Pokeymanz Battul!

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Imma run this like the last Pokemon Team competition thread. Except this time we all get to pick a game character that'll play the trainer. Then you get to pick a team of 6 Pokemon of your choosing that your trainer will spend a total of five years working with and training. Their personalities are in effect, so choose your Pokemans wisely.

Rules and Things IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!.
- Pokemon will obey trainers.

- Pokemon will have full access to entire move pools.

- No legendary Pokemon to a team.

- There cannot be more than one of the same Pokemon on the same team, but there can be one of the same Pokemon on each team.
To restate in a hopefully simpler manner: There cannot be a team of Tyranitars, but each team could have one Tyranitar.

- Gen V Pokemon are present.

- Trainers cannot be harmed, for they will be protected by the power of JUSTICE!, making them impervious to all manner of injury within the confines of this thread.

- Trainers cannot use any of their abilities on their own Pokemon or their opponent's Pokemon. They can only command their own Pokemon.

- There will be no held items for the Pokemon.

I reserve the right to add in or edit any rules, but I'll do so before the battles begin.

I'll start a match in a week, provided this thread gets posts. If not, imma jus let it die. And I'll be keeping track of all the stuff on paper. So nobody needs to worry about remembering which team they had and all that crap.


Will this be like competitive Pokemon play or will it be like the anime?

Depends on what you mean by competitive play.

As in if I were to battle against you over wifi. Only difference being my character. :O

Dibs on Red by the way. vin

No, that'd be gay.

It's probably going to be a mix in that case. The moves will likely keep their effects like no miss and increasing speed or strength. But it'll apply the more realistic aspects that the anime has too. So, Mach Punch can't be thrown at 350 feet away and still land.

But, in game descriptions of moves may take precedence over how it looks in the anime.


I take Cynthia then.

Revan. Because it's ****ing Revan. He takes a team of Magicarp and he still thrash's the lot of you.

RE: Blaxican
who cares.


May join but looking at all the gen5 'mons stats and shiz is alot of effort..

I didn't say you couldn't take Red. I said that to the competitive question.

And remember that personalities are in effect.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.