Best Violent Wii Game

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Nemesis X
It's good to know that the Nintendo Wii has went from clear white to blood stained. What violent and gory Wii game do you like the most?

Icy Ninja
No More Heroes


The House of The Dead: Overkill

Senseless profanity and violence to the extreme. Most fun, funny game on Wii

Madworld, No More Heroes

Wei Phoenix
Originally posted by Icy Ninja
No More Heroes

The Conduit

Can't really find a favorite between No More Heroes and MadWorld, Wii's most notable violent games. Both make pretty good use of the Motion Controls, both have an awesome sense of style and/or humor to their atmosphere, both protagonists are cool, both have a good soundtrack (this coming from a guy who normally doesn't even give a crap for hip-hop). For however many similarities they have conceptually, they have their distinctions in practice, though both also have a roughly equal number of what one does better than the other.

Madworld is awesome. It reminds me of Itchy & Scratchy from The Simpsons meets The Running Man meets Sin City.

Madworld was so fun.
My lil bro loved it.

It felt to me like an inferior Okami.
It seems they used black and white + red to save on texture memory size.
The AI was God-awful too.

Tsal Can
How is Okami?

Not violent no expression

But if you're just asking if it's a good game, it really is an absolute classic. Admittedley, I'd take the PS2 version before the Wii version (I'm generally against the "wave the Wii-mote for EVERY melee attack" concept).

As far as MadWorld having "God-awful" AI, I'd have to disagree. I think I'd actually say NMH was the lesser of the two in terms of AI, what with the enemies being not only easier to take out, but less likely to attack (effectively at least).

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