Xwing: Krytos Trap; Question on Inconsistency

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Hello all,

After starting my journey into the EU a long, long time ago smile with the NJO series, and then moving on to Dark Swarm, Legacy, and Fate of the Jedi, I took a break from the future, and jumped back into all the novels that took place right after ROTJ.

So I just finished the third X-Wing book, Krytos Trap, and there is a line that Luke Skywalker has near the very end of the book when he invited Corran Horn to become a Jedi Knight.

"For thirty generations the Jedi Knights safeguarded the galaxy, and the Emperor was only able to succeed in our absence. I am dedicating my life to reestablishng the Jedi Knights."

Thirty generations (900-1000 years give or take)? Can anyone explain why he would say thirty, when Obi-Wan told him 1000 generations in ANH? Now, acknowleding the novel was written in 1996, before the prequels even existed, and there were still very few novels written and little history available, but...

Does anyone know if this was simply a lack of knowledge on Luke's part because Palpatine had destroyed most traces of the Jedi Order? Was it an intentional hint about the Ruusan reformation, Darth Bane, and the "1,000 year Republic" Palpatine quoted in TPM? Or was it simply an author's mistake? Does anyone know if Luke's quote has been retconned?

Shey Tapani
30 generations before was the end of the New Sith War.

During that the jedi had retreated to the glactic Core more or less therefore not defnding the galaxy.

Lord Lucien
It will have been a reference to the Ruusan Reformation.

Urge to uncharitable needling aside, I'm going with Lucien on this one. He's pretty smart.

The other defense would be that he didn't specify human generations. Thus, "30 generations" can be any length of time, if the universe needs to be kept consistent.

Lord Lucien

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