharpened end of his ax, to use as a spear.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard rolled, standing next to Leonidas. "Nice of you to Join us." He said, rushing for Gohma again.

Richard climbed up Gohma's tail, dodging it's Crab-like claws, and positioning himself right above the creature's eye, and stabbed his sword deep into the eye. The creature thrashed more wildly than ever, throwing Richard off, into a wall.

When Richard got to his feet, he looked up to see King Gohma blindly looking around, Richard's sword still embeded deep in it's eye. "How much does it take to kill this blasted thing!"

Rosalinde weaved around its legs and claws as she hurriedly tried to evade the blind monster, scoring many hits on its armoured hide with little more than just a spark for her efforts.
It flailed back and forth as it heard Rosalinde's blades hit and various other sounds catching its attention.
She twirled away all of a sudden and poised her scimitars in a strange fashion, watching Gohma carefully and not making a sound as she prepared.
With a twist and a leap she spun through the air and landed both scimitars at one of its legs, knocking it off balance before retreating again.

"I'm running out of ideas, usually they don't have such ridiculous armour!" Rosalinde said, flat out running as Gohma quickly chased after her sounds.
She put her scimitars away and pulled out a pair of daggers, running up a pillar and sinking the daggers into the wall to keep herself there, Gohma simply crashed into the pillar space below her.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard pulled out his slingshot, and reached for a rock, but found that he had none. However, he noticed some gold-colored seeds lying nearby. 'well, it's better than nothing' He scooped up the seeds, and fired one directly into Gohma's eye.

Gohma collapsed, screaching in agony as it's eye turned blood red. 'well, that's interesting...' he thought "Leonidas! Gerudo! I think now may be a good time to attack."

Rosalinde glanced back from her position on the pillar, crouching against the surface and flinging herself into the air above Gohma like a professional acrobat, switching to her scimitars once more and landing on Gohma's back, looping her swords around to force its claws out of the way and leaning back to rear its head.

"By all means, I'm not going to suffer a counter-attack," Rosalinde said, roughly controlling the beast.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard was knocked to the ground again. "But... It's the counter attacks... that make it fun." He grunted as he climbed back to his feet, readying his slingshot again. "Wish I had my sword right now."

Dark Exile
Jon followed the stream to a small narrow area, a wooden bridge lay 20 feet above his head.

"By the Moon!! I have lost my way!"

Jon began climbing the tree next to him, attempting to each the bridge somehow.

"You Hylians-" Rosalinde began as Gohma started flailing about again after kicking Richard flying once more, "Have a strange sense of fun."

She was flung off, hitting the ground with a roll but half crashing into a wall on the way, knocking her off-balance as she came to her feet. Again Gohma followed the latest sounds which came from Rosalinde so it started careening headfirst right at the Gerudo once more, which was a bit of a mistake because Rosalinde was quite tired of flying.
She braced her back against the wall and flicked her legs up at the last minute, slamming her heels onto the handguards of Richard's sword embedded in its eye, half burying the weapon inside the creature, although its residual momentum half crushed Rosalinde against the wall, she crumpled to the ground with most of the creature on top of her.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard watched as Rosalinde impailed his sword deeper into Gohma's eye. "Thanks for that, nice to know I definately won't be getting my sword back now." He fired another seed into gohma's eye. Gohma's eye turned red as it fell to the ground stunned, yet still shrieking. "Guess I'll keep it down and you two can kill it."

Rosalinde staggered to her feet, limply holding her scimitars as she steadily approached Gohma once more.

"I thought you just said the counter-attacks make it fun? Now you don't want to attack it close range?" Rosalinde said, mildly confused, "Hylians truly make no sense."
She firmed her grip and moved in, reversing both scimitars and stabbing Gohma's eye with as much strength as she could muster right now, quickly pulling her scimitars free and rolling away as Gohma went into a final frenzy, flailing about on the spot shrieking madly.

