Deathwing vs. PumwI'-class dreadnought

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Setting: Over Raxus Prime

The PumwI'-class dreadnought was a Klingon dreadnought that appeared in the video game Klingon Academy (but also in Starfleet Command 1/2)

Assuming Deathwing as showed by Malygos and Nozdormu can survive in space, he should take this. The PumwI'-class Dreadnaught (Or "The Accuser"wink according to my just now research on it has one significant weakness. It is slow. Since I assume this is relative, it is not right for me to say that Deathwing is anything but slow. This especially since this ship is 600 meter long and is a frequent combatant in space battle.

It seems to have a clumsy design, so it might suffice for Deathwing to get on its back and strike from above. Since the weapons will not be able to reach him at its immediate back, he should be able to work in peace.

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Even "slow" ships, in the TOS era, can fly at the escape speed of typical class-M worlds (ca. 15 km/s) while still on impulse drive. But Star Trek being Star Trek, 15 km/s is a mere pittance as compared to the actual speed of these things. And a QeylIS Betleh-class ship, which is even slower than a PumwI'-class ship, could fly faster than the escape speed of Earth (or Qo'noS for that matter) so 15 km/s is a possible speed of the thing. If anything, if 15 km/s is the top speed of a QeylIS BetleH-class ship, then the PumwI'-class dreadnought would be about 20 km/s.

And the Enterprise-A, which is a fast ship back in its day, could fly at nearly 100,000 km/s (see Star Trek I)

Theoretically though, Deathwing could just teleport inside the ship. Destroy it from the inside. He could cast Endless Hunger if he does not want to engage them eye-to-eye. Hide in the shadows, channel and cast. They will be dead pretty soon afterwards.

oooh its a ship? then i say deathwing, im probably underestimating this ship, but death wing is SOOOOO powerful. i mean waking from a nap he pretty much destroys the planet he was sleeping on

Endless Hunger is another example of Deathwing being a global threat and not just a threat to those within an immediate vicinity.

But yes, Deathwing is the Earth warden. Vulcanos and lava is under his command.

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It's a matter of sheer luck here. Even if the effective range of the weapons arrays would be 80,000 km (as per Starfleet Command 1) and the best possible Klingon crews, everything depends on whether he casts Endless Hunger or not. If he doesn't:

KA PumwI': Since the weapons arrays have a global coverage (it's because of the 2D nature of the flying and combat but the real thing would have dorsal or ventral components to arcs) Firing photon torpedoes can be a bit tricky but if they actually did hit Deathwing with heavy photons then Deathwing is in a world of hurt.

SFC PumwI' (it doesn't matter whether it is a C8/9/10): Photonic missiles would probably be launched as a delaying tactic. Phasers (or continuous-beam disruptors) would hit and damage Deathwing with every hit scored.

In short, maybe the whole thing was a joke. Unless... Deathwing's teleport had the same restriction as Klingon transporters, in which case he could teleport in the ship only when there is a downed shield. That we will never know.

Transporters are nothing more than technology. Mechanical devices. Magic is entirely different, since it would not be a matter of a device projecting a type of energy which the Klingon possess the signature of and has the ability to protect against.

Because magic =/= technology, there are no implications on teleporting not working for Deathwing even if transporters does not.

It should not require much to take Deathwing out, even if he withstood and even defied the very might of the Old Gods. They sure seemed to have a hard time keeping him away, but of course they only had an indirect source from which they could strike and he did not actually take their full force. Barely a portion, I dare speculate. He did brush away Malygos blasts and common spells did not face him at all.

Based on that, I say Deathwing.

Deathwing should take this.

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