Magical Strike Force S (Story)

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Dimensions, through time and space the Federation of Time and Space Security has watched over for the safety of the Multiverse. Magical forces of the FTSS have kept balance for over a hundred years. Now this balance is threatened.

Strike Force 10 has been decimated. Not a single unit member survived.

Their mission was clear. The Extraction and Safety of Federation officials from the Planet Sigmunde in Multiverse Sigma. The unit was decimated by a rogue group of Mages. However due to their efforts all Federation Officials were saved and extracted.

The Elite Division Nine has been assigned to the case. There are also reports of ancient artifacts resonating in multiple areas of the multiverse.

The Purpose of Division Nine is simple, to locate, secure and protect ancient magical artifacts and also to prevent the use of these artifacts through team effort.

You are now a cadet of the Elite Division Nine. Your Magical power is beyond that of an ordinary Mage, and your aptitude tests are off the charts, this is the reason why you were hand picked by the Division. The division is led by Commander Terra Carrington, with Captains Illya Terranova and Juno Aika.

You are now part of Forward Team Cobalt. You have recieved a Magical device during your basic training. This device when in standby mode can take the shape of anything, be it a jewel, card, book, headband, or basic jewelry. When activated in combat, the device will take the form of the weapon that the user gave it when he first activated it be it a gun, staff, sword, etc. The device also provides the user with a magical armor, the user when first activating it has to picture his armor very clearly in his mind, these armors go from light fabrics like dresses to knight armors, even though dresses or suits may look not as tough as an armor they have the same resistance as a fortified suit of armor, the only aspect that changes is the physical look as it adjusts to the user's preference in clothing.

The devices also have power limits depending on the user's rank or mage standing. The maximum mage rank attainable is SS which is pretty much unleashed and it's reserved to the Federation's highest officials and it needs permission to be activated. The highest normal mage rank that can be achieved is S. All cadets are B rank mages and upon their graduation they become A rank. The highest Mage rank attainable for Middle Rank Officers is AA.

When into the Division, you are expected to work as a team. There are several positions in a team, mostly consisting of four. The Two Close Quarters Specialists, The Mid-Ranged Combat Specialist and the Support Magic Specialist.

All cadets are broken into teams of four. Right now Division Nine has recruited only a handful of trainees. You, are one of them.


The sky was blue, it was a clear day. The tall building of Division Nine could be seen from the window of the Helicopter that was taking the new trainees. Shana Takeuchi was among them, a fifteen year old girl who seemed like a late bloomer. She was small in height but had the face of an angel and a temper.

She looked around at the trainees, she was the only woman in the group. She aspired to be one of the best FTSS Enforcer Agents. She was told by Commander Terranova herself that the fastest way to achieve this was to join Division Nine, to which she accepted without hesitation.

She kept looking out the window as they drew closer to the building. Her excitement was building up. She clenched her fist around her small pendant. Her device, Queen's Heart, which she had since she was discovered when she was about nine years old.

"Let's give it our best Queen's heart", Shana said looking at her pendant. The pendant shined and responded to Shana in a calm and sweet female voice. "Yes, my master".

The blond haired boy with the gentle eyes was looking outside of the window of the transport helicopter. Through the glass, he could see the tall building that was the FTSS Division 9 Headquarters. It was there that he would be receiving further training in mastering his magical ability. He sat thoughtfully, wondering what the future held for him in this new setting.

His name was Kurina, and he was anxious and nervous for the adventure he was about to embark upon. What was it that Tolkien had wrote about the start of adventures? The road goes ever on...

He looked around at the new faces that occupied the other seats in the helicopter. These were the people that he would be fighting alongside. Across from him was a tall boy with wild red hair. He looked like a formidable ally, albeit maybe a little gruff one. On his right sat an effeminate looking man with long brown hair, who spent the majority of the helicopter ride looking at himself in a small mirror.

There were 2 young girls sitting across from him, one with black hair, and the other with red. They were also deep in thought. Sitting furthest from Kurina was a bespectacled man with silver hair, which caught Kurina's eyes when he first stepped into the chopper.

Kurina wanted to say something, but was too shy to start up a new conversation, so instead, he looked down into his lap and began focusing on his aura. He wanted his magic to be well rested before their training regime was to begin...

Wei Phoenix
Musa sat there eying himself in the mirror and making sure his beauty was at it's peak before he went out and showed the world the what beauty and grace can really do. He took a split second to look around at those around him and realized the ratio of men and women. There were four men and only two women.

"Balance is key ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to bring things to an equilibrium."

With but a thought he transformed himself into their female form and continues to beautify themselves. Applying lipstick to her lips and combing her hair out. No one was talking and they all seemed to be too shy to start a conversation so she took the liberty to break the ice with a question. She was still giving herself all of the attention and didn't even look at them when she spoke.

"So what brought you all to this point? By the way I'm Musa Excellione, but you may only refer to me as Musa, Musa The Great, or Musa the Divine."

Kurina's eyes widened when he saw the man next to him magically transform into a girl. Of all of his experience dealing with magic, he's never heard of anyone with the magical ability to change their gender at will. Fascinating!

He brushed his hair behind his ears and looked over at Musa, now a beautiful woman. He scanned the faces of the other Mages that sat quietly around him. What other strange abilities would they be capable of?

He looked back at Musa and said, with a quiet shy-ness "M-my name is Kurina."

After introducing himself, he turned back towards the window. It wouldn't be long before they arrived at Division 9. He didn't want to get into his past just yet. He needed to focus.

jalek moye
Lek Kuen looked around at all the others on the helicopter they were an interesting looking bunch especially the one who just changed from male to female right before his eyes. He wasn't even sure what to say about that, it was so casual that he just sat there for a few moments before speaking. "uhh yea, My name is Lek....Lek Kuen"

It appeared that Kurina shared his shock to the strange use of magic that Musa took and as a result he wasn't even sure if it was really a guy or a girl. After a moments thought he figured it was best not to ask the question at all, just incase it was somthing even stranger.

Wei Phoenix
She noticed the sense of uneasiness between the boys when they saw her feat. She really paid no attention to their reaction because they were on the same list of many who share their same response, Musa has become immune to the shock and awe factor of her races abilities. She just continued freshen herself up.

"Stuttering boys? You sound a little nervous and frightened. Are you sure you're in the right place? This job doesn't look like you can be hesitant."

Darius looked around, studying everyone in the helicopter. He didn't know what to think when he saw Musa was a gender bender.
He then addressed everyone and nodded.
"You may call me Lex. Nice to meet you all."
He gave them that devilish smile of his.
He was very excited about things to come and took out a fancy old pocket watch checking the time.

Wei Phoenix
Another one spoke and he had such a handsome smile too, but of course his beauty was nothing when compared to hers.

"How cute, one finally speaks with confidence. The pleasure is mutual Lex. Now that we've heard from the men, let's hear what the women have to say!"

Lex couldn't stop smiling, he looked over, curious to hear what the ladies had to say.

Shana was keeping pretty much to herself right now but one of the trainees suddenly changed appearence in front of all of them, the interesting part was he changed from a man to a woman. She was suprised by this as well but she didn't comment on it. She simply thought to herself. If that's one of the talents in the unit, then I can't wait to see what else my fellow unit members have.

"My name is Shana Takeuchi. That's a pretty surprising power you got", Shana said for lack of a better word.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna sat quietly in the back of the helicopter. She kept her soft, uniterested, brown eyes out the window. She was leaning a little forward, her arms resting on her legs like a brace for her torso. She finally moved when she pushed a few strands of brown hair behind her ear and then when she dropped her hand her fingers traced the ban of Feathers around her head. Why so silent Jeanna? The rest of these people are speaking and you remain Silent. You will be with these people for some time so perhaps you should speak up? She just let out a soft sigh, the first sound she has made since joining on the "fun" ride. She wouldnt be surprised if no one noticed her yet. Her eyes had shifted for a moment to the man who turned into a woman but then looked back out the window.~

Wei Phoenix
"Hold it! Someone is feeling more shy than others. Come on girl, let's not let the boys show us up now. Introduce yourself, what brought you hear and where did you get those gorgeous feathers from? How about it? If it makes you feel any better I'll do the speaking for you, would you like me to change and match your appearance?"

She said with a sense of excitement. Musa was proud of who she was and enjoyed stimulating conversations. She was determined to break the ice and get everyone engaged in the conversation before the end of this helicopter ride.

Scarlet Fox
~She kept her eyes out the window but she spoke, her voice soft, but words showing she wasnt shy. We are as the Eagles and His view on the life is before us yet you speak like the Trees swaying in the breeze. then her Device spoke to her. Maybe once more so they know what you are talking about. She looked to Musa with her usual uninterested eyes. I am enjoying the view and we have time for conversation later.... She paused. .. but if you must know I am Jeanna Asakura. She then casts her eyes out the window again.~

Wei Phoenix
Musa retreats back to her mirror unamused by Jeanna's lack of interest in her team.

"So you're a poet? I'm sure you could just woo us all with a few lines like before. Do you have anything else inspirational to say or do the clouds hold most of your attention?"

Scarlet Fox
~Sighs softly. The sky holds many pictures and the wind tells of many stories.... those who know how to listen and hear Her song and enjoy Her stories. Jeanna finally leans back in her seat, eyes going to the others around her~

Lex was playing somewhat of a guessing game in his head.
Looking at everyone and trying to figure out what their device item was. And trying to imagine their abilities.
He couldn't wait to see everyone in action.

jalek moye
Lek examined everyone as they sat there and talked, they were a interesting looking group. He couldnt wait for them to get there and began the training and tp test himself out and see how he compared to the others that were with him.

The Helicopter touched ground. The large building of Division Nine was state of the art. One by one the trainees stepped out of the cargo hold to be welcomed by the other Captain of the Division Forces, Captain Juno Aiko, a woman in her twenties that had red hair and blue eyes. Captain Terranova joined her side. Illya Terranova was the same age as Juno and had blonde hair and green eyes. Both of the Captains were beautiful women. Juno turned to Illya and walked with her to a side so as to avoid the eavesdropping of the trainees.

"So, how are they looking?", Juno asked. Illya simply grinned.

"They're doing pretty good, they're already bonding", Illya replied.

At that moment Shana got out of the chopper. She looked over at Illya and smiled. Illya simply returned her smile and looked at Juno who was also looking at Shana.

