Bryan Fury vs Albert Wesker

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Snafu the Great
Wesker has finally tracked down Ozwell Spencer for a 'friendly' chat.

Too bad someone has already beaten him to the punch of offing the disgraced nobleman.

As Wesker approaches the double doors that lead to the massive study, the oak doors are literally blown off its hinges, smacking Wesker in the face, and sending him to the floor.

Standing in the doorway, is Bryan Fury. Behind him, is the body of Lord Spencer, his face pounded into raw hamburger.

Bryan wastes no time. He strides over to Wesker, grabs him by his jacket, and chucks him through a window. Wesker lands in the courtyard, with Brya hot on his heels. Wesker manages to sock him in the face, causing Bryan's head to rock to the side...

...only to have Bryan slowly turn his head back, looking down on Wesker with a look so evil that would make the babyfaces and heels of the WWE run away screaming in terror before introducing his fist to Wesker's face.

As the fight unfolds, Chris, Jill and Yoshimitsu watch the two men fight it out.

Yoshimitsu: You think you should help your friend?

Jill: He's no friend of ours.

Chris is munching on a bag of popcorn.

Chris: If your guy kills Wesker, it will save us on paperwork. Popcorn, Jill?

Jill: Sure.

Yoshimitsu shakes his head.

Yoshimitsu: Honestly...

hmm... tbh I don't know. Wesker is definitely faster, but Bryan is stronger and probably more durable too. then again he also fights like a madman and can't seem to get tired, so I'll say Bryan wins.

Wesker is pretty strong too, and his durability mixed with his HF can give him the win. This guy dodges bullets at point blank range, by moving his whole body about 1-3 inches to the right. Bryan cant touch him, and Wesker is strong enough to wear him down.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.