Your favourite game of the 90's

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Since the 90's was huge for the video games lets discuss it

and can do it by genre's if you wish too.

I kind of lived to play Street Fighter 2 throughout the 90's, but then again I'm sure I don't remember a bunch of games that came out during the 90's TMNT: turtles lost in time was really epic to.

TMNT: turtles lost through time.

Legend of Zelda: A link to the past.

Cosmic Cube
Earthbound. So awesome.

Donkey Kong Country

Cosmic Cube
Originally posted by Quincy
Donkey Kong Country OMFG, dude, terrible choice. Terrible.

no expression

Half Life



Sonic 3&K

The Neverhood, i think.

RPG ~ Chrono Trigger

Tactical Adventure ~ The Curse of Monkey Island

Versus ~ Tekken 3

3D adventure ~ Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Arcade ~ X-Men: The Arcade Game

Final Fantasy VI.

Darth Vicious
Originally posted by occultdestroyer

Arcade ~ X-Men: The Arcade Game

That was the shit!

Zelda games
Chrono Triggers

I am who I am
MVC2-SFA3-Tekken2-Tekken3-Soul Calibur-Ridge Racer-Golden Eye-Megaman8-and whole lotta other shit.

Black Yoshi
RPG: Earthbound

Platform: Yoshi's Island

Beat 'em Up: Comix Zone

Racing: Diddy Kong Racing

Fighting: Street Fighter Alpha 3

Sports: Mario Tennis

Darth Jello
Such an unfair question. Impossible to choose just one. The decade began with Star Tropics and ended with Majora's Mask

crono cross
metal gear solid
final fantasy 9

Originally posted by Darth Jello
Such an unfair question. Impossible to choose just one. The decade began with Star Tropics and ended with Majora's Mask

That is basically the attitude I take too; the time span is too long. It is cross-generational.

Aye to hard to say tbh so many genre's so many different systems etc. Bloody fun to play Sonic 2 or go back and chew some bubble gum with Duke, but the only game that makes me seem like a 12 year old hyper active boy again is still Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat Trilogy to be more exact, I just cant ever ever get enough of it eventhough I know there are more "important" games that were released in the 90's but MKT is the one I would probobly not want to live without stick out tongue

loz: ocarina of time, majoras mask.

Mortal Kombat 2
Street Fighter 2
World Heroes 2
Super Mario All Stars

The list goes on.

There are really too many to choose from, but I love and still play DoD. And Zelda...

Originally posted by k1Lla441
loz: ocarina of time, majoras mask.

Majora's mask was released in 2000.

Diablo I
Warcraft II
C&C: Tiberian Dawn
C&C: Red Alert
C&C: Tiberian Sun
Mortal Kombat Ultimate/Trilogy

Plus the expansion packs where applicable.

Black Yoshi
I forgot about "Tetris Attack" (SNES). That game was too addicting, and it had some great music.

I forgot about Columns for Sega Genesis.
Great family game, used to have loads of fun with my parents.

Oh, and that tank game for SNES where you shoot other tanks and barricades. You get power-ups and upgrades to make your tank stronger and shoot faster. You can even blow up your teammate's tank.
Used to play that game with my dad. Forgot what the title was though; it was soooo long ago.

Darth Jello
I think games released in 2000 can count since the real shift/6th gen systems all came out around 2001.

I think I'm gonna have to make an excessively long list-

Mega Man 3, 4, 7, X3, X4, and X5, IV, and V
Metroid II, and Super Metroid
Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters
Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars, RPG, 64, land, and land 2.
Castlevania III, IV, Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night, Belmont's revenge, Haunted Castle, and Chronicles
Every Zelda game that wasn't on the CD-I
Star Tropics I and II
Sonic 2 and Sonic CD
Ducktails 1 and 2, Darkwing Duck, and both Rescue Rangers games.
Art of Fighting 1 and 2.
All the Ninja Turtles games other than the first one and tournament fighters.
Mickey Mania
Super Smash Bros
Super Mario Kart
Mariio Kart 64
Star Fox and Star Fox 64
Both Actraiser games
Final Fantasy I, II, and IV
All the 2D Contra games other than Contra Force
Donkey Kong 94
Kirby's Dreamland and Adventure

Banjo Kazooie is up there.

FistOfThe North
Mario 64

Street Fighter II and "Championship Edition"

Mortal Kombats 1-3 and Ultimate

Mario Kart

Mario 64

Sonic 1-3


Tekken 1-3 especially pt.2 (I'm still my (old) streets reigning champion in between like 14 of us who really played it hardcore and took it almost serious. It was the ultimate Tekken tournament with brackets and all. It lasted almost half a day. Pt. 2 meaning. It was a riot. I was came in 3rd the following year in Tk3.

what else...

can't remember that much..

Turok. Loved the Turok series. Especially the game with the cerebral bore. I think it was for n64. I think seeds of evil.

Killer Instinct for the arcade and 64. They should remake that game with toady's tech.

Marvel vs Capcom 2..

Virtua Fighter 2

Tekken 3.

Zack Fair
Too many to list...but if I had to go by the games that had the biggest impact on me those would be...

FF7, FF8, MGS, AlttP, Super Mario Bros, SF2Turbo, MK and RE. Goldeneye too. And of course OoT.

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