"That's the trainee isn't it?", Juno asked.

"Yup, she is", Illya said.

"We'll be watching her. Have you hinted anything to her?", Aiko asked.

"No I haven't, it's too soon to tell her", Illya said.

"Too soon to tell her you're her sister?", Juno asked.

"Yes, it would be like dropping a bombshell right now. She's anxious enough as it is. All in good time", Illya said.

"Oh well", Juno said and moved over to where the trainees had assembled. "Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Captain Juno Aiko of the Lightning Squad, some of you will be serving under me and others will be serving under Captain Illya Terranova in the Star squad. Accompany us to meet with Commander Carrington for the formal greeting".

She motioned all the trainees to walk with her to the main lobby of Division Nine. All the people of the different departments were already assembled there. Once all the trainees were there and lined up. Both Captains stood in the front.

"We present Commander Terra Carrington", Captain Aiko said and another woman of necklength brown hair entered the room. She had several condecorations. She had also dark brown eyes.

"Welcome everyone to Division Nine. This is an elite unit at the service of the Federation. Our duty is the preservation, registration, protection, location and retrieval of ancient magical artifacts before they are misused. You might ask yourselves why such a simple sounding mission would be so important as to have elite mages working here. Well the reason is all too simple as well. Magical Artifacs are dangerous and highly powerful tools, these include devices such as yours. All your devices have limiters placed on them that can only be removed by permission of high council members of the federation. You also have these limiters set according to the rank you hold as a mage within the Federation. Now imagine groups of rogues using these devices without regulation, it would be total chaos. We are here to prevent that from happening, large amounts of magic cause dimensional disturbances which can collapse an entire universe. To prevent all of this is our job. I look forward to working with all of you and helping each and everyone of you achieve your goals in life. Let's give it our very best people!", Commander Carrington said with a smile.

Everyone started to applaud. Shana was among the people who also applauded. Both Captains and the Commander were friends since forever, and they had created a unit out of the bond they shared with each other. Shana was also hopeful to make friends with some of the other people in the unit.

"You will now be taken to your dormitories. Tomorrow morning the first exersizes will begin after you're assigned to squads", Captain Juno said and left with Illya as she waved goodbye to Shana.

A small holographic device was given to them with a map of the building and all the areas they were allowed to enter. Shana made her way to her room. The dorms were co-ed, so she was sharing the room with three others.

(OCC: All girls bunk together, Wei Phoenix can choose wether to stay at the girls' or guys' dorm but you can select only one so choose well wink)

Shana was the first to her dorm. She took her bag and placed it over the bed near the window. She started to place all her stuff neatly in her locker and then sat down on the bed looking out the window which had a complete view of the training field and the hangars.

"Nice place", she said mostly to herself.


jalek moye
Lek kuen looked around when they landed it was certainly an interesting looking place. He stopped and listened to the two Captains that walked up and began to speak. He nodded every now and then to show he was listening, he clapped very lightly when the others did afterwords.

He grabbed the holographic device but only briefly examined it before closing it and following the others to the dorm. Once there he opened the door and walked over to the nearest open bed he could see, he looked down at it and laid his bag on it not even bothering to take the stuff out just yet.

Wei Phoenix
(OCC: All girls bunk together, Wei Phoenix can choose wether to stay at the girls' or guys' dorm but you can select only one so choose well)

(Well as she said "balance is key". No way am I, someone who can transform into any woman, rooming with horny teenage boys lol.)

Musa began her journey to her room eying the boys and girls who were very beautiful, albeit their beauty was equally inferior to hers. She eventually made it to her room and caught Shana's last words and replied back.

"Really you think so? I believe it needs a bit of sprucing up if I do say so myself. Why didn't they focus on the Feng shui of the room. Now it's going to be harder for me to achieve my optimum point of beauty, of course I can still achieve it, but now I have to try harder."

She began to pout at the sight of the room, it design obviously wasn't intended for those who are the embodiment of beauty.

"Are you sure these aren't the boy's dorms?"

"Well in military terms they must be standard issue", Shana said. She was a girl accustomed to her own atmosphere, a homey atmosphere. She had a bunch of stuffed animals back hom but she merely took two and placed them on her bedside table. One was a big white bear a gift from her father and the other was a doll that belonged to her mom.

"All we can do is but bring a slice of home with us", Shana said mostly to herself holding her bear in her arms.

Wei Phoenix
"A slice of home? Tahaha, honey I've brought the entire pie sweetie."

She went into her bag and pulled out an array of assortments, purple drapes, silk saffron sheets, laced pillows, 10 mirrors that she conveniently placed all around the room so she could see herself from all angles. She then placed a rug at the end of bed and laid down on her bed eying the walls and floor.

"Well I don't have any paint or color spells at the moment but I'll get on that soon enough but tell me Shana is it? What do you think? I hope we won't get in trouble, tahaha.

Lex nodded to his superiors and made his way to the dorms studying his holographic map and memorizing key locations. He too was curious of certain off limits locations. But for now he decided to go on to his room with the others.
He slipped his holographic device in his jacket pocket and went inside.
Looking around as the others claimed their spots, Lex made his way to the back of the room and took the bed in the far corner.
He sat down and unzipped his bag, shifting aside his clothes and pulling out several old looking books and laying them on his bedside table, one of them was hollowed out for him to keep stuff in.
He then slid his bag under the bed leaving his other stuff inside and layed back, hands behind his head and relaxing.

Shana just watched surprised as Musa took the liberty to start sprucing up the place. It suddenly stopped feeling like a military dorm and more like a small apartment. Shana simply smiled warmly.

"It's pretty nice Musa, just don't overdo it, remember there's staff that cleans after us, they might be surprised", Shana said with a small giggle.

Wei Phoenix
"Oh no, no, no darling. I'm not done just yet, it's time to pick up the tempo!"

Musa began dancing around as music began playing in her head. She had some extra bedsheets so she decided it would be very generous of her to share her wealth and good fortune with her cute, but lesser roommates. It wasn't every day that someone born into their unfortunate class and beauty gets the chance to obtain charity from someone as beautiful and high as Musa. She glided over to Jeanna's bed and placed some gold colored silk sheets on her bed. She threw out those plain jane black covers. Musa then twirled over towards Shana and gave her some ruby colored sheets that match her hair. She was about to tear off those ugly covers but she noticed her two stuffed animals and she immediately fell in love with them as the music in her head stopped.

" cute are these things?! Where did you get them from, they are so beautiful. To be honest I'm quite shocked you were able to acquire animals as cute as these."

Shana smiled warmly and took the white bear in her hands and hugged it.

"It was a gift from my dad. As for the other, it belonged to my mom. It's the one thing I have from her to remember her by", Shana said still hugging the white bear. Her father was back in Earth but her Mom had disappeared and was presumed dead because she was never found.

A voice in the intercom could be heard.

"It's Lights out for all Trainees, Training begins early at 0600 hours", the voice said.

Shana looked at the rest of her roommates.

"We should better turn in then", Shana said as she made her way to the bathroom for a quick bath and then back to sleep.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna just stood there and watched Musa run about and "Redecorate" their room. She let out a smal sigh then looked up to the Intercom as they said it was lights out. She brushed two fingers against her Headband, which was her device, and then made her way to her "Bed" if she could still call it that with what happened to it. Her eyes go to Shana as she walked off and then she wondered how the bathrooms worked. Would it be a single bathroom for three... eyed Musa.... 2 1/2 gilrs? Or was it one big one like a high school gym locker room? She decided not to worry since she takes showers in the morning so she went to her "Bed" and lays down.~

jalek moye
Lek sat down on his bed as he glanced around the room alittle it was as he expected a basic and plain one which he didn't mind. He looked over at his stuff again and thought about un packing but since he didn't bring much he decided against it. Seeing as none of the other guys were talking to one anonther he shrugged and stood up, he turned around and walked to a window. As he got there he just kinda stared out of it as he allowed his mind to wander off.

When Shana entered the bathroom she realized it was like any highschool bathroom. It was one bathroom with locker room. She spent about 30 minutes inside and then went back to her bed. She found Jeanna sleeping and Musa doing her own thing. She then went into the covers and fell asleep.

It was almost 6 am. Shana rose from her bed.

"Guys, it's almost time", She said to Jeanna and Musa. She went to her locker room and got into her training uniform which was a t-shirt with black camo pants.

She went outside and checked her holographic map. The access to the training grounds was below. She headed down there and arrived at a large place overlooking a big lake.

Captain Terranova was there. Shana saw her and went over to her.

"Illya-san!", Shana said and arrived running over to her and Illya simply greated her with a smile.

"Hi Shana, slept well?", Illya asked.

"Well, couldn't really, too much excitement", Shana said.

"That's good, remember our lessons, no overdoing it ok? It ok to go all out but remember your limits. No one wants you to go through the same that happened 3 years ago ok?", Illya said.

"Don't worry, I learned from you so I won't make the same mistake again. I didn't know then what happened to the body when you gave it all, but now it's different. I will do my best", Shana said and Illya smiled.

"Lets wait for the others to arrive", Illya said and began typing in a holographic interface setting up the training excersize.

"So I have a question. Where is the training ground?", Shana asked.

"Over there", Illya said and from the lake a recreation of a small section of the city was materialized before their eyes.

"Cool!", Shana said. "So that's where we'll train?"

"Yup, that's our special training apparatus", Illya said.

Lex woke up and glanced out the window, quickly realizing it was morning already. He jumped to his feet and threw his jacket on as he darted out of the boys dorm and began running down the halls and sliding down stairway handrails. He didn't even need to look at his Holo-Map. He had already memorized where the training grounds were. He quickly made his way down to the Lake Training area and paused at the entrance looking at his watch.
"Looks like this is it, Aeon... Let's show em what we can do today. Shall we? He said to his Device.

Lex then walked up beside Shana and smiled at her. He looked at Captain Terranova and stood up straight as if he were a soldier.

jalek moye
Lek got up and stretched his arms and back, he did this every morning right after awakening. He yawned and quickly washed up, after which he kind of just threw on his clothes on ran out of the dorm. He glanced at the holo-map briefly as he moved through the hallways and then outside. Once he arrived there he strightend himself up and made his clothes alittle neater. He looked over at the two already there and smiled. He then looked over at the device on his shoulder before turning back to the others and speaking.