Mandrag Ganon
((I'm going to assume that you killed it))

Richard looked at the King Gohma's corpse and back at Rosalinde. "Well." He started, but the Gohma suddenly ignited into blue flames, and seconds later it was gone, leaving Richard's sword lying on the ground where it died. Richard walked over and carefully picked up his sword, which seemed normal, so he returned it to it's scabbard. "Like I was about to say, If I had my sword, I would have been glad to fight it close range." Suddenly a blue light appeared near where Gohma had died. "Well... That's interesting..." Richard said as he cautiously approached the light.

After looking at the ring of light for a moment, Richard stepped in. The next thing he knew he was deep in a dark forest, Rosalinde and Leonidas were nowhere in sight. Then he saw it, the flower he came for.

He carefully plucked it from the ground and stashed it in his pocket. 'Now what?' he thought to himself as he examined the surrounding woods.

Rosalinde just sat down to regain her strength, a little tired from the battle. She watched Richard enter a ring of blue light and disappear all of a sudden.

"...Okay then..." Rosalinde said, eyeing the ring of light carefully for a moment before looking around, spotting another cluster of plants near the edge of the room, she felt she could use another healing boost.

She stood up and went over to the plants, cutting several leaves free before removing her veil for a moment, crushing the leaves and letting the juices fall into her mouth.
Rosalinde blinked a few times as the healing effect surged through her, she stood up renewed and put her veil back on, and continued to look around.
The deku scrub was dead, so her path more or less ended here, not so sure she should follow Richard into the suspicious ring of light, he didn't know where this 'Link' was and neither did any of the Kokiri, her path truly did end here.

"Now what...?" Rosalinde wondered aloud, she didn't trust the ring of light so she decided on going out the long way, swiftly leaving the room and going back into the water to get to the vines.
She'd heard of the Great Fairies, it was possible they could guide her further but she'd need to locate one of their shrines.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard broke through a densely packed area of trees, only to find himself in a small clearing. He walked in the clearing, looking around, and then felt something hit him in the back of his head.

He turned his head in the direction and saw what seemed to be a child wearing a skull mask. Richard nelt down to the child's level. "Hello there." Richard said "You lost too?"

In responce the child fired a rock at richard from his flute. "OWW!" Richard said, taking a step toward the child. The child cackled and disappeared. "Let's play a game." Richard heard coming from an unidentifyable source. "I'll play this song I learned from a boy in green, and if you can find me, then I'll lead you out of the forest. Use your ears and be quick, because I won't stay in one spot for long, and you don't want to be lost. You don't want to become a Stalfos.

Richard looked to his right and heard the voice again, "Anybody who comes into the forest will be lost. Everybody will become a Stalfos. Find me, and you shall be free. Find me and you will not be a Stalfos." The child laughed.

Richard then heard a catchy tune, the child had started playing his flute, signaling the beginning of the game.

Rosalinde rapidly scaled the vines and left the Deku Tree, lost in her thoughts as she wandered out of the grove into the Kokiri village once more.
While the silver gauntlets were a formidable item, her intent on using them was purely to fight the witches, however their black magics would pose a serious threat with or without the gauntlets, she needed a different advantage.
There was little to nothing you could fight magic with, excepting magic itself, so perhaps her decision to find a Great Fairy was the correct one indeed.

She nearly stumbled over a Kokiri, obviously not seeing the boy, he was quick to retreat to one of the strange houses made from an enormous tree trunk, his fairy lingering behind him as if watching Rosalinde.
With a shrug, Rosalinde just continued, keeping note to watch where she walked as she made her way over to the tunnel she had first entered this place from, slowly stepping through and throwing a glance back at the village.
It was an interesting place, free and innocent, isolated from the Ganondorf's tyranny yet still feeling the effects, as evident from the Great Deku Tree's demise.

Rosalinde stepped onto the bridge between tunnels, the metaphoric gap between worlds, Hyrule and the forest, still lost in her thoughts as she hoped the Great Fairy could grant her something to fight the witches with.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard was going mad.

He had been at this search for the child about an hour now, and every time he got near him, the music would instantly stop, and start again somewhere else.

