Forgotten Campers RP

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Forgotten Campers


Recaps will be in the OCC , everyone will be left off on camp grounds. Any problems PM me, or ask in the OCC

'Mother.. Father..Give me strength to get by , help me to be come the woman you always wanted to see. I come to this camp today to sharpen my abilities . Your death won't be in vein. I will train to get stronger, and I wont let anyone hurt me, i want you to be proud of me. I miss you and wish you could see how well I have become. I have my slip ups but i know you would still love me. In hope i hope you guys are doing ok, I hope you guys are resting in peace .Though I am failing to get that day out of my mind. I don't know what to do how to handle it , but with the strength i hold in my heart i stayed good, i haven't took the lives of the people who killed you . I know you wouldnt want me to risk my life and my freedom , and my secrets. But i swear i will make them pay , one way or another."

The soft spoken whispers ran though Camille's head, the morning breeze refreshed the nerves campers. The sun shining down , shed the light of hope and a promise sweet of a helping hand. This camp was a secret, everyone that was here had there own little dirty secret. Everyone hear was special , gifted in there own way. All here for one reason , to get there abilities stronger. This camp was one of a kind, a sight of the eyes. A beautiful , well hidden camp it held so much room with outstanding landscape, cabins, pools and anything else you could think of. The government went all out for us , though that was something that could open many doors to wonder about.

Eyes driffed off to the worried campers that slowly made there way onto the ground. All snuggled close to each other in a crowd , not one brave enough to take that step forward. The adults making there way towards the teenagers , to make themselves know of who they are. Clean cut , well looking adults that looked all to close to normal.

"Attention everybody , Attention .!"

A man step forward to the group, All eyes looked towards the man who stood firm. His body shaped, seemed like he worked out hard to keep that fit. His rough face, his tightened jaw line and the piercing blue eyes. The whispers came to a halt when this man had came forward.

Mark closer to the group , on the edge of all the teenagers. He stood firm his eyes scanning through the people around him ,and the adults and this man.

"I am Sam, I will be watching you, and training you. Later today we will be testing your abilities. Report to the field by seven pm. Everyone go to the office to get your cabins.Any questions you might have will be answered at the front desk. That will be all ! Welcome to camp , this will be one of the most interesting things you will ever go through.!"

Sam gave one good look at the faces of everyone before turning sharp and walking off . It was till the sight of Sam faded off till the whispers returned. No one wanted to be the first to take the lead of the group . Camille sighed she was going to do it , the eyes following her while she walked past everyone off the office. Mark grabbed his bags as he was the second to start walking.

Yoso was excited to be here mostly because he spotted a friend he had known. But he didn't show his excitement instead he walked out and started writting some thing on flash cards. He then threw them up ionto the air one landing in Camilles hair one in Marks bag and the others dropped right in front of the other campers as he walked off to the front desk. On each paper said "Hi My name is Yoso I hope camp is fun with you guys ^_^"

~ Testing your abilities ~ The words that Sam had spoken continued to ring in her ears leaving a dull echo. The prospect of her having to show her abilities in front of everyone made her sick in the dench of her stomach. How could she show her powers? That she couldn't control at will? A flick of a card that landed on the floor not far from where she was standing snapped her out of her trance. She glanced around and contemplated that everyone was starting to move towards the office way, She thought she too had better follow before she got left behind. Freya picked up her bags and started to walk slowly in between the other excited campers. Her eyes wide open and childlike, As if this was her first day at school the nerves slowly started to creep in.

Yoso felt a strange but pleasing energy behind him he turned to see a red headed angel that's what he saw in his eyes. Yoso never really talked to people but once in a while he would and he didn't want this to be that time. The girl he looked at was very beautiful and he wanted to get to know her so he wrote something down on a piece of paper and walked up to her. He stopped in front of her and waved a hello then handed her the note. On it read "Hi how are you doing your really cute My name is Yoso whats yours"

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