Raidou VS Murai

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Raidou in the DOA2 Ultimate intro versus Murai as NG1 first chapter boss with the chucks, so they're as pictured.

As a side note, am I the only one finding it weird the ninjas are speaking English in the DS DOA game? I mean, Ryu spoke so already in the Gaidens. However him and the rest of the group spoke only Japanese in DOA...well Ayane and Kasumi's voice actors aren't bad at least.

LOL @ Samus and Ridley in the game because of Other M.

Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden are the same universe, so I'll be using some A>B>C logic here. This also has a lot do with where you rank Hayate and Ayane during early DOA.

I don't believe Murai at that point in the timeline could take Hayate and Ayane simultaneously. Raidou did so effortlessly, so I'd rank him higher than Murai at that point.

That and the Torn Sky Blast should secure Raidou's win here.

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Nah Murai would tool Ayane's shit *recalls the scene where Ayane's hot butt is shown on-screen when she opens the doors where you get Art of the Fire Wheels, runs her sexy self up the dojo Ryu and Murai are calmy chatting in and yells "MASTER MURAI! THE HAYABUSA VILLAGE!"* Also Raidou took them on one-by-one and Murai can do the same.

He's just as much as her master as Ryu or more. Murai's Ryu's uncle and Ryu is Ayane's........................boyfriend. 313weep

She wouldn't consult Murai for help if he wasn't a bigger power than her. Plus he has nunchucks, so he can dodge the Torn Sky Blast with the flips he does and ninja-like reflexes, then close the distance and start wacking away and he has that semi-ultimate technique with the chucks like Doku has with the Kitetsu. 131

Raidou after the fight buys a pair of nunchucks from a dojo and starts to train in the art of nunchuck'ing! beware

I agree somewhat. Murai would beat Ayane during that time period, but I just don't see him doing as easily as Raidou did. Ayane is respectful and refers to her superiors as such. It doesn't mean she is vastly inferior to them (i.e. Hayate). She'd probably still call Murai "master" but would beat his ass if we use her current form.

She does have a hot butt though. biscuits

I don't think Murai is any more mobile than Hayate and Ayane honestly, and Raidou can actually teleport. Murai would put up a fight but would go down in the end.

Oh, and there is a video of DOA Dimensions where Raidou blasts the shit out of Ayane and Hayate at the same time and sends them both down the side of a small mountain. If we allow that, I just don't see Murai doing stuff like that to them both.

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