Floor 17(IC)

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....Nocturne wandered around the mall with a cherry slushie in one hand and shopping bags in the other. She was getting ready for summer as it was rapidly approaching. Nocturne needed her bikinis, shorts, capris, sandals, and anything else a girl like her would need for summer. She had on sunglasses even though she was inside the mall. Nocturne went outside and placed everything in her older sister's car. She gulped down the rest of her slushie and threw away the cup. Her sister wasn't going to leave the mall for another hour so Nocturne decided to take a walk in a nearby park. Around she saw dogs, joggers, and even picnickers enjoying themselves. All of a sudden the shining sun was blocked out by an approaching object. Right in the middle of the park fountain, what seemed to be a spacecraft landed and almost ended a couple lives. The craft was red and black with a huge gray door in the front. Nocturne stood in awe. She tried to keep a low profile everywhere se went, because if anyone knew the great Noc was there in the park, they would be all over her. Nocturne was famous in the city of Atlanta of one of the best heroins in the world. She once saved millions of people from a situation gone wrong...


1 year ago at the Public Research Facility in Atlanta, a genius scientist claimed to have found the cure to AIDS. He successfully made a vaccination that actually kills a virus, specifically AIDS. He made a public speech in front of the building, where the patient was sleeping. Earlier that day that had tested the test subject and found him to be clear of any virus he might have had. The patient eventually awoke to see his test reports at the end of his bed. He was ecstatic as ever. Overwhelmed with joy the patient drunk a vial of chemicals that was used for the vaccination thinking it was a cup of water. He was only to have a concentrated amount or it couldn't been dangerous, and it was also dangerous for the chemicals to get into his stomach. The patient immediately noticed it wasn't water but he already swallowed it. His stomach started to gurgle heavily. The patient started throwing up everywhere. He kept throwing up until he couldn't breathe. He tried to make it to the door but the man fell out onto the floor cracking his head open on impact. His stomach started to enlarge like a balloon being inflated until it eventually popped. A creature the size of a greyhound emerged from the mans body. It was bloody red with no eyes. It had pincers on its head and a worm like body. The thing continued to grow and grow until it broke the buildings roof. Citizens shrieked and the scientists didn't know what to do. Luckily Nocturne was just across the street coming from Lenox Square. Nocturne quickly ran towards the commotion. She flicked the charm on her neck and swiped her hand in front of her. Blue shock waves emitted from her hand as her Polytech blade appeared. The unknown monster quickly grew twice its size. It skewered a green goo on the building around him and it dissolved. The people below ran in different directions. Nocturne could tell the monster was about to spit more acid goo, but he was aimed for her favorite place ever.....Lenox Mall. Nocturne used her axe as a launcher and a foothold to get her close to the head of the thing. It spit acid goo at her. Noctis eyes widened as she spun all of her weapons that appeared from thin air around her to use as an absolute shield. The goo fell to the ground, luckily there was no one there. She grabbed the Polytech Blade back from the bunch and sent and electric current from the hilt all the way through to the blade. Nocturne let the axe launch her again fast, towards the gigantic creature. Her blade sliced the head clean off. It fell to the ground coated in slimy gunk. Hiding behind the dumpster was a video nerd that taped the whole thing. The take down became a You Tube sensation...She was known as the world famous 'Noc'. The creature was known to be a mutated tapeworm, affected from the chemicals and vaccination. The man didn't make it...
Nocturne took off her glasses and set them inside her pocket. The door from the craft slid open and made a whirring sound. Out stepped a huge figure. It was about 9 feet at least. It had a black clock over its head. The figure removed his hood to reveal an ugly villain from Nocturne's past called Nega. He had returned once again for revenge. Noc always loved fighting him, as he was the only person to give him a challenge. She didn't even have to talk, Nocturne just rushed Nega with the Serpent Blade in hand. Just when she got 1 foot away from him, a white light blinded her. Once she recovered her vision she saw that she was inside a plain room. The serpent blade dissapeared, since Noc put it away using time distortion. The room had tan walls and white floors. It had a high ceilings and plenty of room."Hello?!?!" Noc could hear her own echo. "The hell's going on?"

Abari clicked in 2 stratos crystals to his force bow. It grew in size and turned into a huge, fierce looking bow. Abari aimed at the targets infront of him. They were about 30 feet away and 5 feet apart. He had about three targets. Abari took aim at the targets. He hit them all, smack dab in the middle. Now, Abari took 10 steps back. He put on a blind fold and shot his bow. One arrow was complete air, another was a fire elemental arrow, and the last was a speeding bullet of water in the shape of a lance. Abari repeated himself until he felt a blinding light behind his blindfold. When he removed it he was in an empty room. There was another girl there looking equally confused. "Um exuse me, where the he'll are we?!?!"

