Whats The Oldest Game You Have Installed On The PC?

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the oldest game that i have installed on the PC at the moment is Wolfenstein 3D

Space Invaders

Think it's Half Life.

Neo Darkhalen
Broken sword shadow of the Templar's.

HoMM3(1999). Can't beat Wolfenstein 3D :P

Just reinstalled Windows so I think it's Dawn of War.

Because I lost the original disc, I have this installation of the original Heretic (not the public released version that came with the Shadow of the Serpent Riders expansion, but the original release that you only got if you mailed id software with the form that came with the shareware version) that I faithfully copy from my old computer to my new one whenever I change.

That's from '94.

Having only about...5 games installed on my computer...

Sims 2 is the oldest, beating out Dawn of War by about a week.

(the other games I have would be Guild Wars, Portal, and Sims 3...)

Halo 1.

General Kaliero

blitzkrieg ,and Baldurs gate (Im not sure which is first)

Chaos Engine (1993)

bar that, Alien Vs Predator 2 (2001)

Uhhhm well I got 4 PC's: a laptop, a main gaming rig, a video/3d editing workstation and an old school gaming rig with Windows 98 running with a Sound Blaster 16 soundcard and a Voodoo 5500 videocard so I can enjoy oldschool games the way they were ment to be played wink

And the oldest game I have on the oldschool gamer is probobly Might and Magic 1. Like Ush I have been having some old games on my main pc aswell just incase I feel bored, the games that have been following me everytime I formatted or changed to a new main PC have always been:

Doom (the oldschool floppy disk 1.666 version)
Warcraft 1
Mortal Kombat 2 and Trilogy

But with Windows Vista 64bit I have only been succesfull in playing MK trilogy, and afaik dosbox only works in 32bit systems. could be wrong tho havint tried)

Populous: The Beginning

Red Nemesis

I have Might and magic II installed, as well as Odyssey, the Legend of Nemesis.

Also: Age of Empires II.

star wars battlefront 1, warcraft 3, and the oldest: Warlords battlecry 3.

counter strike/half life

jinXed by JaNx
star wars X-wing

Duke Nukem 3D. I still play that game and love it.

EDIT: I take that back. The oldest game I've installed is Doom. The original is still kickass.

havent installed yet.. but.. I did snag daggerfall and battlespire(or was it arena?) from the official elderscrolls site big grin .. they probably still have it up for those that are interested

here we go ^_^

I'm just really dumb when it comes to that dosbox emulator they linked to, and am not really sure how to use it

Civilization 3

I've got some game called Gizmos and Gadgets on here that I remember playing way back in Kindergarten..

1994 or 95.

Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans

January 15th 1994

Originally posted by EvilAngel
Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans

January 15th 1994

no expression

Dungeon Keepers, June 26, 1997 stick out tongue

AVP:2 or Starcraft, whichever came first.

Burning thought
Starcraft probably

What he said.

School House Rock. haermm

Father Rahl
Fallout, currently

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

Mandrag Ganon
The original Command and Conquer.

Admiral Akbar
Unreal Tournament (1999).

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