"hey, this should be interesting don't you think"

Wei Phoenix
"Oh my god where is my entrance tape at?!" She said as she began scuffling through her bag. She eventually found it buried beneath all of her male and female clothes. She eyed the training fatigues they had for her but they were ugly and bland and there was no way she was going to wear those ugly things. She grabbed the tape and made her way to the training grounds. She was right around the corner and saw the other guys from the helicopter already waiting. She decided to remain in her female form and bless them all with her beautiful entrance.

"Clear the halls mortals and make way for the most beautiful creature in the universe! That's right gaze and be amazed at the sight before you, the reflection of perfection, the face of grace, Musa the Divine, Musa the Great, Musa...Excellione!"

The tape stopped as soon as she reached her new friends as she finished off her grand entrance with a few dance moves. She then took a second to catch her breath for it takes a lot of energy, grace and elegance to do what she does.

"Hey Shana, hey Lex, and Hi there Mr. Lek."


Captain Terranova typed some more in the holographic interface and a path formed to the entrance of the training apparatus.

"Follow me in", Captain Terranova said.

Shana followed behin Illya, she would sometimes throw her a smile whenever their eyes met and it seemed that Illya's face softened and smiled everytime she did this.

When they were standing in the middle of the street Captain Terranova stood a bit higher than them so they all could see her.

"The purpose of this excersize is to see how well you coordinate. We have already established teams. You know them already. The Star Squad who serves under me will neutralize all enemy targets around the senate building in the middle of this fake city. The Lightning team will go inside the building and clear it of all hostiles, mind you that there are also hostages there. Identify targets so as to differentiate friend from foe. The enemies will be in form of combat drones. They have Anti-Magic Fields so be careful, they are strong enough to block your attacks so plan carefully", Captain Terranova said and pushed a button.

"TRAINING EXCERSIZE INITIATED", A computerized voice said.

Shana the looked at her pendant.
"Queen's Heart, set up!", Shana said, her device shinned and then said. "Stand by, Ready!".

And suddenly she transformed. She was wearing a Trench coat with a White and blue shirt with a red vest and a short white and blue skirt. Her pendant then transformed into a Staff that's red with white and gold.

"As mid-range I will keep you guys under cover fire, you get close enough to destroy them", Shana said and then rose in the air flying, moving over to the Senate Building. "Everyone report in when you're in position".

Wei Phoenix
"Alright boys and girls, watch closely and you might just learn something, hehehe."

She spins in a circle and pulls out her mirror.

"True Beauty, set up!" She said, then her perfect device replied."Stand by, Ready!"

She suddenly transformed and she became even more beautiful than before. Two gold and ivory orbs appeared before her head and a crimson whip formed in her hand.

"Aaaaah....Even more...beautiful! As one of the CQC attackers I shall wonder and dazzle the battlefield with such an exquisite dance!"

jalek moye
Lek looked at the path to the training area and smiled, this was what he was waiting for. He looked at the device on his shoulder as he was about to activate it.

"Raging Blaze, set up" he said as the pauldron began to glow and another one appeared on his left shoulder. Red metal armor formed over his arms, and the same happened one his feet and shins. A sword with a red hilt was now in his hand and he quickly looked everything over, he smiled to himself and took a step forward raising his sword into the air. He loved transforming the feeling over being so much more powerful then he just was was overwhelming.

"Alright, let's beast this shit!" he said loudly

Lex took a step forward and spoke to his device. "Aeon, setup"
Lex's eye(Aeon) then began to glow as it responded... "Stand by, Ready"
His Jacket began to shift and transform with different compartments and various golden shimmering armor plates. He then drew his gun and pulled the trigger, firing out a blast of pure energy and forming a magnifiscent blade out of it.

Lex then took off running and using his Blink ability at times to get ahead of himself, He made his way to the Senate building.
He hid in the arched doorway of a building a small distance away from Shana and Star Squad, awaiting their actions and reporting in.
"Lex is ready and in position."

Him Being a part of Lightning squad, would have to infiltrate the Senate building and eliminate all hostiles while not harming any hostages.

The drones started to fly in to take positions to defend themselves. Shana took her staff and pointed it towards the entrance of the senate building.

"Shooting mode", Queen's heart said and the staff changed to sort of a gunblade on the tip.

A pink pentagram appeared below her.

"Destiny Canon!", Shana said and a pink ball of energy appeared from the tip of the barrel on the staff. "Destiny Canon, standby ready!", Queen's heart replied.

"Fire!", Shana said. The ball of energy now became a great beam shooting towards the entrance of the senate building, to the drones in the way of Lek. She hit them and some of them were destroyed, but it was enough to give Lek a chance to infiltrate.

Scarlet Fox
~Star Team then. It was her task to take out the ones outside to allow Lightning to enter. Tsula Spirit. Set up! Ready! Light covered her body. The feathery head band vanished and a giant sword appeared in her hand, her clothing changing from the t-shrit and black pants to Leather armor. ((see photo on first page of Character creation Thread.)) Load Cartidge. Bear Aspect. She ran out from the cover she was in and ran towards a group of drones. Stand by. a mechanizum on the hilt of her sword cocked and a small smoking cartiride flew out and her sword glew blue. Ready! Jeanna leaped into the air, sword raised over her head. EARTH SHATTER! She swung her sword down, striking the ground infront of the drones. The blue energy sunk out of her sword and made a shock wave towards the drones sending them flying back from the force. She rose to her feet. Clearing Surrounding Area in Progress

"Activate Guardians of Aeon" Lex said as he took off towards the senate building. "Guardians of Aeon, stand by"
The compartment on his back opened up releasing a burst of liquid metal like material, floating and trailing behind him as he ran. The material quickly took shape and formed into several floating orbs.
They split up and began to surround the building allowing him to look through the windows and see the enemy, and the hostages.

The orbs busted through the windows providing a nice distraction as Lex charged in through the main entrance running towards the nearest drone enemy.
"Blink Pulse!" Aeon flickered "Blink Pulse, stand by" Lex then vanished only to reappear behind the drone, striking with his energy blade and then vanishing again and repeating the sequence, delivering a frenzy of attacks to his enemy from every direction.

As Darius Lex bravely charged through the front doors of the main building, Kurina was running in a different direction, around the outside of the building that the "hostages" were being held in. The Star Squad was making their attack, and The Lightning Team were beginning to spread out.

Kurina was alone as he leaned up against the far side of the building. There were no drones here. Off in the distance, he could hear the sounds of battle.

Suddenly - there was a flash of light, and Kurina was pushed backward, his feet sliding and causing dust to blow upward. 3 Large drones had made their way to the back of the building. They were flight patterned. Seeing no other option, Kurina opted to activate his device.

"Magasure, Set Up"

The metal bracelet on Kurina's wrist shimmered brightly as it responded with "Stand by, Ready"

In a bright flash of light, Kurina transformed into his Mage form, his body now covered with Blue Aura robes. His bracelet grew as it wrapped around his arm, extending passed his fingers as whip chains.

With a spin, Magasure's chains crashed down upon a drone, destroying it in one swoop. The other drones opened fire. Luckily, Kurina had great speed and reflexes, and ran passed their attacks. With another swipe, he wrapped one drone tightly with the chain, and pulled it into colliding with the other.

With the drones gone, Kurina ran into the back door. He needed to find the hostages before his teams positions were given away to the enemy.

Using his magic, Kurina used a simple spell that allowed him to communicate with the other members in close vicinity.

"Lightning team, this is Kurina, I've secured the back entrance and destroyed 3 drones. No sight of the hostages."

The important thing was securing the safety of the "hostages."

Wei Phoenix
Musa sat there filing her nails and combing her hair. There was no way she was going to offensively do anything if she didn't feel that her beauty was at it's peak. No doubt she was bothering her teammates due to her lack of activity. Once she was done three drones appeared before the team and Musa was ready to showcase her abilities. "Hmph I just thought of something fun." She said with a cute smile. "Fox's Onslaught!" She cracks her whip and wraps it around a drone and brings it slamming to the ground. she eyes the other two and begins dancing and twirling around as the orbs surrounding her knocks them about. They were still functional until she ended her dance with a dramatic pose and two crystal pillars appear out of her orbs and crash down upon them.

jalek moye
Lek smirked as he saw the drones getting destroyed by his squad mates. He lowered his sword as he quickly walked up to a wall, he looked around it and saw two drones . He raised his sword to his shoulder and sprinted out towards one of them, as soon as he got within range he swung his blade at it. The sword easily slid through the drone cleanly as it split in half, he spun his sword in his hand and placed it on his back. He glanced around and saw the other Drone was about to attack him, he slightly raised the heel of his back foot slightly off the ground. Lek took a step back and quickly raised his leg in the air, in one swift motion he swung his leg back and struck the drone with the heel of his foot. The Drone stumbled to the side as Lek turned around, running forward he drew his fist back and thrust it forward. The gauntlet sparked as it struck the drone and after a few moments it went straight through. He pulled his fist out and pulled his arm against his body as he slightly crouched down. "Tiger Uppercut!" His gauntlet began to glow and flames formed around it, he thrust his fist upwards into the Drone causing it to shoot directly up in the air and quickly fade out of sight.

"Cartridge Load", Queen's heart said and Shana readied her staff. "Locator mode". Three orbs of pink energy shot around the area looking for possible targets. "Scan complete".

"So there's five over at the east side, three on the west and an automated gun post on the southern entrance", She said to herself.

"Alright then, let's do it Queen's heart!", Shana said and her device shined.

She aimed her staff and looked over to the east as some of the drones came flying into her direction. Two of the drones fired energy balls over to her.

"Round shield", Queen's heart said and materialized directly in front of her a pentagram that blocked the coming attacks.

"Eager Cleaver!", Shana shouted and Queen's heart acknowledged by simply replying "Alright, Eager Cleaver, Standby Ready".

At that moment several small orbs appearing before her took the form of spearheads and shot towards the drones effectively taking down the three that launched against her but the other two seemed to have a greater defense mechanism as they dispelled the magic using a barrier.

"Those drones have a higher Anti-Magic Field, we'll have to make our attacks penetrate by combining our attacks", she said in her mind so that her teammates would know. They could talk to each other telepathically, this was something every mage knew how to do.

