Looking for three SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games

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I was kind of hoping you could help me remember the names of three games I had for the SEGA when I was little.

The first one is a action 2d platform game. you are a very strong man who can lift cars and toss them at enemys, you can also pick up barrels and stuff aswell if I remember correctly.

It was also possible to play this 2player. you would team up with player 2 and you would both then lift cars and trow them at enemys and punch the living daylight out of anything in your way.

now this next part is vague I THINK that when playing two player one of the players had yellow clothes on and the other one had blue or red I dont remember, and I also think they had strange hair cits. but they were BIG no doubt, like arnold schwarzenegger infact they also reminded me of him.

The first level I also think you walk around in a ghetto setting with lots of grafitti on the walls and stuff. the cars were also broken car wrecks too if I remember correctly.

Now for the 2nd game I dont remember a whole lot. what I do remember is that it took place in prehistorc times, by that I mean several thousand of years ago maybe even million the reason why I dont remember that is because I dont remember if you controled a human or dinosaur (im tempted in beliving that it was a small dino but NOT SURE)

It was a 2dplatform game aswell.

I just think back at my childhood gaming days (I was like 5 when I played this I think) and all I get is little glimpses of certain things. but I AM SURE that one level perhaps midway in the game (but perhaps not cause I dont think I ever finished it) this level took place on alot of pilled up dinosaur skeletons. some of the bones would break (traps etc.) and I THINK the background was purple in this level, but Im not sure about that. this is the game I want to play the most because I remember liking it. but I cant remember so much sad

in short, 2d platform game, prehistoric times, one level for CERTAIN took place on a huge huge pile of dino skeletons with a possible purple background. the character was most likely a dino but could also be human.

I have played Chuck Rock but im not sure it's that game I do think it was something else, but im not 100 %, wont find out myself until I finish chuck. please help smile

Oh and the last one heh.

This was not a platform game, I think it was more of a strategy game, you had a small group of marines or commandos or whatever, and they all had certain specialties.

One had rocket launcher, one had automatic rifle, etc. you could also play as it was called ingame HEAD TO HEAD vs player 2, you would be colored blue and he would be red. all I remember beyond that is at the loading screen you could see player 1 and 2 pictures on opposite sides of the screen identical pictures only the color differance. The picture had maybe 5 persons in it and the top one had a classic army helmet on, and I think he even showed his teeth or had a cigar in his mouth biting on it.

Any of you remember what some of these games were called? I desperatly want to know, I want those childhood memories to come back :P

Darth Jello
I wanna say maybe one of the Streets of Rage games for the first one but it's unlikely since that's more of a beat em up than a 2d platformer. Maybe Joe and Mac on the second?

1st one sounds like streets of rage or final fight.

2nd one could be golden axe...maybe even wonder boy

3rd one...not sure...could be cannon fodder

Darth Jello
Was Wonder Boy even released outside of Japan in a non-adventure island form on the home consoles?

I had wonder boy and wonder boy 3 so I'm assuming so because, from what I remember, they weren't imports.

jinXed by JaNx
The first game does sound like streets of Rage but you can't lift an throw cars in those games.

Third game sounds like it could be soldiers of fortune

That First game sounds like Two Crude dudes


I found all but the 2nd game so far, the first game was indeed Two Crude Dudes, and the last was General Chaos. still no luck in finding teh 2nd game, hope someone comes along and remembers it smile

Darth Jello
I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Joe and Mac since it was a prehistoric 2D platform game with skeletal levels.

Black Yoshi
Yep, I believe that's the second game he's talking about. That game brings back some memories...

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