Alexstra was sitting in a Starbucks just enjoying a cold green tea, her light brown hair rested on her dark brown leather jacket that matched so well with her dark blue jeans. Alex felt so relaxed in on the nice soft chair, she really needed to relax after her karate tournament she just won. "Man, this year was harder then the last, if I'm not careful I might actually lose." She sipped her tea and thought about the idea of losing. She never lost a fight even when she'd entered a mens tournament and she was proud of the fact she didn't have to rely on her powers to get to this point. Alex was about to leave when a bright light came from nowhere, she covered her eyes to try not to get blinded. When she felt the light had gone away she opened her eyes only to find herself in a white room with two others, she immediately fell into her karate stance ready to defend if attacked, "What is going on here?!"

Somewhere in the Amazon Jungle, or Rainforests as most know it has. Eve was tending to her plants, Nuturing them with loving care and fussing and cooing, as one would over a newborn baby wrapped up in it's blankets and te baby was wearing those cute little mitts and so on. One particular plant Eve was tending to was a Nymphaeaceae, In other words a type of Amazon-Lilly, Very beautiful and Eve just loved the scent that came from it.

The gentle rain began to fall down upon the rainforests, Eve smiled up at the sky, The water would feed her precious plants and make them grow,

" You have been blessed my precious beings, Grow my darlings, Grow for mummy. " Eve said sweetly glancing back down at her beautiful plants and the endless rows of trees, She loved the smell of the rain and the pine that came from the trees it was delicious and fresh.

Some would if they had been watching Eve would deem her strange, But like people cue over babies...Eve treated these plants and trees as her children and reason to fuss over them. Eve was a ordinary young lady though, She had been blessed herself with an extrodinary gift, Her people say a gift from the heavens above. Eve had a special power, One that was intune to all plants and trees. She could speak to them and could make them grow, control them and, and manipulate and manifest them to bend to her will only if it was necissary, She would never abuse her gift that was bestowed upon her. No Eve only used in extreme circumstances such as when those horrid people would come with their bulldozers and attempt to cut down her precious trees, She would use hwe powers then to have the vine plants attack them and scare the bulldozers away. Did they not no how precious these plants and trees were, They provide oxegen to the planet, are so beautiful to look at. It made Eve sad and angry at the same time that people had no respect for things anymore and could take and take and not have consequences, of course their is there is always a consequence for everything.

A flash of white made Eve glance up, She thought it was the glare off the sun But it was different, It was blinding, So bright, that Eve had to cover her eyes. Still with her eyes closed with just a little bit open in order to pick up her small bag and place over shoulders. An odd sensation filled her, Like she was being transported somewhere. Once she opened her eyes she found herself in a strange white room, She wasn't alone either their were others in there. She stood up nervously, But ready to defend herself if necissary,

" Who are you, and where am i ? "

Abari's bow made a loud noise as it dissapeared and the crystal was all on the back of his hand. I glowed a bright green. "That's what all of us are wondering. I was just training one second, then here the other..." Abari wasn't one to freak out but this was very strange for him even after all the kinds of things he's fought over the years. He looked around to just an empty room. It was the most weird experience he ever went through or had.

The Scenario
An alarm was ringing inside Ash's head. It had been for several seconds before he managed to track down it's source. He touched down lightly in front of a large building, and noted the scene in front of him. There were three attackers, each armed and masked. Two held handguns while the third was weilding a shotgun. Ash looked up, noting that the building he stood at was a bank.

"A bank robbery?" he mused to himself. "Things truly never change." It seemed one of the tellers had activated a silent alarm, which Ash's sensors had picked up on. He looked back to the crime. There were perhaps twenty people inside, not counting the robbers. There was a large amount of shouting, and one of the masked assailants began to point his weapon at people more or less randomly.

Ash was through the door before anyone knew what was happening, and grabbed the the man by his shirt, lifting him off the ground with ease. All eyes turned to stare. Many turned up in wonder, others in fear, but all were clearly curious at what was about to happen.

"Halt, evildoers!" Ash cried, his synthesized voice commanding all attention. "Cease this foolish action immediately."

"What in the world..." one of the armed men began. "It's...it's a robot," the other said quietly. They traded glanced, then opened fire. Ash dashed to the side before activating his jet boots and charging forward.

"You would shoot while your ally is still in the line of fire?" Ash said as he threw his hostage forward, colliding with the other two and knocking all of them to the ground. Before the could get up, Ash lifted his arm and pointed it at them. A small circular panel on his palm opened up, and a fierce humming filled the air. "Do not worry," Ash said as he saw the theives' expressions, "at it's lowest setting, the pulse cannon is nothing more than a large taser. Entirely nonlethal." There were three bursts of energy, and the robbers convulsed, falling unconcious immediately. "However," Ash said, though he knew they couldn't hear him, "it is quite painful."

