Dawn of War meets StarCraft

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Because it's nice to pit things aginst the things which inspired them.

The Blood Ravens from Dawn of War 2 are persuing the rogue Eldar who were raiding Angel Forge, and have landed on a space platform near Mar Sara, they have;

-Force commander with thunder hammer. (To be fair, I gave the otherside tanks.)
-A tactical squad led by Tarkus with bolters and grenades.
-Devastator Squad led by Avitus, equiped with plasma gun and heavy bolters. (these require set up, for those unfamiliar.)
-Scout squad led by Cyrus with snipers, demo packs, and melta bombs.

As they land, Jim Raynor and Zeratul mistake them for infested Terrans, and hostilities arise. The Eldar and the Blood Ravens patch up an unsteady alliance to deal with the threat, who vastly outnumber them.

The Terran have maxed PSI with 100 marines, 20 fire bats, 10 medics, 10 tanks, 1 battle cruiser, and 10 wraiths. (I'm off by a little but have not played SC in a long time, and when I did I played Zerg :P)
Their protoss allies also have maxed PSI with 10 Archons, 2 carriers, 40 zealots and 20 dragoons.

Jim and Zeratul will also be joining in the battle.

The Eldar who are working with the Blood Ravens have:
-2 Gaurdian squads with warlock, and grenades.
-1 shuriken cannon platform
-1 brightlance platform (platforms require set up.)
-Farseer with gravity blade
-Seer council
- Warp spider squad.

-Jim and Zeratul must survive
-Harvest all Astartes and Eldar corpses
-Complete within 24 hours or a splinter of hive fleet Leviathan arrives.

good fight!

i will have to think about it but i want starcraft to win! big grin

not sure if they would though

I have to admit I'm biased towards StarCraft myself, if only because that's the game I've played. As for PSI, I think you're off by maybe one Cruiser (I preferred Terran, go figure stick out tongue).

I have no idea what any of this means. Yeytits.

Starcraft Marines may not be Space Marine equals, but they are by no means light infantry. I think you gave Starcraft too much. A battlecruiser is not only dangerous, but also huge. Massive. It will take A LOT for Dawn of War to take this. Siege Tank fire is not exactly a tickle either.

The battle cruiser is also slow, and relatively short ranged. I'm not allowing the yamato cannon.

I basicly included the brightlance as a counter to this. It's an anti-vehicle platform that can pierce the front armour of a land raider fairly easily. I also gave Avitus a plasma gun, though maybe I should have picked lascannon. I was very tired when I made this thread.

As for the marines, they will be dealing with a hail of bolter fire, and a force commander on roids with a thunder hammer. He alone may be enough to kill all 40, imho. The real strength of the terran and protoss will be their vehicles and the archons.

But then, once protsss are factored in, the numbers tip to the StarCraft side dramaticly enough that the force commander cannot simply charge in and expect to win. But he does pose a threat to tanks.

What does the lot have against Zeratul's invisibility and can their armor withstand his warp blade?

Scouts are detectors, and I'm reasonably sure space marine armour could take a hit from his warp blade. Space marine armour is incredibly tough stuff. An open top tank still counts as closed if there's a space marine in the hatch, to give you an idea. Scout armour, not so much. But they are infiltrators, as well. they'll not likely be caught in melee.

I'm also reasonably sure the Farseers abilities as a pyker would allow her to see Zeratul.

Gravity blade lets her levitate an armies worth of infantry for several seconds, long enough for a lot of fire power to focus on other things, or the immobile units. At the end of the ten or so seconds, they're thrown for damage.

Alright, I'm convinced that the battle cruiser makes this a win for Star Craft, and I under-estimated it.

Let's take that out and replace it with something to bring this back in line with "Fair" and debate from there. Suggestions?

Protoss Cruiser. >.>

The carrier isn't as much of an issue. If it was a capitol ship, then we'd have an issue.

Wow, iFail. Carrier is what I meant to say, but you guessed that. Was mostly joking about it anyhow, and why wouldn't it be an issue? Carriers are just a massive, if not more so, than Terran Battlecruisers, and their built-in fleets can wreak havoc on most other units.

they don't attack directly and the low fire power of the fighters isn';t enough to do much, imho.

Besides which point, the bright lance platform will probably drop the carriers,

Well yeah, the individual fighters don't do much, but if they swarm, things die. What the power output of the platform? Is it enough to one shot a carrier through its shields? If not, I'm betting a fighter swarm could take it down before it charges up again.

A brightlance platform can peirce the front armour of a land-raider without trouble, so probably. The Eldar can essentially set up what are basicly one way walls that provide them with cover which they can fire out of. The intereceptors probably wouldn't be able to gdown the lance before it raped the carriers imho.

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