Alcatraz vs. Anthony Higgs

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The Scenario
Alcatraz of Crysis 2 takes on Anthony Higgs of Metroid.

Both have access to all of their normally available weapons, but are limited to as many as they can normally hold, and the fight takes place in an arena 500 meters across. Cover is available and they begin 15 meters apart.

Who takes it?

What're the specs for Higgs' suit?

Nanosuit 2.0:
Strength- Can kick a car a short distance in Strength mode.
Speed- Peak human+ with supersonic reactions.
Durability- In Armor mode can shrug of shots from a mounted minigun and being able to break out of a freeze ray. The suit slowly regenerates health, (outside of gameplay mechanics) faster in Armor mode.

For stealth it has a cloaking devise, nano/heat vision and the visor that allows him to detect and scan objects/people through objects and can even form 'tactical options' for the area to help clear the objective.

And can carry up to 2 handheld guns with extra ammo, several grenades, 4 blocks of C4 and 4 anti-tank RPG's....... oh, and a combat knife.

The Scenario
Strength- Mostly unknown, but sufficient to do a backflip while carrying that huge gun. That'd be less than the Nanosuit.

Speed- Peak human at best, likely human reactions.

Durability- Tanked a hit from Ridley's tail, a normal GFed suit can take a beating like this and survive. Can stand near lava but not in it.

As for weapons, Anthony's got the huge Plasma Gun with a targeting system and laser sight, a Freeze Ray capable of freezing magma based creatures, and a modern assault rifle type gun that basically any non frozen thing in Metroid is immune to (8:30 in the Plasma gun video shows them capable of killing things, though.)

So yeah.

Leaning more to Alcatraz for being the one with a chance to dodge a shot. Weaps match up, Plasma Gun to the JAW(without the charge up time) and the Freeze Ray to the Microwave gun.

7/10 Alcatraz.

The Scenario

Anthony can do a little dodging of beams. Anyway, I know nothing about the Nanosuit, so maybe agree.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.