Nocturne: Fantasies & Delusions ((rules and rego))

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Welcome back for the New Year, all.

Nocturne can go ahead.

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Well...bye everybody! I leave Nocturne in MadMel's hands. Off I go into the wild blue yonder!!!!

Fantasies & Delusions
Our world is but one side of a coin. The other side of this coin is a realm of darkness where demons roam free. These two worlds have always lived side by side but have never interacted with one another; that is till one day. It happened so strangely. A solar eclipse blotted out the sun for an hour straight and finally when it vanished the gateway between our world and the realm of darkness was broken. Now the seven legendary crystals must be reunited at the temple where the gate uniting our two worlds stand and must be closed off once and for all.

You pretty much have two characters. A normal human character (a high school student) and a spirit character (from the dark realm). Your normal human character is normal; nuff said. But your other character; the spirit character is a guardian of the gateway connecting the two worlds. The spirit dwells within your body; so pretty much your body has two souls within it. Your spirit side houses many magical abilities from flight to controlling the elements.

Of course at the beginning of the RPG none of us will have our spirits. Not much fun beginning midway through the RPG.

1.) TxG
2.) Matr0shka
3.) Anon E. Mous
4.) iKinneas
5.) MadMel
6.) Hitosu Moriko
7.) Young_Angel
8.) Regelion1
9.) Liberator

you may need to char sheets for this (or one big one) since you are technically controlling 2 characters stick out tongue

apparently this is the themesong, according to ESB


a character sheet would have been nice, esb erm

normal character

Name: Andrew Brok

gender: male

Age: 17

Appearance: later

bio: later

spirit character

name: Gabriel

Powers: orb magic (controls 8 elemental orbs which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as attack, defense etc), flight

Fighting Styles: none

Gadgets/weapons (optional): none

Appearance: later

bio: later

that'll do for character sheets i think erm

and before anyone posts in the thread (which ill open when a few people have registered), i gotta make 2 things clear
1. the solar eclipse esb mentioned in the story intro hasnt happened yet..we are rping the events leading up to the solar eclipse until esb gets back - or something like that stick out tongue
2. because of the above, NONE of us have access to our spirit characters yet
just putting those out there, because there are a few rpers here who ignore/incorrectly read the rules from time to time erm

well this is easy - i dont have to do anything, just wait until esb comes back and yells at me for not getting his rp started stick out tongue

Hitosu Moriko
i'll post soon i just dont have my mind working its like im in another world so let me think of my profile

ESB -1138
Originally posted by MadMel
well this is easy - i dont have to do anything, just wait until esb comes back and yells at me for not getting his rp started stick out tongue

...very funny. Any who I found a computer at the airport so I'd figured I'd check in. You know...I can easily get to Australia. Just saying. Any who since MM is having some trouble with everything:

Character Sheet
Grade: (9th-12th)

There's your character sheet. Here's mine:

Name: Jacen O'Neil
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Spirit: Nocturne
Parents: Stephen O'Neil and Candice O'Neil
Siblings: James and Johnathan
Appearance: -post when I get back to Japan-
Grade: 10th
Hobbies: Drawing
Bio: Jacen is a shy and quiet fellow often picked on at school. He's a talented and young artist often placing many of his comics in the school newspaper. He spends most of his time living in his own little world developing stories for the popular RPG Fantasies & Delusions (think Dungeons and Dragons). Because of this he has been sort of an outcast at school and is often singled out by bullies. Of course Jacen is a very talented dancer but very few people know of this. Jacen is also shy around women and will basically do whatever a cute face asks.

The school is called Off Coast High School and the city is Johnsonville (a pretty big city land wise). I'll go ahead and start the RPG while I have time and feel free to post when ready.

was that a threat? stick out tongue

Name: andrew brok
Gender: male
Age: 17
Spirit: gabriel
Parents: bruce brok and rachel brok
Siblings: none
Appearance: ill gaia something up in a second stick out tongue
Grade: (9th-12th): 11th
Hobbies: sports - especially parkour (you said johnsville's a big city - score!)
Bio: confident, graceful and sporty, but also very kind natured..andrew is considered popular by many for his sporting ability, especially his parkour stunts..his parent own and live in the largest hotel in the city, meaning andrew has plenty of places to practice his skills..knows a route that can get him from home to school without touching the ground..

Name: Ghost McIntyre
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Spirit: Shira
Parents: Kale and Isabella McIntyre
Siblings: Kit (younger sister)
Appearance: (see pic below)
Grade: 12
Hobbies: Guitar, occasionally Bass Guitar
Bio: Spending much of his time either home playing one of his guitars, Ghost is one of the kids that no one really can place. He oddly sweeps in and out of several social groups at school, never really staying in one for more than a few hours. He has only a few friends throughout the school, but never seems to make the effort to afford himself any more.

Name: Aiden Flanders
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Spirit: Klaus
Parents: Mother: Christine Flanders Father: Malachy Flanders
Siblings: N/A
Grade: 11th
Hobbies: Fiddle, enjoys drinking, a "useless vagabond of wild intentions."
Bio: Aiden Flanders is by all means a problem child. He cuts classes, has a taste for the drink, and enjoys causing a bit of hell every now and again. But his heart is fairly pure, he plays the fiddle and enjoys singing rousing jigs and having a good time all around. He gets into a bit of trouble at school, doesn't precisely care about his education, and can often be found in the student restrooms dancing away or sitting in the headmasters officer, still dancing away. He keeps his friends close and his enemies closer, he has always been edgy, but normally keeps these feelings of paranoia in himself. Though his outlook and outward personality comes across people as roguish, and his wild side is often on display more often that his civilised side, he will never back down from any challenge and defends his friends even if it means defeat. Such loyalty can be found only when truly meeting Aiden Flanders.

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