What was even more annoying was that the kid would occasionally stop playing the melody inorder to holler "Catch me. Catch me. Or a Stalfos you shall be." and then cackle maddeningly untill started to play that song again.

Were it not for him mentioning the boy in green again, Richard wouldn't even be wasting his time with the preposterous game.

He reached the area where the music was emminating from again and as soon as he moved the shrub out of the way, the kid disappeared again, and Richard heard the music coming from an areia behind him and to his right. Richard cursed the kid and started off in pursuit again.

((Hmm... was waiting for Exile...))

As Rosalinde stepped back into the Hyrule Fields a memory of when she first gazed upon it came back to her. She was 14 back then, and had never seen anything except for the stone fortress and the desert, seeing the lush green fields of Hyrule was quite mind-blowing at the time.

She had taken a side trip when heading to Castle Town, distracted by the moat surrounding the castle. Water wasn't exactly abundant in the desert, the concept of protecting your entire castle with an obstacle of water seemed absurd, she had gone to a place they called Zora's Domain instead to see more water.

Yes... it was around there somewhere she remembered something, a rumour by one of the Zoras about a hidden fountain in Jabu-Jabu's area that housed a Great Fairy.
She had her bearings, so she set off straight for Zora's Domain.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard moved a shrub aside in time to see the child jump up and disappear. "Heh heh heh. You'll have to do better than that, but be quick lest you become a Stalfos."

Rosalinde moved along at a brisk pace, quickly crossing a stream or two as she followed a less-than-straight path to Zora's domain, blocking the odd Octorok projectile with a scimitar as she went.

The place hadn't changed much, water still ran everywhere and as she came to a small area at the end of the path, the waterfall still flowed freely.

With a bit of a run up and a powerful leap, she broke through the curtain of water and managed to catch the edge, climbing up through the harsh downpour and heading inside. The Zora rarely expected visitors, so for the most part Rosalinde could walk about freely without being seen, with only a minor feat of stealth to get passed the King into the small lake beyond where their deity rested.

Now that she was here again it didn't take her long to quickly scan the area, a wall at the far corner where there was some land, had been blown open since last time, perhaps from this 'Link' since he seemed to be so popular.
She swam over to the shore and walked into the cave entrance cautiously, not really knowing what to expect.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard kept following the music, back and forth, almost catching the child several times, untill he found himself back in the Kokiri forest. "I have led you from the forest, you shall not be stalfos. Not Stalfos." The child said from inside the woods. "If you get lost again I shall not be help, and you shall be a stalfos. Forever stalfos. Always Stalfos." The woods became silent again.
"Wait!" Richard screamed into the woods. "What about the boy in Green?" Richard turned and spotted the Kokiri who told him about the Tree.
"Did you find what you were looking for?" She asked.
"Yes, thank you. Have you seen my Zora Friend and the Gerudo anywhere?"
"I saw the Gerudo running out from where the Great Deku Tree used to live, but... I have not seen your other frient."
Richard sighed. "Well I guess I can wait here for him." He replied, sitting down next to the enterance to the forest, where he could see the entire Kokiri Forest.
The Girl sat cross-legged next to him. "So," She asked casually... "Why are you here in our forest?"
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Dark Exile
Jon pulled himself onto the bridge, breathing hard he collapsed on his back. After a few minutes he sat up, trying to decide his next plan of action. Two entrances lay on opposite sides of the bridge, a breeze being felt through one of them, and an eerie faint tune being heard through the other.

"Well, mother always told me to follow the music." Smiling he headed to the source of the sound...

Mandrag Ganon
After telling the girl his story, the girl looked at Richard. "A Skull Kid." she said.
"That is what the child was, A Skull kid... It is what Kokiri become if we get lost in the Lost Woods."
Richard noticed another person walking into the Kokiri forest. He looked at the girl, who was eying the new guy suspiciously. "This isn't common around here is it?" Richard asked
"No." The girl responded.
"Well, I'd beter check it out." Richard said standing up, and striding in the direction of the new-comer.

Obviously someone else had been here before, Rosalinde thought as she looked around the strange fountain. Clearly not anyone normal otherwise there would be rumours flying around about this place and it wouldn't be so abandoned.

