Terminator Franchise to be Auctioned Off

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What a mess this franchise has become blink

Hey barand - how about you and I buy the rights? Maybe that way we can put things back on track big grin !

You don't happen to have a spare couple of million dollars lying around by any chance, do you stick out tongue ?

You know what Ahnold... I just checked my pockets and there was indeed a spare couple of million dollars just sitting in there. Sadly I checked the pockets after the jeans were washed.

Would be nice though!

Have you read about Joss Whedon's "serious bid" for the franchise for the whopping sum of ... $10,000 stick out tongue ? You can read his "open letter to the Terminator owners" here: http://whedonesque.com/comments/22240

I especially like point number 4: "Christian Bale's John Connor will get a throat lozenge" stick out tongue .

In all seriousness, the owners are apparently looking to sell the rights for a whopping 70 million dollars!

Ha-ha, would be interesting to see Whedon's take on the Terminator, although I'm not really a fan of his work.

Now... if only I had at least $70million I would hire some of the fans on here to write a script. Whoo!... Imagine!

Hello every one here is my opinion, we have to remeber that at the time of the firts movie The time line had to be change already. In he original time sky net had sent back to the past a terminator to kill JC but did not suced. So conner as we all know was born of a man that we just dont know who he was but we all know it wasnt resse. The company that crated sky net was not know on the orinal time line. We all know that sky net was not created from research done from parts of the terminator that was destroid on the firts film. Only because time was change after the first movie things stared to change from there on. When sara destroid all the research done by the sencond company we have to asume that the original company who starded the research that led to the original sky net program became ones again the company who created the tecnology that help creat sky net and this is why sara did not stop jugment they because the original company was still around to continued. Think ABOUT IT PEOPLE IT MAKES PERFECT SENCE, we olso have to asume that eventually the terminator from the ORIGINAL time line eventually did kill sara but after JC was born. this is why i think JC knew that a terminator whent back in time to kill his mother and this is how he knew that he had to send some one to protei his mother, but when JC send reese to the past was to actually protect his mother and not nesesary to save him self from not been born. so if u think about it JC created the problem in the first place because thks to his decition to send reese he was born from reese making love to his mother and created a chain of events that let sky net been created from another company using parts from a terminator who we all know that things did not happend like that. How do i know this, well reese told us so because the story that he told sara came from the original time line not the time line that got created after T1 THINK about people it makes perfect sence. Every time a terminator was send back in time the original time line kept changing, acordind to my calculations the original time line had to be change at lease 4 to 5 time from the original. Thank you and please forgive all my spelling mistakes. bye

U Neek
I bid a buck!

i bid alot

Eh :/

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