smash bros RPG

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O.K., for all you video game fans out there, this is an rpg for people who love video games! here's what you do:

step one: pick your character (I can allow evil, but I preffer not to.) . ex.: link

step two: put a post of how your character enters the story. ex.:
As they walk along, they see a limp body on the ground! as they look closer, it's link!

step 3: have fun!

The basic objective is to pass every obsticle that comes your way. For example, if the princess was kidnapped by somone, you have to go save her. those events will be determined by me, and there will be no suggestions. If you have a problem with this, then I can send you on a seperate quest, which will also be determined by me. When talking, you must talk like this (if they speak english) : Link: Where off to next?
And this (for non-english speakers) : DK: Ook Ook? (Where to next?)
If you do an action, do it like this:

DK runs over and punches Bowser in the face.

Everyone will understand everyone, meaning that non-english characters will understand english, and visa-versa.
There will be no bullying (of any kind), no take overs, no off topic stuff, and no destruction of the universe. Smilies in talking are allowed, but only for emotion.

I'll start off (I'm kirby!):

It is the year 2012. a scientist creats a portal which sucks up everyone and everything and combines them into:


Kirby wakes up.

Kirby: Poyo? (where am I?)

Kirby looks around and sees a jumbled landscape that makes no sense. grass next to snowed fields, lakes in deserts, and stuff like that. He walks around to look for civilization.

You need permission before opening an RP.

And I think there is already a Super Smash Bros RP in unhosted.

You cannot create threads without getting permission.

I already said this on your last thread you opened. It's really not difficult.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.