Ryu Hayabusa/Rikimaru vs Strider Hiryu/Joe Musashi

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Ninja action! Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) and Rikimaru (Tenchu) join forces as they face Strider Hiryu (Strider) and Joe Musashi (Shinobi). Their task? Race to the top of the evil tower, where two girls are waiting for them! Rules are:

- Both must make it to the top for it to count as a win.
- They must traverse 8 floors of dooooommmm...
- They must kill a certain amount of opponents to go to the next floor.
- In order to continue they must wait for the other player to be on the same floor as them.
- They are only allowed to bring one weapon and one item each (powers come under the same category as item).

So... Will Strider's wall-climbing beat Rikimaru's Grappling Hook? Will Hayabusa's powers kill more than Musashi's? Lets begin the ninja-chat!!!

So it comes down to which pair has the best speed, dps and/or aoe.. and I believe that would be Ryu. A quick wiki search doesn't put the other 3 on the same level as him.

Ryu and Rikimaru win this if Riki doesn't end up getting killed.

I remember a lot of people argued that Strider was superior to Hayabusa a few years ago.

I don't think any of them are still here though. I have very basic knowledge of Joe and even less of Strider, so I can't make a definitive statement on the fight; however, Rikimaru is likely the weakest on the field. It may help balance the scales.

If not, then what Bloodrain said works too.

Get Ryu someone better than Rikimaru to partner up with...he's like peak human at best.

Hotsuma for Ryu's partner.

Yeah. I like the Tenchu series but part of its appeal is the same reason it's a relatively weak universe. Tenchu is more realistic than most ninja games, although it obviously has fantastic elements too.

Rikimaru/Ayame/Tatsumaru are badasses but they are basically peak humans with ninja tools.

Frisky Dingo
My knowledge on every1 but Hiryu is out of date. From what I can remember, I don't really think Strider is right 4 this thread. His enemies operate on radically different scales.....galactic scales.

Remember, this isn't about who is the better... It is who will get to the top of the evil tower first. So this is as much about teamwork and speed as it is about power and stuff.

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Could Strider not enter a floor, move fast enough to leave a copy of himself to help Joe and move on and just rinse and repeat?

I forgot this wasn't a fight between the teams.

Team 2 probably wins. This is more about speed which Strider and Joe both have. Hayabusa is fast obviously, but Rikimaru would be slower at killing enemies and moving through the tower than the other guys.

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