Wei Phoenix
"Huh?!" Musa gasped when she heard Shana's voice. She wasn't expecting anything like this, she was quite baffled at the thought of all of this.

"Well Shana, I must say that I don't recall giving you permission to come inside of me? However I'll let it slide just this once. If it is a combination attack you desire then I shall give it to you."

She began spinning in a circle once again like an ice skater, and she began picking up speed.

"Ode To Beauty!" Her voice began to lightly deepen a bit as her device replied "Ode To Beauty Stand by...Ready!"

Butterflies began to surround her completely and she came out as a man as her orbs and whip fused to claws.

"Even more beautiful...on your command Shana."

He said with a flirtatious tone to her and his teammates.

jalek moye
Lek nodded as he heard Shana's voice in his head he looked over at Musa real fast and saw her transform back into the man. He turned back around to focus and ran forward he continued moving until he was against a wall that was near the one of the last drones. He stood against it and had the urge to jump out and attack it but as Shana said they had higher defense and they would need to work together. He stood there and looked up

"Alright I'm in position, and ready for team attack" he said to the others while looking to see if he could see Shana

He looked at his armor and peaked around to the drone, he was ready when ever he got the order.

Darius Lex quickly finished off the Drone he was working on as his guardians of aeon (Metallic floating orbs ) floated around scouting the place for hostages, one of them went up stairs and spotted some hostages tied up on the floor, heavily guarded. The orb was immediatly shot down.
Lex responded to Kurina.
"Hostages upstairs, but heavily guarded... and something doesn't seem right..."
Lex's remaining orbs flew up the stairs and began bombarding some drones and dodging fire as he charged up the stairs, sword at the ready...

"Star Dust!", Shana said and her device activated. "Standby, Ready".

A huge cloud of sharp dust darted towards the drones effectively clashin agains their defenses and tearing them down little by little. She just had to make it last enough so Musa's attacks penetrated the shields.

"Do it Musa", Shana said in her mind to let her/him know.

Wei Phoenix
"With pleasure darling. Now behold the beauty and grace of Musa Excellione, the most divine man in the universe! Ode To Beauty-Drill Claw!" "Stand by, Ready!"

Musa charged up and spun towards the drone in a psycho crusher movement with his claws beginning to penetrate the shield more and more after each rotation. After enough force was applied he went right through the drone and sliced it into pieces. He gracefully landed on his feet and struck a pose for his teammates.


Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna suddenly jumped from no where and landed beside Musa, her large sword on her shoulder. No one likes a show off. Come on. Search the surrounding area for drones hidding. Im sure they are just waiting for us to take the "Hostages" out of the building and attack again. She turned and quickly ran off~

Wei Phoenix
Her sword was massive, a very fine piece of craftsmanship if he did say so himself and he wanted to do nothing more than just touch the hilt, just a quick feel, he thought to himself. Her words however meant nothing to one as beautiful as him. He followed her and began hitting cartwheels and front flips and ended each leap with grace.

"I'm not here for the hostages per say, I simply wish to entice the world with my splendor and grace.!"

Shana was taking fire from the drones but she simply covered and dodged everything effectively.

She readied her staff once more. "Star Dust", her device said and a heavy cloud of sharp dust surrounded a few of the drones. She effectively penetrated their defenses with this and then used her Eager Cleaver to destroy the remaining ones.

"Scanning Area", her device said and then reported. "Area Clear".

Shana lowered her staff, it seemed all enemies from the front of the senate building were down. She was about to report it when the gun post of the southern entrance came into view. She turned around but at that moment it was too late. The drone fired a beam towards her hitting and causing her to fly backwards and crash through a wall. She got up with effort and looked over at the gun post.

"Damn it, I left my guard down", Shana said. She then flew out of the building she crashed into and moved closer to the drone firing her Destiny Canon at it with not much success. "Alright then, Excellion Form Activate!"

"Standby, Ready. Excellion Form", her deviced replied.

A bigger pink pentagram stood below her. Three clones of her device appeared and floated over her, one over her head, one at her left and one on her right. Her device also changed form, the tip of the staff looked more like a large blade with a canon barrel.

"Excellion...", Shana said as the energy charged infront of her and on each device clone. "Buster!".

All three device clones and her device fired an energy beam that came together becoming a huge tidal wave of power that decimated the gun post's defenses and went right through to destroy it.

You're all clear outside for the hostage extraction, the rest is up to you guys, Shana said in her mind so that the Lightning team knew. She then focused on her team. "Let's finish up the perimeter guys".

Wei Phoenix
"OOOOH I call the rear!"

Scarlet Fox
~Nodded softly to the Orders of Shana. She then eyed Musa. Your show boating impresses no one. It only proves as a hinderance towards the miss.. Jeanna skidded to a halt as two drones rounded the corner. Crap. she thought. Tsula Spirit. Snake Aspect. Stand by... The sword began to glow then shrank exponetially and the hilt curve for a hand guard, the blade turning into what looked more like a Rapier. With the extra weight of her sword she ran much faster. Ready Master. She shot out towards the two drones, dust flying up behind her footsteps. Load cartridge! Standy by... Ready. A cartridge popped out of the hilt and the sword glew blue, but then sunk into Jeannas arm. She planted her feet down and slide th elast three feet forward. FLURRY! She brought her arm back and then she began to stab forward repeatingly against on drone. the shielding began began to flicker, then died and her sword tip continued to stab all over the Drone until it fell. The second one aimed its weapon and fired. Jeanna jumped away, doing a back flip, as the blast hit the ground right where she stood, sending dirt and dust flying upwards. She wasnt as gracful as her Musa friend. Jeanna hit the ground on her side, Bounced once, then righted herself on her feet and skidded backwards some. ... close. Really? I didnt notice. She jumped to her feet as the drone aimed again and then got into cover.~

Wei Phoenix
A friend was in need of assistance with a drone and her balance. There was almost no room for her to get up and run and Musa felt as if it was up to him to prove his beauty and intelligence on the battlefield. He drew in the drone's attention and began dancing around in a new mysterious fashion. To most it seemed like more showboating, but perhaps Musa was the only one to realize the true intentions behind his movements. He was able to dodge the fire with ease due to his fluid random movements, however it would be a completely different story if he was just trying to dodge like everyone else. The drone couldn't focus on him and pinpoint where his location would end up being.

"Do you see now Jeanna? Do you understand the true beauty behind my logic?"

Scarlet Fox
~The drone was distracted and Musa was on the defence. Wolf Aspect. Stand by. Her rapier shifted again into a short curved sword and another materialized in her other hand. Ready. She got up from her cover and sprinted to the side. Load Cartridges. Stand by... A catridge flew out of each hilt and the blades began to glow green. Ready. She ran towards the Distracted drone. Spiritual Fangs! The glow on the blades turned white and Jeanna jumped to the drone and sliced both blades down. It went right through the shielding and sliced the drone into three Vertical peices. She stood there and looked to Musa a moment before speaking. Thank you.... But beauty has nothing to do with Effectivness.... though I do get your style now. She stood there a moment more before finally turning and running off to scout the perimiter for more Drones.

Wei Phoenix
He eyed her from the back as began running off. He was however mostly done with his duties. he didn't want to steal everyone's shine.

"MMMM...She would totally get it from me...hell my entire team is just so cute and adorable."

jalek moye
Lek sighed as they destroyed the drones without him he thought Shana wanted his to help. He ran out from behind cover and looked around as he stood there he saw Musa and Jeanna destroy some more drones. He grunted slighty and ran off in search for some more, hopefully he'll get to them before the others do. He found it boring to be around and not really do much but break some less durable ones.

Shana's area search spell had found some drones near where Lek seemed to be. Queen's heart informed her of the enemy presence.

"Lek, enemy ground forces incoming. Moving towards your position. About six of them", Shana said in her mind to communicate with Lek.

jalek moye
Lek stopped as he heard Shana in his head, he nodded as he looked around.

"Roger that, I'll take care of them"

Lek looked around some more and spotted the drones moving around his device spoke to him as soon as he jumped behind cover to avoid there weapon fire. "Enemies in bound" "wow thanks for the update" he said sarcastically as he looked down at his right arm, he clenched his fist tightly. "Burn Set" "Stand by" Flames and some sort of energy formed around the gauntlet of the fist he was clenching tightly. He jumped out from behind the cover and ran towards the drones, as he did he cocked his arm back. "Burn Knuckle!" He thrust it forward as he lept off the ground at them the flames and energy around his fist was being blown backward. He struck a drone his fist going through it and into another one, he pulled it out and they collapsed to the ground.

The other four began firing at him causing him to run around weaving in and out so they would miss. A few almost struck him but he was fine, he charged forward quickly drawing his sword and thrust it directly into one, he quickly raised his foot and kicked it off of his blade. He began to swing his sword at an amazing speed at all sorts of angles sparks could be seen flying everywhere. He then stopped and placed his sword back on his back, as he did so the three remaining drones fell to the ground as pieces began to fall off of them.

"Those drones have been taken care of" he said to Shana mentally.

Darius Lex charged in upstairs, immediatly taking an enemy blast to the shoulder, but he kept going. His guardians flying around distracting the drones as he charged through and Blinked forward towards a larger drone standing beside some of the hostages. "Death from Above!" ..."Death from Above, stand by"
Lex then leaped upward, Blinking a distance in the air and firing his gun several times to increase the size of his energy blade. It was massive and rippling with power. He then came down with another Blink directly into the drone, slicing straight through it until he landed and did a roll across the floor as the drone fell apart.

He quickly grabbed ahold of two hostages and Blinked through the floor as blasts from the other drones went through where he and the hostages were positioned and hit the wall.

Lex came crashing down to the main floor in front of Kurina, followed by the two hostages which landed on top of Lex as he let out a small grunt. He pushed them aside and spoke to Kurina.

"Still a few more up there... we gotta go back."

He then slowly got up and tried to reach Star Squad.
"Star Squad.. We have two hostages here. But still more upstairs. Is it safe to send these two out?

"Roger that Lex, great job, the main entrance is clear of hostiles. I'll take care of them", Shana said to Lex.

Shana then landed on the ground. She could see her teammates were doing a great job. All of them had impressive techniques and spells. She suddenly felt like with all of them, security of the multiverse could be very well achieved.

