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Phantom Miria


Name: Alan, or Al, Crichton. (Pronounced Cry-ton)

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Occupation: Doorman, or "bouncer".
Personality: On the exterior, Al seems gruff and reserved. Quiet. Butin truth he's a deep thinker, and has a great appreciation for classic literature, history, and philosophy. He's also a terrible gambler, and something of a heavy drinker. He also tends to be a loner, as he's stubborn, and fiercely independant. He's also very prideful, and clings to his dignity with more vigour than he clings to even life. This can make him brave, or stupid, as if he has something to prove. In truth, he's trying to convince himself most of all.

Greatest fear: Despite his pride, Al has a slight fear and unease in the dark, as well as mild social anxiety. Rejection and embarrassment are a huge deal to him, but his greatest fear is to be outside his own control, and at the will of another. Helplessness.

Biography: Al was born in Cork Ireland, where he developed his love of song and literature, as well as hardened into the man that he is today. His early life was tough, but rewarding. He learned quickly how to take care of himself, and the value of hard work. In his twenties he moved to America, having lost most of his family, or cut ties.
Currently, he works at the door of an industrial club in Boston, collects old books, and spends his spare time indulging in escapism or cards.

Reason for being in Arkham: The library at Miskatonic University.

Thoughts on magic: He doesn't believe in magic, but finds it's concept intrigueing.

Thoughts on religion: Curious, he's convinced the universe as a whole is too impossibly well designed to have been accidental, or spawned by random chance, but has a hard time accepting the idea of dieties.

Appearance: Tall, and lean. He cuts an imposing figure at 6'2" and 200 lbs. (91 KG) He has short dark hair, and green eyes, as well as a perpetual case of five o' clock shadow, which he sometimes gives up on controlling, resulting in a short beard. He wears plain clothes, except for his leather jacket and boots. His Irish accent has faded slightly from years spent in America, but is still quite obvious, and his voice is even toned, not high or low. He bears a small scar on the right side of his mouth, which cuts across both lips verticly.

Name: Simon Kamina

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Occupation: Employee for McDonalds

Personality: Simon is a out-loud thinker. He is not afraid of anyone or anything, which can make him brave or foolish. He tends to try and make others feel better at what they do, as well as attempt to raise their spirits. He tends to act out like a leader whether people follow him or not.

Greatest fear: The Inevitable. Simon's fear is when there is nothing he can do or say, in certain situations.

Biography: Simon Kamina was born and raised in New York.

He was raised in a orphanage and was never taken in by any such family, he was always to loud and hurts anyone who try's to pick him up. He always yelled that one day his real family would pick him up, but of coarse that never came to be.

During his school days, he never did good when it came to grades and studys. But Simon always raised the spirits of others students that they can pass Education, and they all truly did, All except for Simon. He was never able to pass the important tests, and never payed to much attention during lectures. But that never bothered him at all.

Even though Simon failed in High School, he moved on with what he can do. He works for fast food restaurants, janitors for small companys, or as a stockboy for any company. Always saving up a little before he moves in for the next city, always looking for that one big break where he will have a big paying job, or any kind of opportunity to strike the dream of a life time. He will never give up, and will always have that cocky smile on his face yill he find what he needs.

Reason for being in Arkham: The latest city Simon has moved to. Wasting no time he applied for Mcdonalds, with all the experience he has, and how loud his personality tends to be, it was no mystery that he was hired without much of a thought by it's manager.

Thoughts on magic: Magic is what the characters do in most video games, cartoon tv shows, fantasy movies, and in those damn harry potter books. It's not real, because it's not real. It is something Simon doesn't think about.

Thoughts on religion: Religion seemed like something that would slow Kamina down. Because of that, he doesn't bother with such a thing.

Appearance: 6'4, medium built body. Natural hair color is black, but has it dyed to dark blue and spiked out to stand out in a crowd. Dark brown eyes, but wears red shades to stand out once more. Bright clean white smile, shines against the sun even it's not there. Cleaned Face, no facial hair.

Simon usually wears a red jacket to match his glasses, and a dark blue t-shirt underneath, Dark blue jeans.

Name: Isa Saix
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Occupation: Massage Therapist

Personality: A very quiet kinda person until you get to know him. He is very friendly, although happens to make enemies just out of the way he presents himself. He is not much of a fighter but dont think he could be taken advantage of he wont allow it.

Greatest fear: Being traped in a very small hole with barely any room to move or breath. Often having dreams of this make him panic.