"Great Fairy...?" Rosalinde said inquiringly as she approached the water's surface, looking into the fountain in search.
Quite suddenly the Great Fairy launched from the fountain's waters and twirled about in the air before coming to a rest before Rosalinde.

"A Gerudo seeks out my home?" the Great Fairy said.

"A dear friend of mine has been captured by a pair of witches, I'm afraid I may not have the power to defeat the witches as I am," Rosalinde said, bowing respectfully, "Please help me..."

The Great Fairy seemed to examine Rosalinde for awhile, casually floating in air still, until she seemed to come to a conclusion.

"You speak the truth, and while there is a part of you unworthy of trust, there is another side to you I can respect as much as the Hero of Time. It is that side of you that I shall grant this boon," the Great Fairy said, extending her arms toward Rosalinde and showering her in magical energy, it twisted around her tightly and infused into her skin.

"Another side...? Wait who's the Hero of Time?" Rosalinde asked, but the Great Fairy lunged back into the air and spiralled back inside the fountain, Rosalinde leaped forth and leaned on the edge of the fountain gazing directly into its waters.
The Fountain seemed far too shallow to hide anything, clearly Rosalinde wasn't meant to know the answers. With a sigh of resignation, she left the fountain curiously looking at herself for any changes.

She didn't feel all that different, maybe lighter but that could be a side effect, so she really had no idea what it was the Great Fairy had given her. Rosalinde made her way back through Zora's Domain, easily sneaking past semi-attentive guards and going back through the waterfall, being propelled into the water below by the force.
It was only then she realised just how fast she had moved, crossing an entire Domain in under a minute. She let herself float downstream, the current would eventually carry her back to the Fields.

Dark Exile
Jon found himself in a small patch, four entrances around him. Walking in a circle he attempted to find the source of the music. Something else was picking up in earshot, footsteps of source coming his way. Startled by the sound of someone approaching he charged in to an open entrance.

Mandrag Ganon
((Interesting how you managed to go from the bridge from Hyrule Field to Kokiri Forest, all the way to the lost woods, Exile... Let me make sure I am not confused... Click here And here

Anyway, due to this confusion I am just going to pretend that my previous post didn't happen.))

Rosalinde drifted into a small pool south of the entrance to the path to Zora's Domain, idly staring at the sky in wonder.
The Great Fairy had given her something, but what exactly? How was she supposed to fight the witches with a weapon she couldn't see?
She was left back where she began, returning to the desert without something significant to fight the witches would be folly, it seemed she needed yet another advantage.

Who was this 'Hero of Time' the Great Fairy spoke of? She had too many unanswered questions and she was getting tired of them, although she hadn't a clue where to begin to look for answers.
Perhaps she should just continue following Nabooru's words, and look for this boy in green, someone who managed to get out to the Spirit Temple and retrieve the Silver Gauntlets must be somewhat formidable, someone like that doesn't mark a quiet mark in history.

"Who are you... Link?" Rosalinde questioned the skies, "I can't seem to continue my path until I know... Either I look for a Hero that I have no idea about, or I look for a boy. Perhaps he knows more about the Hero..."
Rosalinde righted herself in the water and travelled over to the edge to climb out, kicking some water out of her boots and checking on her scimitars once more.
She decided on returning to the forest, Link must have lived there so she may be able to learn more from his house. So she headed off once more for the forest.

Dark Exile
((Im going to back track and add one move before the one I made))

Jon stepped through the entrance into what appeared to be, a large village. It was like something he had never seen before, small huts with even smaller people in them. All wearing green. There was one exception though, a regular sized man was running right for him, yelling. Looking for a way out he spotted vines leading up to another type of hollowed out log entrance. Using what speed he could he climbed up the vines as fast as possible and ran through the entrance. The man derectly behind him.

Mandrag Ganon

"Hey! Wait! Who are you?" Richard chased the man into the lost woods, but once he had entered the woods, the man was gone. Richard looked down the four paths, and heard the same melody that the child played while leading him from the forest. "WAIT!" Richard shouted. He knew the child was around here, playing that song, and though the child had helped him, he still didn't trust it.