Shana then simply stood there to wait for the hostages to be released so she could take them to a secure area.

Originally posted by Miracle
"Roger that Lex, great job, the main entrance is clear of hostiles. I'll take care of them", Shana said to Lex.

Shana then landed on the ground. She could see her teammates were doing a great job. All of them had impressive techniques and spells. She suddenly felt like with all of them, security of the multiverse could be very well achieved.

Shana then simply stood there to wait for the hostages to be released so she could take them to a secure area.

Lex took the two hostages over to the main entrance and opened the door, motioning for them to go out. "Ok Shana, they're all yours."
He could feel more of his guardians of aeon being destroyed upstairs, so he had to act fast.
He took off charging back upstairs and started attacking the next nearest drone as his remaining three guardians grew sharp blades and spikes and began to bombard another drone repeatedly.

He then glanced over only to notice one of the other hostages had gotten up, the hostage then ripped off it's disguise revealing it to be a drone. "What the...? Shana! check your hostages, one is a drone up here!" He said as the hostage drone began charging straight for him...

Wei Phoenix
Musa grew tired of this bothersome training session and powered down from his Ode To Beauty Form and became a woman again. She crept up beside Shana and laid on her orbs so that she may rest for a while. There was no way she was going to let her body touch that disgusting floor.

"Oh boy he sounds like a little woman up there.
"Agh they're drones Shana what do I do?!?" OOOH I know, how about you punch them in the face?!"

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna made her way back to Shana and Musa and let her giant sword rest upon her shoulder. Perimiter is clear as far as I could tell. Whats the situation with Lightning Team? Her eyes looked to Musa as she was "Relaxing" We are not done. Why are you laying down? Are you that Lazy to decide to relax while we are in the middle of training?! She glared at Musa.~

This can be the Comedy Relief of the RP. Musa and Jeanna constantly bickering. ^-^ ))

Wei Phoenix
Musa couldn't be bothered by her words at the moment, she was resting and revitalizing her beauty.

"Oh Em Gee, you are so annoying and uptight. Calm down, I've done my share of work unless you wish for me to go in there and show the Lightning Team up and do their job for them? Now just calm down and bring that big sword over here so I can see it please. I do wonder how someone of your beauty class could acquire such a fine weapon."

(Then comes the rough lesbian and/or heterosexual sex with Shana as the referee. evil face )

Scarlet Fox
~Jeannas head sunk down a little at Musas attitude. It is not your task to do Lightning Teams part in this. We did our task. Now let them do theirs. Jeanna arched a brow and her head tilted to the side. what do you mean by 'Beauty Class' ? Jeannas device spoke to her in her head and she just sighed. Forget it. I dont wana know... She then turned to look at the building, waiting for Lightning to either exit with the hostages or request assistance. She was ready to run in if the did the latter.~

Wei Phoenix
"Well too bad because you're going to hear it anyway. Within the Multiverse there are two classes, the one, which is the one I belong to is for the most beautiful creatures in the world but so far I'm the only one to exist. The other is where the rest of the Multiverse falls in. I am allowed anything I want because I'm beautiful, and that sword should be mine, but being a selfish jerk doesn't come with the price of my divinity. I'm kind and compassionate enough to allow you to keep your weapon. Consider it as the The Great Musa sharing her wealth."

Scarlet Fox
~Jeannas eyes narrowed. My Device is my own. Not yours. Nor is it a 'Gift' from you. She spoke with her back towards Musa, eyes still on the building. It was a show that Jeanna didnt care about Musa or her self proclaimed Beauty. I have seen wonders that dazzle the eyes that make you pale in comparison. Now I am here for the Training and the job. Not to argue pointlessly to one who I feel under me. ~

Wei Phoenix
Musa snickered a bit when she said she's seen wonders that surpass the sight of her. Taunts are never effective when you flat out state a lie, she thought to herself.

"Trust me honey, there would be very little arguing from me if I was under you."

Scarlet Fox
~Now Jeanna turned so that her left side was towards Musa, her left eye looking at the woman. When I say 'Under You' I ment in Class... One who values thier own beauty over the safty of others should not be here. and while we sit here and argue about pointless things we may be losing score points in the eyes of those watching over us. The wind began to blow, pushing her black hair forward, making it cover some of her face. She kept an eye on Musa amount before looking to Shana. Im going to help Lightning. I can not stand here and listen to this anymore. She turned and began to run to the building, dust flicking up and leaving a trail as she ran.~

Wei Phoenix
"Hey? I could've sworn I helped her earlier, I never stated I value my own beauty over the safety of others. I would help all of you guys out and look good doing it too. Come on people let's brainstorm together to find a way to get her to like me and become yet another follower of the beauty that is Musa...Excellione."

Musa continued to sit there and wait for further orders however if things did get bad up there she would herself intervene and help as well.


Lex had entered a killing frenzy upstairs, using his Blink Pulse and slicing through Drones left and right. He began to wonder where the rest of his Lightning Squad were. He dodged attacks and made his way back over to the hostages making sure they weren't more drones in hiding.

Scarlet Fox
~She ran to the door of the building and jumped forward, bringing her knee up to collide against the door. It burst open from the hit and Jeanna hit the ground in a roll and stopped upon a knee as she held her sword above her head in a Defensive stance. Seeing that there were no Drones here she got to her feet and began to run up stairs. She checked each floor, room by room before going up to the next floor. She encountered a Drone now and then but a single one was no match for her blade. Where the hell is Lightning? she muttered to herself. She came to a door and slammed her shoulder into it to get inside and saw Lex fighting by himself. figuring he wouldnt mind the assist she ran in and began to fight with him. Where the heck is the rest of your squad?! She yelled to him as she spun and sliced a Drone in half.~

Wei Phoenix
"Oh my word, Lex is like totally beasting up there on his own and his bravery is such a turn on I must say. I'll have to personally congratulate him when all of this is said and done."

Originally posted by Scarlet Fox
~She ran to the door of the building and jumped forward, bringing her knee up to collide against the door. It burst open from the hit and Jeanna hit the ground in a roll and stopped upon a knee as she held her sword above her head in a Defensive stance. Seeing that there were no Drones here she got to her feet and began to run up stairs. She checked each floor, room by room before going up to the next floor. She encountered a Drone now and then but a single one was no match for her blade. Where the hell is Lightning? she muttered to herself. She came to a door and slammed her shoulder into it to get inside and saw Lex fighting by himself. figuring he wouldnt mind the assist she ran in and began to fight with him. Where the heck is the rest of your squad?! She yelled to him as she spun and sliced a Drone in half.~

Lex smiled, he was happy to see Jeanna. His guardian orbs hovering around him. Some of them taking blasts and protecting him as he hacked through another drone. "No idea, but i sure am glad to see you...Let's finish off the last of these drones and get the hell out of here. Shall we?"

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna grinned and nodded. Sounds like a Plan! She ran at a drone and leaped into the air to bring her sword down upon it, slicing it down the middle. She then turned around to a Drone swing its arm to slam her to the side. She hit the wall with a cry of pain then hit the floor. Ow... thats gona leave a mark... She pushed to her feet and jumped to the side as the Drone slammed down, shattering the floor where she was. She kicked off the wall and stabbed her sword into the Drones power core. She stood there a moment, the drone wiggled, then the core blew up and the drone fell in Peices. She looked to Lex seeing a long range drone lift up its arm, preparing to fire. She ran over to Lex as the Drone fired at him, and using her sword like a bat, she slammed it against the ball of energy, but it didnt work like she thought and it exploded on contact. the floor under her gave out and within the cloud of dust she was heard yelling as she fell.~

Originally posted by Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna grinned and nodded. Sounds like a Plan! She ran at a drone and leaped into the air to bring her sword down upon it, slicing it down the middle. She then turned around to a Drone swing its arm to slam her to the side. She hit the wall with a cry of pain then hit the floor. Ow... thats gona leave a mark... She pushed to her feet and jumped to the side as the Drone slammed down, shattering the floor where she was. She kicked off the wall and stabbed her sword into the Drones power core. She stood there a moment, the drone wiggled, then the core blew up and the drone fell in Peices. She looked to Lex seeing a long range drone lift up its arm, preparing to fire. She ran over to Lex as the Drone fired at him, and using her sword like a bat, she slammed it against the ball of energy, but it didnt work like she thought and it exploded on contact. the floor under her gave out and within the cloud of dust she was heard yelling as she fell.~

Lex noticed the floor give out and quickly dived through the hole after Jeanna and Blinked down wrapping his arms around her waist. With another quick Blink upward he grabbed ahold of the edge of the crumbling floor, He was hanging there with one arm and holding onto Jeanna tightly.
He looked at her and all he could do was smile.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna just blinked a bit and looked at Lex before smiling a bit. Thanks... She reached up with her free hand and grabbed the ledge, pulling herself up then reaching down and grabbing lex, pulling him up easily. She was focusing on her bear aspect so her strenght was increased at the time. She let him go on the ground and then looked to the Drone as it began to aim at them again. she grabbed her sword by the chain at the end and threw it, impaling the drone in the center. With a flick of her wrist she sent a wave down the chain and the sword flipped, tearing out of the drone and coming back into her hand. She then ran to the 'Hostages' and began to heard them out of the room. Come on! this building isnt going to hold up much longer. We have to get out now! ~

Lex nodded and began to follow, securing the rear and fending off any drones that came their way. His orbs hovering around the group, in defensive mode. He casually spoke to Jeanna as they began to evacuate. "Soooo...wanna maybe get a drink after this?"
His device putting off a sparkle in his eye as he looked back at her and grinned. He then went back to Securing the rear of the group.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna smiled a little bit and only briefly before looking forward, in the front of the group. I am under aged to be drinking. was all she said with a bit of humor behind her voice. She ran down the hall and down the stairs, all the while destroying a drone now and then that were left over. Once on the ground floor her and Lex escorted the remaining Hostages out and began running towards where Shana and Musa were. Shana! Musa! we are on our way to your location. Provide cover support until we get there. I dout we are out of the woods yet. ~

Shana simply destroyed the drone posing as a hostage with ease. She then looked over a Musa and Jeanna, hearing their entire conversation. She was begining to get annoyed at Musa. Jeanna was right, Musa did a lot of showing off and also did a lot of self worshiping. But Shana was all about the mission. She simply casted the arguement aside and looked over at Musa.

