USH'S LORD OF THE RINGS GAME- Roll of Honour (4th Edition)

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For the 2011 game relaunch, the new character thread! More streamlined I hope...



Ok, we are open and running! Please let me know of any errors.

I need to check if Talin ever applied things for being level 3. I am sure he was MEANT to be level 3, but a lot of what was up there did not reflect it.

Palidan- did you give me an answer on whether you want a better sword or a better staff? Weapon skills for Mages have gone, but I converted your development points from Langauges into weapon skills.

Ellothiel- you have two development points for Languages at Level 1 to either use for Languages or convert.

And then finally, Ellotheil, Anglomir and Menelacar need to spend their development points for levelling up! I've added everything else in, including body development.

Okay, I have like no clue what I'm doing I'm just going to list the stuff I want to increase, I guess. Heh.

- One development point in mobility - Rigid Leather
- One development point in Weapon skills - Missile Weapons
- Two development points in General skills - Ride. Second point to increase Perception.
- One development point in Subterfuge skills - Stalk/Hide
- Two development points in Magical skills - Use Items. Second point to increase Herbalism.
- Two development points to spend on improving any language - I'll get back to that, since I have two levels worth of points to spend...


I Alu o Elbereth

Level 3: Bless (Aura)
Level 4: Resistance (Aura)

I Cherdir o Levain

Level 7: Greater Familiar
Level 8: Far Seeing

I Gam o Este

Level 3: Stun Relief
Level 4: Blessing of Este
Level 5: Salve
Level 6: Cure Disease

I Cherdir o Selaib

Level 3: Plentiful Ingredients
Level 4: Balm

(yeah, that means I do have one spell twice...but I've a feeling that the healing stuff will come in handy.)

All good!


Three development points in Mobility- Chain (+10)
Three development points in Weapon skills 1 handed edge (+10), and 1 eachto Missile weapons and pole arms (+5 each)
One General point to Ride (+5)
One subterfuge point of stalk/hide (+5)
One general point shifted to Perception(+5)
one subterfuge point to Influence others (+10)

Should I also have Read Runes 5?

And can I borrow the Rhudarian sword again Talin? :-D

Lets max out the staff...

Note I am just putting in the levels for spells now, to save room.

However... you magic types actually get five development points in the category 'spells'. You can spend them on buying spells or you can re-invest them elsewhere on the normal 2 for 1 basis. Would either of you choose to have invested elsewhere on that idea? Seeing as you cannot use many of those spells yet.

(I'll update character creation to say that, and I'll integrate the magic rules into the main rules at some point)

Mostly done!

I made a mistake with secondary skills- they only go up by 5. I'd doubled twice; the way in which they go up twice as fast is that you only need to divert one point to them, not two points as you normally do for diverts.

Also- Menelacar, Mobility points are much more flexible; three in Chain would actually put it up by 15. Or you could put two in chain for the +10 and put another point elsewhere.

Where can I invest these extra spell points?

None of them are extra; it's all stuff you've already spent. I was giving you the chance to reinvest them if you wanted.

Oh, no don't worry about it. I'm happy as things are.

Sorry, just to make sure- I meant some of them could be invested in skills rather than spells; it's less efficient but an option I wanted to make sure you appreciated.

I feel like I bought a better quality axe for Talin.

And yes, Mithlond, the Rhudaurian sword is all yours. Talin has no use for it.

What exactly do I need to be looking at for Talin?

Ok, looks like you are only scored there as a 2nd level character, Talin. Perhaps that is not a mistake, but I really had it in my head you were third level, having been in from the start.

So! You have a level's worth of development points to spend! I shall then adjust the items.


How many points do I actually have? It's been awhile since I've gotten to fiddle with Talin's sheet.

It's all in the character creation thread above the professions (I've bolded a little note there saying it is the area for levelling up as well)

I think I'll keep all the mobility points for the chain please.


Got it!

3 development points in mobility to Chain +10

3 development points in Weapons to Throwing weapons +10

1 development point in Weapons to One-handed concussion weapons +5

1 development point in Weapons to One-handed edged weapons +5

2 development points in General skills to Climb +5 and Swim +5

2 development points in Subterfuge skills to Stalk/Hide +5 and Pick Lock +5

And then +15 to Body Development as per Warrior level increase.

As with Mithlond, just to remind you that the points in Mobility work more simply- an increase of five per point with no limit. So putting three in actually puts chain up by 15, or you can put that last point in somewhere else.

Put it all in Chain!

Well, I think everyone is done!

Hope you are ready for your coming military campaign...

Bespin Bart
Need to do mine! Here we go.



1 point to Soft Leather +5

2 points to Rigid Leather +10



3 points to One-handed edged +10

1 point to Thrown weapons +5

1 point to Polearms +5



1 point to Ride +5

1 point to Climb +5 (new skill)



1 point to Stalk/Hide +5

1 point to Disarm Trap +5



Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.