Who's the better money maker? Mario versus Legend of Zelda

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For a while I've been scrolling through this forum and saw alot of interesting versus debates. One though I've been thinking about in terms of gaming in this day in age is the status of two classic gaming series. Everyone here has played a Mario AND Zelda game at some point in their life(yes I assume both, I don't see how you can be existing if you haven't, owning a Nintendo system at some point). Both of these series have been around for a very long time; Both approaching three decades of age since their initial creation. As many of you also know Nintendo has also shifted its attention to the more casual crowd in order to establish as larger consumer base and of course make more money. Some of you may have been dissappointed or just simply moved away from Nintendo do the changes it's experienced over the years and the attraction of other system manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft. Instead of a topic pitting Mario against Link in terms of individual skill and durability. I wanted to debate about some other traits of these two characters. I want to see which character has the most marketability. Here are some questions I've been curious about:

Which character has the most substance and is more thought out?

Which has the most appealing cast(ex:weegee/boozer;ganon/tingle)

Which series has proven to be most successful in the past and over the years?

Which series and can be expanded and added to without seeming too desparate to maintain it's userbase?(ex: new games and characters)

Which series has a future with the most potential?

It might be hard for you to choose between the two in some areas. Super Mario World was my first game, but I've been in love with the Legend of Zelda series for as long as I can remember. If not a debate I at least want to hear some opinions on which character and series had the most potential in the past along with now and in the future. This type of versus topic may seem kind of strange, but think of it as a challenge other than thinking about how strong someone is and who can outlive who. I may update this topic with some new questions to discuss if any can come to mind. This thread of sort of a in the moment thing and I didn't have a lot of time to think it out and write more.

tl;dr: Who has and will stand a better chance against the world's market Mario and his series or Link along with his?

Depends if spin-offs count, imho. Because Mario is in everything.

No, no mario sports and racing games. Consider just his RPGs and Platorming

then I'm unsure.

It's still Mario. He's got probably twice as many games as Legend of Zelda.

Phantom Miria
This would belong in the Video Games Discussion forum rather than the Versus.

Even if not, it is against the Versus rules. You are not allowed to make threads like this.

Against the rules

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