Napoleon: Total War

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Hello fellow Total War fans, the latest release coming out for our overcocked PC's is based on the Napleonic Era. The graphics, if this were possible, look even more astounding than Empire's and with a new supply system being implented and loads of new fixes being applied, I think this has the potential to be the greatest edition to the Total War family... perhaps ever?

Just watch those videos listed on the website, I'm drooling.

And I got wind of an actual multiplayer campaign that you can play with more than one person?
SEGA has a beta up on Empire but it's buggy and only 1v1.

FistOfThe North
total war, looking as beautiful as ususal, now we have the nepolionic wars and sea battles with large ship and it's coming out sooner than i thought. my pc'd love to run something as meaty this game. i'll get it.

Mmm, I know, I think I'll have to upgrade my graphics card it can play Empire just fine but I never got to see it in its full experience and this new edition's graphics just scream to be viewed on ultra.

Would love to play if it wasn't the fact that Empire Total War was a total bug fest piece of shit.

But they had updates for Empire that made it run 100x smoother. Yes it was buggy at launch but they fixed all the problems with it and is easily the best Total War game to date. Napoleon can only do it better.

Not really. I still run into crazy game crashing bugs.

And by going from what you said, after releasing a staple of buggy games, why was Empire Total war just as bad as previous games?

Just downloaded Napoleon and let me tell you, it is almost nothing like its predessor.

Empire had its bugs and glitches and faults, Napoleon has certaintly made up for those tenfold.

With amazing in-game graphics (as always) and the gameplay just being totally revamped and, well, for lack of a better word, FIXED.

I saw a cavalryman charge my lines, he was shot and fell from his horse his foot getting got in the reigns. The horse routed, dragging the man along on the ground with his foot still caught on the reigns. The muskets have a much bigger punch now and men die in the scores more rapidly than ever. Artillery isn't useless anymore if you use round shot, and the campaign map looks beautiful (the campaign recieving a great fix up as well).


Also, Generals aren't just units, they actually have an AoE inspiration effect on your troops. They can turn the tide of battles by just being there inspiring the men.

How is Russia doing in the campaign?

Empire's AI was broken to hell. The best game in the Total War series was Shogun or Medieval. Ever since then they've declined in quality.

Russia as always, are bears. And the majority of their infantry have amazing hats and great big beards.

Napoleon is far from broken, it has all the fixes needed for a great game.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.