Ash turned to staring crowd of bystanders and hostages, saying, "They'll be unconcious for several hours. In that time, I suggest you incarcerate them." As Ash turned to walk away, a bright flash of light enveloped him. When it was over, he was gone.

Ash looked around, noting his new surroundings. A large white room, with no furnishings or apparent exits. "That was unexpected," he said to himself. "I can't seem to pinpoint my current location." He noticed that there were a few people nearby, and addressed them all, "Greetings! I am Artificial Soul: Hero-type, commonly referred to as Ash. Are you native to this area, and if so can anyone tell me where this is?"

Nocturne igored the others questions. She was too busy staring at the ghostly black figure moving towards them. It didnt have a face or eyes it was just like a cloudy black goul."What the hell is that?!" The figure just paused in midair just to float for a few seconds. "You need not worry about me....Nocturne. Yes I know all your names.... Abari, Eve, Alexstra, and of course the robot Ash. You are in my domain. A place I like to call Grim Dominance. I have hand picked all of you specifically. You all are known to be great saviors and heroes and I felt that I shall put your strengths to the test, hm? Now, listen carefully, like I stated earlier, this is a test basically. It is designed so you all wont survive. What you need to do is proove me wrong. Pass the test and face the ultimate being which is I. Dont think you can just leave. This location is in the middle of two dimensions. No one is able to escape but me. I have the power and I can free you if you amuse me this once...You probably believe this is just a room. Well its much more. This room has a set of stairs but they wont appear unless you beat each one of my fighters. There are exactly 33 floors. After each floor you will be able to rest in what is called the restoration rooms. But there are 17 floors in which each one contains a fighter of my choice. Think of it as a game. but on this game you have no extra lives...Reach me on Floor 17 and prove yourselves to me.....Nocturne, Abari, Eve, Alexstra, and the robot, Ash. Ill be waiting. The figured vanished instantly into the air. His voice was deep and raspy. Nocturne was confused."Who the hell was that, and what just happened?" Nocturne saw another body appear behind from the corner of her eye. She turned around. There stood a man with blue armor on. He had on full body armor that only left holes for the eyes. In his right hand was a long blue sword. It almost looked as if it was glowing."Great...are you another person summ--" The man knocked Nocturne away. He walked towards her slowly. "I am Eden. A fighter, sent here to kill you all...I dont talk much so lets just focus on what needs to be done..." Eden started a small sprint at Nocturne...

Abari was as confused as ever. A random ghoul looking thing just came and talked! It knew their names and challenged them? Abari shook the confusion off because Nocturne was being attack. He raised his bow and shot a freezing lance arrow that froze the warriors right arm...

Hayato was walking around Japan from school on his way to his mob bosses house. While on his way he heard a scream come from around the corner. He quickly ran around the corner to see what was wrong as it was his job to make sure people are kept safe. When he got around the corner he he seen a guy holding a knife robbing a lady. "Hey why not leave the lady alone or else you'll have to deal with me." The thief turned towards Hayato and ran towards him with the knife Hayato sighed and took out a stick of dynamite. He pulled the wick and threw the dynamite at the thief. The theif widened his eyes the dynamite then blew up pushing the theif back. The women took the advantage to run away while hayato was fighting the thief. The thief coughed and began crawling away hayato walked up to him and kicked him on his back to stop him from crawling. "Your weak that was a weak dynamite... the cops will be here soon to get you." Then all of a sudden a blinding light shined down over him he covered his eyes to block the light. When he moved hius hands from his eyes he was in a room with other people he then seen a man in blue armor attacking a girl. The first instinct he had was to help her he took out two dynamite pulled the wicks and threw them at the man exploding in the air right next to him. The dynamites explosion created smoke around the area. "So where the hell em I any way it seems boring."

Alexstra watched all of this unfold and she was very confused as to what was happening but that girl needed help before the two guys ended up killing the girl trying to save her. She ran toward the boy that threw the dynamite, "tell me about it,"she said while she front flipped over him and pushed off his head using her hand to build up more momentum. Alex jumped into the smoke and kicked the warrior in his frozen making a crack sound, she couldn't tell wither it was his armor or this arm. She quickly cartwheeled out of the smoke waiting for it to clear, thanks to the new guy she couldn't see a thing.

Eden looked at the girl who kicked him."Wow....." Edens arm was free from the ice. He turned to face Alexstra. With his left arm Eden clasped his right arm. His blade glowed a violent blue color and shot a beam at Alexstra. Nocturne saw her chance to strike. Her defender sword knocked Edens sword from his hand causing the beam to stop. The defender dissapeared as she had her staff in hand. The staff shot a barrage of air bullets that where aimed straight at Eden. Eden simply dodged by a quick back-flip and parry. His sword was drawn to him like a magnet. He ran at Alexstra again and swiped the blue sword at her leg...