Rosalinde walked back into the Kokiri forest, looking around at all the children idly. She was too impatient to search each house, so she instead went after the closest Kokiri.

"Excuse me," Rosalinde called to the child, whom seemed to freeze and looked at her nervously, "You must know of someone named Link, do you know where he is or where he lived?"

"He hasn't returned yet, he used to live in that house," the Kokiri replied, pointing at a house at the top of a tree, a ladder leading up to it.

"Thanks," Rosalinde said, moving over to Link's house and climbing the ladder before heading inside.
It was a simplistic house, a bed, a table, the basics of a home, but nothing there to hint at anything.

"Who are you Link...?" Rosalinde sighed again, sitting down on the Kokiri sized bed to think. Why couldn't she find anything that led to Link? All traces of him seemed to be lost except for a few stray rumours that didn't seem to have any connection, like Link was some strange saint that glided back and forth Hyrule randomly.
He had to have had a purpose, once Rosalinde knew this purpose she would be able to find him, the Deku Tree, the Spirit Temple, the Great Fairy in Zora's Domain, how did they connect?

Dark Exile
Jon had followed the tune out into, what seemed to be a larger area, a black fence not allowing him to go any farther. As he approached the fence something began to shift through the bushes, followed by an eerie howl. A large wolf type creature had appeared out of the bushes, its mouth salivating and its gaze fixed on Jon jugular.

"Blast, no weapon!"

Mandrag Ganon
Richard flung himself from the forest at the wolf that had attacked the other man, tackling it as he removed his sword from it's scabbard. The wolf creature threw Richard off, and richard rolled, coming to his feet. The wolf lunged at Richard, and he turned to the side, swinging his sword with a swooping arc at the beast. The beast fell to the ground, it's movement ceased for ever.

Mandrag Ganon
((Sorry for the double posting, but I was in class when I wrote the other one))

Richard turned to the man and returned his sword to it's scabbard when he saw that he was unarmed. "Ok, who are you, where are you from, why are you here?"

Rosalinde sighed and stood up from Link's bed, wandering back out the door and gliding down the ladder.

"Hey! Are you Link's friend?" A Kokiri said as he ran over to Rosalinde.
Rosalinde stepped from the ladder and turned to regard the Kokiri.
"I don't suppose you've seen him?" the Kokiri asked hopefully.

"I'm looking for him actually, I'm as lost as you," Rosalinde replied, kneeling down to the Kokiri's level, "Link left the forest didn't he?"

"Saria might know where he went, she was the last one to see him," the Kokiri said.

"Oh? Where's Saria?" Rosalinde asked, her eyes regaining the former energy that she might finally be onto something.

"She usually goes into the Lost Woods, there's a strange meadow there, it's pretty hard to find unless you can hear the music," the Kokiri said.

"Music?" Rosalinde inquired.

"Yeah, the music of the Lost Woods, it's a nice tune, I'd love to learn it someday," the Kokiri said, "Just climb up some vines over there and enter the tunnel at the top, you should be able to hear the music from the entrance."

"Thank you, hopefully Saria can tell me where Link is," Rosalinde said, standing back up.

"Oh and lady, when you find him, could you tell him to come back soon? We all miss him," the Kokiri said.

"Sure thing," Rosalinde said, weaving around the Kokiri and jogging off to the vines, scaling them with ease and running inside the Lost Woods.
She could hear the music, just like the Kokiri said, it was a very catchy tune and she'd love to master it before she left here.
"Lost Woods huh... This could be interesting..." Rosalinde said, looking around for anything significant that could be her marker to remember where the exit was. No such luck in that department, so she'd have to rely on her sense of direction.
Fortunately traversing the desert often within a sandstorm improved one's sense of direction if they wanted to survive.
She headed off, following the music.

Mandrag Ganon
"Well?" Richard asked as he stepped in front of the man. "Why are you here?"

Rosalinde wandered through various tunnels through the forest, feeling a little lost already even though she was sure she hadn't gone far yet.