"Lightning team is doing their job. Lex is doing a fine job, let's just get these hostages to the safe zone", Shana said to Musa and then she tried to contact Lek in her mind.

"Lek, please get into the building and assist Lex, it seems lighting team is depending entirely on him and he's doing a great job, Jeanna just went in after him, give them a hand will you?", Shana said in her mind.

Shana then heard Jeanna's voice in her mind.

"Roger that", Shana said and destroyed a couple of drones on the entrance.

Wei Phoenix
It was time for her to have fun again as she began skating around the battlefield dodging fire and whipping drones down. Supporting her allies was one of the things she was very good at doing.

"Looking good over there Shana, now let's do one better and finish it all together!"

jalek moye
Lek nodded and began to sprint towards the building doging fire as he quickly moved towards it. Once there he ran i side and began to clear out the building of drones. everytime he ran across one he began slicing it in half or striking holes right through them. He continued to move as he did this so he would soon be by the others, he was finally having fun like he wanted to.

Wei Phoenix
Musa was having such a wonderful work out by dodging fire through dancing, flipping and cartwheels, but she really wishes they would get rid of these drones.

"So who wants to get these drones off of me?"

Anon E. Mous
Oni appeared about 100 feet from the group and contacted Musa in her mind.

"I beleive I will, milady." He aimed Polis toward the drones she was fighting. Dark Blaster!

Polis' gem flashed bright as a ball of Black energy formed at its end.

Dark Blaster: Standby, Ready!


The ball extended into a beam and shot straight through the drones, destroying each of them in one straight blast of Darkness. Satisfied with the destruction, Oni Dashed to Musa, bowing to her, then on to Shana,who seemed to be the leader of this squad.

I am Anoni Mousimo. Captain Terranova sent me to aid the Lightning squad. It seems, however, that they have the situation under control. He paused and watched the building for a moment, then looked back at the girl. For the moment, anyway. I am awiting your orders, miss Shana.

Wei Phoenix
"Oh my lucky stars?! My hero hath come and saved me from impending doom"

She said with a flirtatious tone of voice. She stopped dancing around so much to regroup with her team.

Shana turned over to Anon.

"We're gonna finish up the extraction of the hostages, just clear the pathway of the lobby from any hostiles you may encounter to provide safe passage to Jeanna and Lex", Shana told him.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna kept a look about the building as she ran towards the main Lobby. Shana! We are almost out of the building. The battle that we had inside made the structure unstable! It is close to coming down. Refrain from using energy attacks if possible until we are clear of the building! She spoke mentally to them all so they got the message~

Wei Phoenix
"Hurry up you two, I can't have my new friends getting squished now can I?"Musa was genuinely concerned about her friends despite it not sounding as sincere.

Lex jumped and slid down the stair rail lopping off the head of a drone before he landed at the bottom. He covered Jeanna and the hostages, slicing through multiple drones as they came to attack them, and taking another blast to his shoulder. He grunted a little in pain as he spoke to Jeanna. "Get them out of here...I'll be right behind ya!"
The door wasn't far now.
Lex stayed behind fighting. "Blink Pulse!" His device flickered. "Blink Pulse, stand by"
He teleported around slashing through drones one by one. It appeared as if steam was now coming off of his body, his guardian orbs fell to the ground making a clanking noise before they faded away. Lex started to overheat from heavy use of his device, but he kept on fighting. His energy blade began to flicker and phase in and out.
A pillar holding up the floors above them began to crack as a blast hit it and the building slowly started to crumble. "Everyone! Get out now!!!"

Will our hero make it out before the building collapses on top of him? Find out next time!
To Be Continued...
stick out tongue

Anon E. Mous
Oni watched as the building started to crumble. Everyone was out except for Lex.

Come on Lex. What the hell are you doing?!

The back of the building caved in, and the front, where Lex was, was surely soon to follow. Oni couldn't take it anymore. He was going to save his squad mate.

He said to Shana: I'm going in after him.

Immediately after this sentence, Oni Dashed to the entrance, already drooping as if about to fall. He ran inside, and saw Lex down the long hallway, still fighting the drones. His body could only take one more good Dash, so he ran towards him, yelling Lex! Get the hell out of here!

After what seemed to be a lifetime, with the building on the very verge of falling, Oni reached him. His body was extremely hot to the touch. Oni skipped the formalities, grabbed his arm, and used his last Dash to get out of the building, half a second before it collapsed. When they appeared outside, He fell to his knees, then to the ground, using so much energy with the last Dash that he had fallen unconscious.

Originally posted by Anon E. Mous
Oni watched as the building started to crumble. Everyone was out except for Lex.

Come on Lex. What the hell are you doing?!

The back of the building caved in, and the front, where Lex was, was surely soon to follow. Oni couldn't take it anymore. He was going to save his squad mate.

He said to Shana: I'm going in after him.

Immediately after this sentence, Oni Dashed to the entrance, already drooping as if about to fall. He ran inside, and saw Lex down the long hallway, still fighting the drones. His body could only take one more good Dash, so he ran towards him, yelling Lex! Get the hell out of here!

After what seemed to be a lifetime, with the building on the very verge of falling, Oni reached him. His body was extremely hot to the touch. Oni skipped the formalities, grabbed his arm, and used his last Dash to get out of the building, half a second before it collapsed. When they appeared outside, He fell to his knees, then to the ground, using so much energy with the last Dash that he had fallen unconscious.

(( Doh, you ruined my epic escape plan lol. I didn't wanna be rescued :P ))

Lex watched as Oni fell to the ground, with a disgusted look on his face. He was a bit frustrated that Oni didn't trust his abilities to escape on his own. But none the less he made a point to thank him whenever he wakes up.
Lex stood there popping and adjusting his wounded shoulder as his device, Aeon entered a cooldown mode.
He looked to the others and spoke. "So what now?... Are we done here?"

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna just stood there and watched. She had gotten out with the Hostages and was with Shana. ..... I assume we are. the Training exercise was to take out the surrounding hostiles and rescue the hostages. However I think we may lose points for destroying a building. He who strives to touch a star, often crumbles like a peice of straw... she spoke the little bit of wisdom then looked to the others. .... Uhh.. Perfection should not be aimed for. Rather aim to do your best and do not worry about having high scores because if you do you will have a smaller one. She smiled briefly but it faded.~

Anon E. Mous
((Well sh**. Damn my insane boredom! Also I apologize to you, Shadow_Frost.))

Wei Phoenix
"Oh come on Jeanna, we're awesome and there is no star that we can not conquer. Now if we are done here then I say we go out and celebrate. I know most of you may not be as financially blessed as I, so how about it be my treat?!"

Musa was so excited to have succeeded in her mission, although she expected nothing less of a sound victory.

Originally posted by Anon E. Mous
((Well sh**. Damn my insane boredom! Also I apologize to you, Shadow_Frost.))

(( All good hehe smile ))

"We did a fine job." Lex said smiling. "And sure Musa, i'm always up for celebrating."

Scarlet Fox
~We are not done until the Commander says we are done. Then, and Only then will I Celebrate but only in my mind. I see no reason to go out drinking and eatting when we simply did a Training Exercise.. She crossed her arms and then looked to the Drone Hostages, poking one with her finger.~

Wei Phoenix
She turns into the Commnader and appears right behind the hostage. She then speaks in a loud authoritative voice like someone's Drill Sargeant.

"You listen here Jeanna and you listen good! When I give you an order to go out and enjoy yourself you do not contest my decision! Do I make myself clear missy?! Furthermore you will learn to lighten up and not take things so seriously, I want you to learn to laugh and see the beauty of things! Now drop down and give me 20! Teeheehee, that was fun!"

She switched back to her female form and hugged her knowing she more than likely wouldn't like Musa touching her.

"We're going to be like the Odd Couple. One is beautiful and smart and the other is decent and uptight. Oh my word however will we coexist?"

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna just stared blankly and when Musa hugged her her entire body stiffened and her eyes widened. She was still standing rigged when She let her go. Her wide eyes suddenly filled with anger but she still said nothing, turning to Shana. Are we done here?

jalek moye
Lek walked up to the rest of the group, he was smiling as he thought to himself. He got to them and stood behind them, he had really enjoyed the training.

"so yea everyone that was pretty fun wasn't it? I for one enjoyed it all and liked seeing what you could all do."

"Well in this case, perfection IS what we should be aiming for because you guys have the abilities to do no less", Captain Juno Aiko said as she walked towards them followed closely by Captain Terranova.

"Aiming for less than perfection is a looser's commodity", a woman said, she appeared from behind the Captains. She was a tall woman, very beautiful but it seemed as though she never smiled. "Vice-Captain Isara Ine of Star Squad, we're an elite unit for a reason, we don't just settle for the best we can do, we simply don't settle".

Captain Terranova then stepped forward.

"You guys did great, better than we expected. But, I did point out to you the importance of the Senate Building and it's preservation. Let's say there's a painting by an artist who died a long time ago, the painting fades and someone commisions another painter to replicate it. Do you think it holds the same value of the original?", Captain Terranova asked looking at them all. "The federation hopes that Division Nine's Strike Team handle themselves with the outmost efficiency and effectiveness, which mean we can't just go in and do the mission whatever the cost, we still want you to have morals. The end never justifies the means. That's the way we've done things for the last sixty years".

Another woman, much younger looking than the others and with short hair came into view. She was the shortest of the officers but she was very lively although a bit shy.

"I do however compliment your combination of efforts. You did a wonderful job clearing the perimeter and also gave assistance to your fellow mates whenever needed", the woman said. "By the way, I'm Vice-Captain Kotomi Furawa of Lightning Squad. Pleased to meet you all".

Shana looked at them and stepped forward.

"I appologise and take full responsability, I should've made sure my teammates kept in mind the integrity of the building. It won't happen again", Shana said. Captain Terranova simply smiled at her.

"Kotomi is right, you guys did a wonderful job and worked together perfectly. Tomorrow we're amping up the difficulty and raising the limiters on your devices, just be careful, they pack a punch", Captain Terranova said. "Go to lunch and report tomorrow at the same time".

Shana was about to walk away when Captain Terranova called out to her.

"Shana, want to have lunch with me?"

"Sure Illya", Shana said and walked together with Captain Terranova.