Alex dodged the tin can warriors blade by quickly side stepping, Who the hell does this guy think he is? Alex spun around sending her back leg into the guys med section causing him to stumble back, his armor would block most of the force but it gave Alex enough room to work. She got in her karate stance and took a deep breath to center herself and focus her chi to her arms and legs. She was holding back, even though this guy was trying to kill her she didn't want to kill the guy. Alex sprinted toward the warrior sending her right fist to his face followed by her left fist then finished with a right kick to the mans chest, she kept in perfect form keeping her arms up to defend a counter attack.

The Scenario
Ash sprang into action, switching his eyes into a mode of vision more fit for seeing through smoke, though the bullets of air seemed to disperse it slightly. He activated his jets and blasted forward. The armored man seemed to a dangerous opponent, but Ash couldn't risk his weapons while the one called Alexstra was that close to him. It appeared they were now allies. Instead, Ash slashed at Eden from behind, reforming his right hand into a circular sawblade. If he could get through that armor, they would have a better chance at victory.

Hayato didn't really want to be here he really wanted to be with his boss he liked being around him. Hayato snapped himself back into the fight he didn't really like how he was used as a spring board. But he had more matters to handle instead of worrying about that. Hayato pulled out 6 sticks of dynamite and he was ready to use them but he had to time it at the right time the girl fighting him moved. Hayato was smart he could calculate the angel he had to throw his dynamite to hit the target.

"Alright, is that everything?" the man murmured to himself, looking down at the numerous objects splayed across the covers of his bed. He was running short on time. He quickly picked up each item on the bed, making a mental checklist as he did so. Starting with the sickle-like sword at the foot of the bed. It took a lot of work to maintain, but he was glad he'd put forth the effort to keep the Khopesh in pristine condition. It had helped him through a number of scrapes, and was the oldest thing he had, next to himself. He fit blade upon his belt, ready to take off and wield in his hand at a moment's notice. "Check..."

Next was smaller, triangular wedges of his stiletto. A very deadly weapon, he remembered back when it was introduced, and how the Geneva convention had quickly put a high price on those who would wield them. Not that it mattered to him, of course. Where he was going, the Geneva convention would have no say in the matter. He slipped it into the loop beside the Khopesh. "Check..."

Onto the projectiles, he thought to himself as he hefted up the study wooden crossbow. They'd created state-of-the-art affairs, with all that newfangled polycarbowhowhatsit material, but nothing made him feel more comfortable than the feel of that solid wood build. He had to replace of the more sensitive mechanical parts, but it still fired true, and he slung easily over his shoulder, along with the quiver of bolts. "Check..."

He took a moment to adjust his harness to make sure it was secure before grabbing his next item. He held the short barreled boomstick close, its familiar weight reminding him that if he ever needed something with him when in tight places, this baby would get the job done. He reached back and hooked the shotgun into place, walking a few feet in either direction to make sure it was in place. "Check..."

His hands reached down and grabbed the old revolver from its resting place upon the cover-less bed. He'd lost the star long ago, but as he checked the hammer, the barrel, examined the stock and engraving, he knew he remembered how to use the old Colt. Keeping a .45 chambered, he spun the wheel and holstered the gun. He'd finish loading it later. "Check..."

That was it for the weapons. He hoped it would all be enough. He glanced to his left, and stopped as he saw his reflection in the mirror. Compared to when he had first glimpsed himself with the clear waters of rivers, the mirror was like a strange and powerful item, able to reflect his every detail. For Eric Young, however, he hated to see himself in detail. He turned away from the mirror and quickly grabbed the first aid kit, stuffing into the haversack full of spare ammunition, rations, and other basic survival needs. "Check..."

He had everything, and he'd made sure he wasn't leaving anything behind. Not a hard task, considering how experienced he was disappearing from the world. Hey, immortality will make that happen. The man shrugged his shoulder at the thought and closed his eyes. It was time...the flash of light was intensely bright. Eric knew this because he could see even with his eyes closed. Then came the thing he dreaded. An all too familiar sensation. Last time he'd had it, he'd found out that he was going to be taken by the light, and that he would need to be ready for it. So he took the week to prepare. This time, however, Eric knew what he was going to find out was only moments ahead. "Damned thing," he muttered to himself as he knew he would have to move fast once the light had faded. He got himself ready.

The light faded. Eric opened his eyes, but didn't wait for them to adjust before he ducked down, tucking and rolling forward just as a buzzsaw swept across where his neck had been moments before. He knew he was headed for danger, he discovered that. The problem, he hadn't been able to figure out what kind of trouble! He hustled in a straight line, eyes clearing just enough for him to make out the wall, which he slammed his back against to keep at least one side safe. Sure he was out of immediate harm's way, Eric looked out on the scene before him...

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