"What a creepy place," Rosalinde mused to herself as she walked up to an entrance but paused, turning and moving off to another entrance. She wondered how the music could carry so well through a forest, the notes sounded like they could reach anywhere in the world if they needed to.

After following the tune for awhile, Rosalinde grew a little tired, not knowing where the end was took the energy from her, so she untied a sash to pull out a silver lute, intending to occupy herself by finding the notes of the song.

She figured out most of the tune before she came to an entrance where the music no longer sounded muffled from passing through the thick forest.
"About time," Rosalinde said, playing the tune on her lute as she walked through, ready to reach for her scimitar.

Mandrag Ganon
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Mandrag Ganon
((Alright, I'm tired of waiting too, so am rewinding time and not finding Exile.))

Richard ran through the forest, trying to follow the music, but ended up at the mouth of the forest again. "Welcome back!" the girl with green hair said again. "Did you catch that strange man?"

((I should prolly hit the rewind button too, if your character got spat out of the forest again Rosalinde probably would have ran into him))

Rosalinde airily climbed the thick vines wreathing the wall, silently praying to whoever would listen that this wasn't just another dead end, and Saria truly knew where Link was.
Else she'd probably have to go travelling all over Hyrule looking for some trace of him.

She could faintly hear music from above, emanating from the dense forest with apparent ease. How deep did that music run? she wondered, but her thoughts were cut short when she climbed up off the vines and stood up, finding that damn Hylian again.

"Am I going to run into you ever step of my journey? Because this could get annoying," Rosalinde remarked as she walked over to him and the Kokiri.

Mandrag Ganon
Richard turned when he heard a voice behind him, only to see the Gerudo again. "You again?" Richard rubbed his eyes, he was getting a headache which he blamed on having to continually see this dreg "Why in Din's name are you here again? Why can't you just go back to your little fortress or, better yet, rot in the desert?"

After all that had happened in the past few days, the last thing Richard wanted was to see one of those damned Gerudo again. He turned away and started back into the forest when a thought occored to him, He hadn't seen Leonidas since his fight with Gohma...

"Apparently you have a short memory," Rosalinde said idly as she was still pretty much considered an outcast, "What are you doing around here anyway? I thought you disappeared in a ring of light."

She honestly was curious, also wondering why she kept crossing paths with him, she just wanted to find this Link and get Nabooru freed!
Though she hadn't the first clue on how to fight a pair of witches, even if she did get the silver gauntlets in the end.
What was physical effort compared to magic? Even Nabooru couldn't figure out how to avoid capture, it wasn't a pleasant notion that Rosalinde was set to fail.

Mandrag Ganon
"Meh, both of them had a quick and painless end for your continued appearances in my life, so either choice would be acceptable." Richard said as he headed back toward the forest. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lost ally and mysterious interloper to find."

Hitosu Moriko
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Rosalinde just shrugged.
"I don't know why I bothered talking to you, I'm losing touch with my Gerudo-side," Rosalinde said, idly sprinting off ahead into the forest, she'd wasted enough time with that damn Hylian, it was time to find Saria, so follow the music it was.

She felt so light on her feet as she ran, as if she weighed substantially less than she actually did, it made running so easy and quick, it almost felt like she glided through the air instead of walk.
The melody sounded somewhat muffled, probably a result of travelling through so many trees yet it didn't seem all that loud for how far it was reaching.

Dark Exile
((Sorry, I have been away from home for a while))

Jon began to inch his way back from the wolfos, an iron gate was all that stood between him and a chance to live.

Mandrag Ganon
((Well, it's about time, Exile. I was wondering if you were ever going to show up again. Now, if I find you again, will you be there to respond this time?))

Richard ducked behind a tree as a sword came down where he had been standing only a moment before. He cursed as he removed his own blade from it's scabbard, swinging it at the skeletal creature before him, but his sword rebounded harmlessly off of the Stalfos' shield. He rebounded around another tree, only to clash swords with another stalfos. He cursed again as he backed away from the two stalfoses, which were gaining on him, hungry for their prey.