Wei Phoenix
"She Jeanie, told you we should aim for perfection. Now how about we all follow up on that food idea?"

jalek moye
"I'm pretty hungry myself, so i say the food idea is great. Aslong as I don't have to pay"

Lex nodded and started slowly walking. He took his jacket off and threw it over his shoulder, making his way to the Cafeteria. His body was still burning up and he had built up a mighty hunger.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna stood there watching them leave. She wasnt hungry. She powered down her Device and turned back to where the training ground was. If they wanted perfection they would have it. She picked up a Metal rod from the building Wreckage and began a small training session by herself. She didnt want to put unnessecary strain on her device. Are you not hungry Master? She set the rod on her shoulder and made a 'Tsk' sound. It should have gone better then the way it did.... though I figured getting the Hostages out and saving lives were more important than a few Possesions. I mean its only 9/10ths... or something like that. She jumped up and brought the rod down on a big rock, the metal rod making a loud clang sound and reverberating in her hands holding tightly to not let it go.~

Illya was back with Shana. They were both having lunch at that moment.

"Shana, I have something I have to tell you", Illya said looking at her. "It's not an easy thing to hear".

Shana looked puzzled, she had not seen Illya like this ever.

"What is it?", Shana asked.

"I haven't been completely honest with you. I was so worried that I wouldn't have a chance to talk to you, explain things that I wanted to explain to you", Illya said.

"What kind of things?", Shana asked even more puzzled.

"My name is not Terranova", Illya said. "Not originally".

"What was it then?", Shana asked her still even more puzzled.

"It's Takeuchi", Illya said and Shana's eyes widened, she dropped her chopsticks at the sound of her words. "I am your sister. Mom and Dad believed I was dead, I'm sure they told you, your "one-chan" was killed in an accident at her middleschool. But the truth is, the Federation took me with them. I had to disappear due to my powers, mom and dad didn't know about them. When I could finally leave the custody of the Federation six years had already passed. I couldn't face mom and dad, I was too afraid. When mom died I returned to the hospital to see dad, when I explained things to him he wouldn't hear of it, he blamed me for mom dying. He said mom died of sadness, she could never recover from the thought of losing her child. He sent me away but when I found you, when I learned you had power too, I was so happy. I wanted to be near you, I wanted a piece of my family. When you came to us and you had the crisis you went through, I thought I'd loose the one thing that mattered to me. I wanted so much to exchange places with you, because I didn't want to loose you. I still don't want to loose you", Illya said with tears in her eyes.

Shana heard all the story. She took in everyword and Illya's emotions ringed true.

"Mom didn't die because of you, she was ill with the dellusions she had. I always imagined what my sister looked like", Shana said with tears in her eyes. "I just am glad, that it's you".

Shana got up and gave Illya a hug. Illya became overrun with emotion and cried with her, they held each other for a long moment and then looked at each other.

"I want you to live with me from now on. I have an apartment near here. I'm sure barracks won't mind", Illya said.

"Alright, I'll be happy too, one-chan", Shana said with a smile on her face.

Wei Phoenix
"Alright let's go! Don't know where Lex is going but I know this great restaurant around here called Chez Phoenix. It's a bit pricey but I should be able to cover all of you."

She began to lead the others out of the training area, but she noticed Jeannie sitting back and doing whatever it is she is doing. If she went over in her current form she would've more than likely annoyed her with her hyperactivity so she reverted to her male form which was a bit more calmer. There really was no big personality difference though.

"Lek go ahead and head there with the others. I shall catch up later. If you get lost then just check your map."

He made his way over there quietly and laughed a little to himself.

"You know that rock is not your enemy right?....Wait I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound offensive with that last comment. I know we tend to disagree a lot, but we both have the same core goals while we're here. Succeed, and help others am I right? If you want things to go better next time then you should learn your teammates better, and what better way to do that then to spend a night out eating with us? It'll be my treat and I'll stay this way for both of our sake's while we're out. So how about it Jeannie? Promise not to make any comments you wouldn't agree with."

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna looked behind her slightly, her brown hair covering her face, listening to Musa speak. The rock is not my enemy. It is simply a test to see if this bar is sturdy enough after the building fell. Holds the metal rod up for Musa to see. I was going to train.. Her words lacked Energy like Musas had. Jeanna stepped away from Musa before taking a fighting stance and then swining the bar like a sword in certain paterns like she was fencing with an invisible person. She then stopped and turned fully to Musa. Jeannas hair was plastered to her face with sweat from the training they all just did and it covered half her face. .. you said something about food? On you?..... Let me shower first.. She dropped the bar and made her way back to base. ... and dont call me Jeannie.. anything but that.. She continued to walk back so she could take a shower, slowly at first but then more into a run. She liked to take her time but she didnt want them upset if they had to wait for her. When she got to the rooms she went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. She then dressed in Blue jeans and a black shirt, ((like the pic)) and then tied her Device, which looked like a headband with feathers, on her wrist with the feathers going up her arm almost to her elbow. She then brushed her hair some until it was nice and somewhat flowing. After she had the rest of her things ready and put in place with her bed she made her way out of the girls room and went to meet up with the others.~

Wei Phoenix
(You've been in a real fencing state lately with Jeanna and the middle brother. Taking or took lessons before?)

Fast forward to the restaurant where the others already are including Musa and the guy who saved them all. He looked at the menu and knew exactly what he wanted. The restaurant was fancy that they had everything you could ever want.

"Out of respect for our comrade, I'm not ordering until her arrival and you all will do the same unless you wish to pay for yourself."

Scarlet Fox
((Not taking Lessons but rather doing it anyway.))

~Jeanna walked into the Restaurent and sat beside Musa for some reason. She set her elbows on the table and leaned forward, and because of the shirt she wor the Tattoo on her arm was visible. .. what I miss? Her hair was like Silk and was not flat at all. It was as if a profesional had done something to it but it was how it always looked after a good wash and brushing. Jeanna looked to musa and archs a brow. I miss anything good?

Wei Phoenix
((I always wanted to but there were no classes in my state.))

"You missed nothing but the boredom of waiting, but I can't fault you for that. One's beauty should always be the top priority. Now that you're here we can order."

The waiter came by and he was ready to take their order.

"I'll have the Chicken Parmesan with a side salad, and a raspberry lemonade."

jalek moye
Lek was sitting at the table quietly, he glanced over once Jeanna sat down and began to talk to Musa. He shrugged and continued to look at the menu, he had no idea what he wanted or how much of whatever he was gonna try to eat. He was just very glad he didn't have to pay sinc ehe had little money at the moment.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeannas eyes went to Lek right after he looked to the menu. She watched him reading the menu a moment before looking to her own. I'll have.... Full rack of BBQ Ribs, Extra sauce on the side, Baked Potato with Butter not Sour cream, Some Mozterella Sticks and a Diet Coke please. Set the Menu down as her eyes looked to the others. She was pretty small for her age but her Metabalisum was crazy fast so she was always hungry wether she says so or not.~

(OOC: Just so you know this wasn't my idea, but for sake of family harmony, one is programed not to tell stick out tongue)

One of the waiters of the restaurant carried six plates of food. All of a sudden there was a quake followed by the sound of a thunderous blast somewhere in the city. The waiter could not keep balance and fell dropping the plates in the air. Two of the plates fell on Musa and the others sort of splattered the others around the table.

"I'm really really sorry", the waiter said.

The news were on the Television. They were saying that just a moment ago a Federation Ship crashlanded near the city. Ground Forces HQ is leading the rescue attempt. None of the Division Nine members are involved as this is something for the ground forces to deal with.


Illya looked over at the monitors. There was the news about the crash. Shana watched as they took some people out of the burning ship.

"Aren't we going to do something?", Shana asked illya but she simply shook her head.

"Unless ground forces HQ determines that the reason behind this is a magical artifact then no", Illya replied.

As soon as Illya said that there was a call on her holographic interface. It was Juno.

"Illya, we got a job. We have to assemble the cadets. We're leaving for space dock. We're going to retrieve an artifact in the Verillian Universe", Juno said.

"But they haven't trained enough", Illya said.

"We will reach the coordinates in three days, they'll have plenty of time to train until then. The training programs will be loaded on the ship", Juno replied.

"Alright then, we'll see you there", Illya said. Shana and Illya got up from the table and headed out of the cafeteria. Illya typed in a message to all the cadets telling them to meet in the lobby after lunch for an emergency meeting.

Wei Phoenix
(I'm sure you got the idea from the Scarlet Letter)

Luckily for everyone's sake Musa was in their male form, for this act may have called for physical retaliation, but nevertheless he was angry and his clothes and hair was ruined.

"Ex....Cuse....ME! How....How dare lowly peasant...I should have your head for this act of disrespect, my beautiful evening is entire evening is ruined because of your idiocy!"

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna looked at the pile of food that was hers. Her eye began to twitch and if one looked closed they could swear they saw a vien pulsing. Calm down Master... You know how you get when food is wasted. Deep breaths. She slammed her fist on the table and was about to yell out when somethign caught her ear. She looked to Musa. And who the heck is your Date?! I dont think.. She stopped abruptly as she looked to her phone. A message? .. Hold up. We have to go. We are needed at the Base Lobby after lunch and since thats... Eye twitched at the Waiter. ... Ruined... We should go now. Threw a few napkins at Musa. Wipe your face off and lets hurry! She turned and ran out of the Resturant, hopfully followed by the others as she hurried to the Meeting.~

(( ^-^ It was my idea to have the Waiter drop food on Musa ^-^ ))

jalek moye
Lek began to laugh as soon as the food fell on Musa he found it exactly what he needed. He quickly calmed down and looked over to Jeanna s she explained and began to run off. He remained seated for a few moments then stood up he turned to where she went and began to follow her running as well. "We must hurry" his device said to him, he didn't respond since he was already hurrying.

Wei Phoenix
He was ready to punch the waiter clean in his face but duty called, and Musa was not one to fail his duty. He refused to pay and stormed out of the restaurant with his teammates. Didn't take him long to catch up given his natural speed.

"I can't believe what they did to me! Lo be the creature or drone that is the source of this emergency for I shall be taking it out on them personally."

