KMC at the Canadian Olympic Winter Games

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Yep. You read that correctly. I figured with the olympics happening in Canada right now, this was perfect.

Here is how this thread works:
This thread will serve as a registration thread for a series of events, each which will have it's own thread that does not break any rules. (they will adhere to the character limit, team size limit, ect..)

You may nominate as many characters for as many different ewvents as you wish. The characters who get the most nominations in any even, will particpate, and compete with one another in a serperate thread.
All characters are in character, thus including CIS, and personality.
Now, I'd love to enter Link in all of the events and have him sweep the olympics.. But that wouldn't be right! Each character may compete in only TWO events. so, choose carefully when you nominate!

The events are:

Snowboarding: A downhill race along a set path down a mountain side. To make things a bit more challenging for our super-human subjects, they're being persued by an avalanche, and may not use any powers, or equipment other than the snowboard. Physical prowess only. Up to five may compete. Bronze, silve,r and gold medals will be awarded. (In text!..On the kmc wiki!)

Archery: Up to five characters may compete in a competition of archery skill. The targets will be placed a mile down range. All bows used will be KMC olympic standard: unbreakable, and able to make use of a character's entire strength potential. Once again, no powers or special equipment.

Olympic fencing: A contest of skilled swordsmanship. No powers or equipment, except for standard, nonmagical, and yet somehow indestructable, swords of whatever type each character prefers. Round robin: each character fights each character once.

Olympic boxing: Non weapon/armour items allowed. No powers, or equipment that grants flight or invisibility. (or time stops or such.)

Hockey: Two teams of five characters, equiped with KMC olympic standard hockey equipment. If a character is slain by the puck, it will not be a penalty, unless it was done intentionally. Any penalties result in the character sitting out for the rest of the game.

The javelin toss: up to five competitors, one javelin toss. Farthest throw wins. Once again, physical prowess only, no powers.

The foot race: Pretty straight forward. Up to five characters race across the continent, from Pacific Canada, to Atlantic Canada. There is no predetermined route, and characters may find anyway they like, as long as:
1. They move only on foot
2. They accept no help
3. No teleporting or other powers.
4. Equipment is allowed.

Now, it might seem I've left out the brainy, in favour of the brawny, but I'm going to set up a few more events below for the less athletic characters. (Or characters who excell in both fields)

Olympic puzzle solving: Up to five characters. A competition between characters to solve a series of puzzles. Anything from block puzzles, weight puzzles, physics puzzles, to exploration, to logic. Powers allowed.

Olympic chess: A round robin event for 5 competitiors it's pretty straight forward. A competition of strategic might. (Each character plays each other character once.) No powers.

Olympic creation: Up to five characters; who can create the most impressive creations, or simply the most? Powers and equipment allowed.

Olympic destruction: Who can cause the greatest destruction with their magic? Up to five competitors, powers obviously allowed.

And lastly:

The beauty contest:
Up to five characters compete for the crown of most beautiful olympian. All powersand equipment allowed.

Get nominating!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.