The Im Bored What If Thread?

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Ok, well, this is, as the title says, the What If thread? Please attempt to have mostly reasonable things, and then some people could answer them, and we might be able to figure out how the Galaxy might have changed had something happened.
Im thinking it should go as one person asks a what if question, then peoples (thats you guys with no lives or for whatever reason spend your free time debating an imaginary thing on an online forum) think of a response that we can agree on.

I can understand having joking sh!t every once in a while, but please have mostly serious ones, it intrigues me as to how far it can go.

I guess I will start idk.

What if Obi-Wan had caught up to Qui-Gon and Maul before the shields closed, or if Qui-Gon had not forced Maul so far back so Obi-Wan could catch up?

RE: Blaxican
Maul would have been overwhelmed and killed. The only reason he had survived as long as he did was because he was constantly falling back, preventing himself from being surrounded. In the dead-end confined space of the energy shaft room he would have died.

Assuming no one challenges that theory, how would the Galaxy have changed if Yoda had killed Sideous in their fight at the end of RotS?

I'll challenge; the Jedi did better individually than as a team. By allAdvent's account, the Sith Lord utterly dominated that fight.

This, of course, would have had Jinn training the Chosen One, instead of Mr. Mullet. The whole OT could have been averted if that damned rattail was (surgically) removed before AotC!

RE: Yoda/Sidious
I feel like the Jedi would still have been vilified, except now they would have a much more nebulous opponent. Rather than the clear PR victory against the Death Star, the two Masters (plus Luke&Leia?) would have needed to counter an entire galaxy-spanning conspiracy. Much more difficult, if you ask me.

I'll go: What would have happened to the EU if Luke had joined up with Vader )a la the fanfic Into the Storm( and had convinced Leia and the Rebellion to join up after Palpatine was dispatched?


Major Valerian
What if Jinn had survived and he trained Skywalker instead of Kenobi?

do you realize we get an Anoon Bondara sort of quote on page 299 of TPM?

Kenobi's view: "He was the best swordsman Obi-Wan had ever seen." speaking of QGJ.

RE: Blaxican
Yeah, and in G-Canon AotC we have Anakin saying Obi-Wan is as powerful as Mace Windu and as wise as Yoda.

Honestly, I could give less than a shit about the character's perceptions. lol.


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