The MSX: Did we get left out?

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Darth Jello
So as (hopefully) most of you know, in Japan and Europe there was a popular home computer called the MSX that is now mostly known for the rather bizarre and awesome library of 8-bit games that Square, Hudsonsoft, and especially Konami released for it and that as far as I know, the US is the only country that is not getting Virtual Console support for it. It's the platform that first gave us Bomberman, Parodius, Puyo Puyo, Metal Gear, and Eggerland/Adventures of Lolo.
I've played quite a few of the games and despite their weirdness and difficulty they're awesome. I would describe the system specs as pretty much 8-bit but with more colors available and enhanced sound like on the Famicom Disk System. Like a merger of the Famicom Disk System, the NES, and the Master System with the best features of all of them and keyboard interface.
I've played and beaten the following games-
Final Fantasy
Vampire Killer (a prequel/bizarre remake released 1 month after Castlevania)
The Real Metal Gear (via MSG 3)
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Most of the MSX ports and games are quite different from the NES/arcade equivalents and give the impression that the platform was basically used by game designers for experimentation. You know, would Final Fantasy work with a weird color scheme and the glitches fixed? Would Castlevania work as a puzzle game? Would a stealth game work? Would Contra work with a lifebar instead of lives?

Anyone else play any MSX games and feel left out?

The English-speaking market for the MSX was tiny, is the problem. It was big in neither the US nor the UK. They're only going to VC games that used to have a mrket in the region released in. Ok... the Neo geo is an exception there but that was actively soguht after in its day, being a luxury, so it gets a back door in. The MSX was never soguht after because in the US the home computer market was non-existant and in the UK, the Commodore and Spectrum shut it out.

Where are the Spectrum games, is what I want to know. Ironically, a big slice of MSX games were Spectrum ports.

Darth Jello
I figure they would at least do it because of the popularity of Castlevania and Metal Gear, especially with Subsistence's second disk being harder and harder to come by.

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