Biography: Isa came to the town when he was 17 with his parents. Once his carrier was established, he start working at a local spa. Before they moved to the town he was a very troubled young man. His brother often beat him down to the point of him almost dying until one day Isa killed him. He burned the body and got ride of evidence. He knew how to do this because his dad was a local cop. At the age of 16 when they wanted to move Isa was thrilled to leave his past behind. He pushes on past his horrific deed he executed. No one suspected Isa of murder. He lives on his own now and often visits his parents. Latley hes having trouble trusting the people of the town he feels left out of a secret. He keeps having dreams of dying alone

Reason for being in Arkham: a new start was needed.

Thoughts on magic: He likes to beilive there is a such thing as real magic

Thoughts on religion: He beilives in a upper hand but he slowly looses his beilives as he gets older.

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Phantom Miria
Name: Zoe Sullivan
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Occupation: Sick-listed Experimental psychologist
Personality: Zoe Sullivan is a brilliant woman with a very open mind and has a passion for psychology. She is kind, helpful and social but often careful with what she says. Despite that, she is more of a talker than a listener, at least since the point when she got sick-listed. She was sick-listed two years ago, recommended time away from work because of the severity of her condition: Zoe suffer from redundant paranoia and has become afraid of a great deal of things.
Greatest fear: She has many fears, but the greatest ones are her fear of sharp objects as well as her fear of birds
Biography: Zoe was a brilliant student back in New York and always did well on tests and in class. During her psychology education, Zoe got for a time mixed up in bad crowds and was for periods of time on both drugs and a frequent drinker. Once she finished school though, this bad habit of hers stopped as she got a job.
For a few years, Zoe worked as an experimental psychologist, which is a methodological approach rather than a subject. She was employed to conduct psychological research and to teach rather than to practise and treat. As the years moved on and she studied further and further the depth of psychology, she slowly grew paranoid and became less and less trusting. It soon reached the point when her fellow workers realized that her work stressed her and that she soon could become a psychological danger to herself. So she was sick-listed.
Sitting at home for a few weeks, staring into the wall and reading book after book, she ended up going out of town and went to visit her father, who worked as a catholic priest in the Arkham church. She stayed with him for years, enjoying the fresh air in the rural city and the low pace that the city has. Something over a week ago though, her father went missing. Despite having attained a significant level of serenity, his disappearance struck her like lightning and her paranoia came back as a slap across the face.
Reason for being in Arkham: Getting her thoughts straight and visiting her now missing father
Thoughts on magic: She fear anything is possible and has chosen not to neglect the idea of the existence of paranormal activities
Thoughts on religion: In her mental solitude, Zoe has read religious books cover to cover and has constructed a sanctuary of faith in her mind. Believing there is a greater purpose of all things, Zoe does not neglect any religion and is herself a believer. She believe in God, but she does not know which one. She find herself righteous and she has the belief that God does too, whatever God it is
Appearance: Zoe does not care for fashion or looking good. She wears casual clothing and often a headband to keep the hair from her eyes. As the picture shows, she fancy red and orange striped clothing, but does not specificly seek any particular clothing when she open her drawers. She pick what is on the top of the pile.


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Wei Phoenix
Name: Nate, Mr. Don't worry about my last name.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Unemployed
Personality: He's the token black guy in a scary movie. Runs when shit gets real, likes to stay together instead of splitting up. He is filled with common sense and street smart.
Greatest fear: Homophobia either witnessing it or even worse. This fear counts for women on women as well.
Biography: Not much is known, he never stays in the same place for long and his names vary from Nate to Nathaniel, maybe Nathan or some other alias. He has street smarts, he's a good bullshitter so he can smell it coming from a mile away and Nate is also good with a handgun or sawed shottie.
Reason for being in Arkham: Make some money by robbin and connin these fools blind. AKA, he's minding his own business
Thoughts on magic: Yo, I don't **** with that juju shit. (He believes in it but he does his best to stay away from it.
Thoughts on religion: Only God can judge me.
Appearance: http://www.celebrity-sunglasses-finder.com/image-files/will_smith_bad_boys2.jpg

Phantom Miria
All of you are good to start, in case you are wondering! As mentioned, if you can not think of a way to interact with others, post how you like and I will make people meet up as we go along.

Wei Phoenix
Originally posted by Phantom Miria
All of you are good to start, in case you are wondering! As mentioned, if you can not think of a way to interact with others, post how you like and I will make people meet up as we go along.

I swear if the black one is the one to go first then I'll destroy you so hard and fast.


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please jump right in !

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