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna was pissed about the food too. Not the fact that Musa had half of her Ribs and a bit of her potatos on him, that made it all seem a little better, but more so to the fact.. she was still hungry. She would be with Musa on this. The first thing she is allowed to destroy will be destroyed with her full "Loss of Food" rage.~

Wei Phoenix
(Someone wants to have a meal off of Musa's body it seems...Teeheehee, ain't I a stinker?)

Scarlet Fox

Wei Phoenix
(Just wait till you see the rising donut trick.)

Scarlet Fox
(( No more OOC X.x AND NO DONUT TRICK! ))

Lex, sitting alone in the cafeteria, quickly scarfed down all of his food while reading the message from Illya. He stood up and put his jacket on, then grabbed an apple as he made his way to the Lobby for the Emergency Meeting. Once again he ran down the hallways eager to be the first one there.
He quickly arrived at the lobby and stood there, leaning his back against the wall and biting into his juicy apple as he waiting for the others to get there.

Scarlet Fox
((~Ponders on what Lex ate seeing as the Waiter dropped it all on Musa... ~))

~Jeanna and the rest got to the Lobby and and she took one deep breath, slowly letting it out, and she was fine, even after the run. She had TONS of Stamina. That much was a given. What is going on? She asked as she just began to wipe off bits off food and BBQ sauce from her face.~

Originally posted by Scarlet Fox
((~Ponders on what Lex ate seeing as the Waiter dropped it all on Musa... ~))

~Jeanna and the rest got to the Lobby and and she took one deep breath, slowly letting it out, and she was fine, even after the run. She had TONS of Stamina. That much was a given. What is going on? She asked as she just began to wipe off bits off food and BBQ sauce from her face.~

(( Sry lol, I had Lex head to the cafeteria after training, then wei said you guys were at a resturant, i got confused so i left Lex in the cafeteria place to eat. ))

Lex smiled and nodded at Jeanna and the others before taking another bite of his apple and waiting to find out whats going on.

Shana and Illya walked inside the lobby. Captain Juno Aiko joined in followed by the Vice-Captains Isara and Kotomi.

"Surely you felt the earthquake a while ago. That was one of the Federation's Multiverse patrols. It seems they made contact with an unknown force that was collecting artifacts. They fired shots on the hostiles but evidently they had no success. It has come to Commander Carrington's attention that this is an important matter and so Division Nine's Strike Teams will lead the investigation", Captain Aiko said and Captain Terranova took a step forward.

"I know you've just begun training. But in this one training excersize you proved to be effective. We should take this as a good opportunity to test ourselves in the real thing. I'm sorry to be asking you to do this right from the start but this is an emergency and we are after all, the elite Division Nine. I need you all to be ready to leave tomorrow at 0600 hours. We will be boarding the Altaria", Captain Terranova said.

"At exactly 0600 report to the hangar to be taken to the Altaria", Isara said and left with all the Captains and Shana.

Illya got into a car with Shana and left the lobby.

At the following morning, all the captains and vice captains were waiting in the hangar beside a ship which they would use to reach the Altaria which was in orbit. Shana was also there with Captain Terranova, they seemed to have arrived together.

"I wonder if anyone noticed I'm not bunking with them anymore", Shana said mostly to herself.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna nodded to Isara then went on her way to the Cafeteria to grab a quick bite. Not as good as the Resturaunts food.. but still. Afterwards she made her way to the Bunks and removed her jeans falling onto the bed with her black shirt and red panties. She slept a good while beofre getting up on her own the next morning, Having a quick shower and a bagel for breakfast before going to meet up with them in the Hanger. She was still nawing on the bagel when she got there. She was in the standard uniform, and as one of the first ones up she waited for the others.~

Lex woke up after a long night of pleasant dreams.
He rolled out of his bed and stretched as he made his way into the shower and turned the water on. The water was extremely cold, but he liked it that way. He stood there for a bit just relaxing as the water hit him and ran down his body.
After several minutes Lex emerged from the showers fully refreshed.
He threw on his favorite uniform and combed his hair a bit, he wanted to look good for his first real mission.
He made his way to the hanger and met up with the others that were already waiting there. He smiled and had that sparkle in his eye...
Of course that was merely his device having some fun. Aeon was now fully recharged.
"Good Morning, Everyone"

jalek moye
Lek woked up and slowly got out of bed, he yawned loudly as he stretched his back and arms. He looked around breifly before going straight to the bathroom to pee and then take his shower. After about 15 minutes he walked out of the bathroom and changed clothes, once dressed he quickly stretched his legs before walking out of the room. He walked casually to the hangar and smiled to everyone once he arrived there. "Well i guess It's about to be the moment of truth"

Wei Phoenix
(Agh I was going to get you back during the night.)

Musa did her morning ritual and met up with the others. She was in her female form as per the rules of the barracks. She eyed Jeanna down and felt the need to play a trick on her, but now was not the time, she chose to simply flirt with her and make her feel a bit uneasy.

"My oh my I must say you make that bagel look absolutely delicious. How I just wish I could..."

She walked up to her and whispered the rest in her ear and backed away and looked at her flirtatiously.

"I agree with Musa....Absolutely Scrumptious."
Lex soon remembered he had forgot breakfast, and made a point to get something later.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeannas eyes widened a bit at what Musa whispered and her face seemed to turn a bit pink. After a moment her face went back to blank and she took a single step back, returning to chewing slowly on the bagel. Her left arm came across her chest and she took hold of her right arm, her attention to the Boss people, waiting for the orders.~

Wei Phoenix
"Tahaha my darling, if you're a good little girl then I'll let Mr. Lex join us. Tahahahahaha....Oh God I crack myself up you know."

She noticed Jeannie stand at attention and she assumed the same position to avoid trouble.

Illya looked around at all of them.

"Alright then. We will now be leaving to rendezvous with the Altaria. Once there you'll be taken to your quarters and you will await the call for the first training session", Illya said.

Juno took a step forward.

"We will be resuming the training during our voyage so make sure you stay sharp and ready for anything", Juno said.

Everyone started boarding the transport. It would soon reach it's destination. Shana looked at Musa and Jeanna.

"So what's up you guys, did you miss me?", Shana said. "Guess what, it turns out Captain Terranova is in reality my sister, can you imagine that? Now I'm living with her."

Wei Phoenix
"Yes we missed you last night. For some reason your absence made Jeanna feel lonely I guess. She like totally crept in my bed and the forced cuddling began. I would form a complaint but, there was nothing to complain about. Seriously though may I come and live with you? I have told you this Shana...but...but...but I'm...I'm your older sister as well."

Musa looked at Shana and paid close attention her physical features and traits, she then pictured her and Captain Terranova and pictured a fusion of them and transformed herself into a blend between those two, she actually did look like she would be related to them but of course she truly wasn't.

"This is my true're my sister and I've missed so much, and now I'm so happy I've found you!"

She then began pretending to cry as she threw herself in Shana's arms.

(I really had fun with this post. Thanks Miracle for providing me with the opportunity to use this character.)

Shana just watched in surprise as Musa changed into something resembling Illya and herself. But rather than being insulted she was amused.

"Sorry Musa, but you changing like that every two seconds kinda defeats the purpose of the joke", Shana said and petted Musa on the head.

Wei Phoenix
"Hey I resent that you know? This is the third form I've shown since being here, but I suppose I was a little over my head thinking I could fool someone of the same bloodline as Captain Terranova. So are we ready to leave?"

jalek moye
"i certainly am ready, we finally get a real test of our abilities". Lek was excited about having a true mission so early and really hoped he didn't disapoint the others when it came down to it.

"I'd have to agree, very exciting"

The transport was ready to take off. The pilot instructed everyone to strap in and then with a loud roar of the engines the ship took off.

Illya stood up infront of everyone and looked at them.

"Look outside the windows to the right. You'll see the Altaira", Illya said.

The clouds disappeared and the blackness of space came into view. The Altaira was a massive ship, orbiting around the planet. In the background stood three of the six moons of the planet.

"I can't believe the Altaira is still in one piece after all these years", Shana said.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna didnt react to Musas Claims. The Captain was with them and she did not wish to get in trouble for killing one of her team mates. When Shana spoke of the ship outside the window, Jeanna turned her attention to the one she sat by to see the Giant ship. She still didnt speak, instead listening to the conversations of those around her, once more taking the role of the silent one.~

Wei Phoenix
"What's so special about the place and why is it amazing to see it still standing? I'm a girl who loves history so please enlighten me?"

Shana looked at Musa and then looked back at the Altaira. The memories were flowing back into her mind as she stared at it.

"The first time I boarded that ship was when I was nine years old. It was around the time of the Pandora Incident. Illya and Juno picked me up and introduced me as a temporary officer of the federation. The ship had been around far longer than that though, it has gone by the hands of multiple Captains and now it's in the hands of Commander Carrington. Back then it was in the hands of Captain Denton, she is a great woman and Captain Aiko's adoptive mother. The details of the Pandora Incident are boring so I won't say more on it but during that time the ship took a massive beating, and now here she is all good and shinny again. That's why I find it incredible and nostalgic", Shana said.

Wei Phoenix
"Sounds interesting, and it seems to have a bit of history behind it. I must say Shana, you really do your homework on these type of things."

Musa stared out of the window bored as ever. Her team was boring and they would rarely engage each other. She needed more excitement from them, but she couldn't find a way to get them to have any fun.

Scarlet Fox
~Jeanna looked over to Shana. What is our mission here? She asked straight forwardly, eyes shifting to the others for a half a moment before looking back to Shana~

Lex listened quietly as he admired the massive ship. He too was curious about the mission.

The ship docked inside the Altaria. The hangar bay was massive. Every single person assembled outside.

"We will reach the first destination in ten hours. We will deploy by then. Star and Lightning Squad aren't fully ready, but consider this training as well. We will have to extract several artifacts in the possesion of a rogue group. I will be counting on you guys for this mission", Commander Carrington said and left for the bridge.

Illya and Juno followed Commander Carrington. Isara and Kotomi stayed behind.

"Please head to the dressing rooms to get in the official combat uniforms of Division Nine. We know that when you activate your devices, the attire you wear transforms into your armor but these are army regulations so sorry for the inconvenience", Isara said and went away with Kotomi.

Shana looked over at Jeanna.

"Shall we go?", she asked her and went to the women's dressing room changing into her uniform which didn't look that bad, it was actually pretty stylish and had their names on them.

"This isn't that bad", Shana said.