Ju-on: The Grudge

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Nemesis X

No, I am not in the wrong forum to post this thread. I am serious, there is going to be a Grudge videogame!

Like Silent Hill Shattered Memories, you won't be fighting any aparations that'll pop up and scare the crap out of you. Instead, you run for the hills. At some times a ghostly hand will grab you and you have to shake it off.

This game will have you playing a woman that'll journey around the house haunted by the little ghost girl, Ju On. Why she is in there is because her dog ran in the house and she has to find it.

You'll be caught in situations where you'll have to do puzzle solvings like when you get locked in a room and you have to find the key.

Is this game frightening? You better beleive it. Will it literally give heart attacks? It's 99% possible.

Ju-on: The Grudge will be on the Nintendo Wii and will be out on October.

I love the movie (the original Japanese version, though the buffy version was mildly entertaining), but a game? seriously.

what are they gonna do?, purposely make shitty movement controls to justify your lack of common sense and inability to run the hell away from whatever Japanese Yōkai that's hunting you?

no expression

Use the Wii-mote to move a flashlight and investigate a creepy atmosphere that will do nothing but offer a "jump scare" a minute?

I'll pass.

Nemesis X
I'll pass on this too because it looks too scary. I saw gameplay footage of this and every move Ju-on made me jump like crazy. Having a dead girl crawling in an awkward position coming after the player will make me want to get the heck out of there fast. Ju-on makes Alma look like friggin Elmo if you want to compare scares.

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