Leon Kennedy vs. Albert Wesker

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Nemesis X
Leon and Ada hang out at Leon's apartment. Knocking is heard on the door and Leon goes and answers it. He opens the door, revealing the Merchant outside.

Merchant: Hello stranger.

Leon: Oh God, not you again.

Merchant: Got something that might interest ya he he.

The Merchant pulls an untitled videotape out from underneath his trench coat and places it in Leon's hands.

Leon: What is this?

Merchant: A message from an old friend. Sorry, but I was told not to tell you who.

Leon: I see. Thank you.

Merchant: Come back anytime.

Leon shuts the door and walks back into the living room. He places the tape in his VCR and and views at the television screen. Static fills the screen and disappears. Two men walk out of the darkness revealing themselves.

Alfred: Hello everyone, I am Alfred Ashford, commander of this base. My grandfather was the original founder of Umbrella Inc.

Irving: I'm Ricardo Irving. I'm a business man with standards.

Leon and Ada's eyes begin to widen in shock.

Ada: Christ, Leon! Turn it off, turn it off! Now!

Leon pushes the eject button on the VCR as if his life depended on it.

Leon: It's not working!

The two annoying men in the TV are still talking.

Irving: I'm a business man with staaaaaaaaaandaaaaaaaaards.

Leon: To the door, hurry!

Right before Leon and Ada can reach the door, the TV screen now reveals Ashley Graham.


The screeching from the wailing jug eared chimp causes Leon and Ada's ears to bleed and they both faint to the ground.

Hours later, Leon and Ada regain consciousness. They look back at the TV. Albert Wesker appears and says "Leon, if you wish to face me, come on over to the old abandoned warehouse not far from your place."

Leon: Great, not only did I get annoyed enough to have my ears bleeding, I'm also in a fight in a cliche fighting arena! Can things get any worse?

Ada: Leon, Ashley is at the door asking if you can go on a date with her.

Leon immediately jumps through the window and runs to the warehouse.

Ada:...I'll take that as a no.

Leon is now at the warehouse with Wesker at the entrance.

Leon: You're gonna pay for doing that to me Wesker!

This is RE4 Leon and Wesker is from Code Veronica.

Leon has his knife and handgun. Wesker's speed is reduced to match Leon's but his brute strength remains the same.

Can the secret government agent defeat Wesker or will he only delay the inevitable?

Wesker still regenerates.

and as long as Wesker can do that while Leon can't, Wesker wins.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.