Mightiest Avatar State

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Okay: 4 people are document to be in Avatar states off the top of my head:

Ganner Rhysode
Anakin Skywalker (ROTS vs. Dooku)
Jacen (The Unified Force)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Vs. Anakin and vs. Grievous)

Rank em, which "untouchable" state is the most untouchable?

Anakin really didn't reach soem "avatar state" imo.

As for ranks.

1. Jacen
2. Ganner
3. Kenobi

Meh, I'd say Anakin counts.

1) Jacen- I think it was stated that he had avatared as none had avatared before in the text.
2) The Ganner- Becuase **** YEAH!
3) Anakin- Anakins had him beating Dooku easily, Kenobi's only had him beating Grievous easily
4) Kenobi- see above.

RE: Blaxican
Ganner Rhysode takes #1 imo.

it literally said that the Yuzzhon Vong came at him "one at a time, and then in pairs, then in tens, and then in hundreds, and he cut them all down."

That's pretty badass right there.

Oh for sure. But Jedi vs Sith the Essential Guide says something along the lines of Jacen beomcing the most powerful manifestation of the force ever.

did it say "powerful"? Whatever Jacen became always seemed to be something that wasn't ridiculously powerful, just one with the force or something.

He was more one with the Force than any other being had ever been. That seems to suggest that he's > Ganner imo.

Lord Lucien
Ganner for simply being the most badass Jedi to grace the mythos. Even Windu pales to that last stand.

Here is the quote, "Jacen battled the invaders' Supreme Overlord and was briefly transformed into the most powerful manifestation of the Force on record. pg 44"

Moved, not really a Vs. topic.

hmm, good point. Did he have difficulty beating Onimi after that? Or did it end pretty quickly? onimi never struck me as a great warrior anyway.

Vorpal Ruin
Anakin Solo also did it, not sure how everyone forgot.

Maybe we're all just not as smart as you.

Lord Lucien
Anakin also died doing it. And unless you're as cool as Ganner Rhysode, that doesn't mean anything.

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