Why was my previous username banned?

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Plead to the Moderators: Hello Rex, Queeq, and other moderators that hang around the SW Forums.

I understand that this is the wrong forum to post this, but because I just created the account today, I cannot send PMs. And this forum is the one I most frequented under my previous username, "SWFan4Life." where most people will likely have heard of me. I cannot send links to other threads either. I think I should get right to it.

My previous username was SWFan4Life (member since 5/26/10), and I was banned this morning (7/20/10) by Peach because I was supposedly a Sock. I am trying to understand what I did wrong. I have never wittingly and voluntarily insulted anyone on these forums, and you can check the SWFan4Life profile with my posts for yourself. Any time I have accidently offended anyone (or I thought that I somehow did), I have PM'd them apologizing.

The post in question that resulted in my ban was in the Arts forum under Peach's thread. I did not consider my post anywhere near innappropriate, nor was that the intention by any means. I am definitely not a Sock. SWFan4Life was my first username, and I have made both posts and started reasonable threads in the Versus forum. I also frequent the Star Wars EU forum and the SW Movies forums.

Again, I apologize if my post was construed in a less than kosher manner, as that was not the intention. I also regret posting this thread in the SW EU forum, but this blog is the area where most people might have heard of me or known me.

RE: Blaxican
Maybe you should try converting to a different God. Just sayin

Vorpal Ruin
I was also wondering why you were banned. You seem pretty nice and reasonable to me.

Lord Lucien
You probably just didn't submit your unconditional obedience to Peach.

This can be discussed by PMs.

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