Immortal (RP)

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A peaceful day in the busiest of cities in the western hemisphere of Aquas, (basically Earth) suddenly the sun is blacked out and darkness falls over the world. A bright light flashes in the sky just before the darkness fades away. Two figures are now floating in the sky seemingly fighting, one is a hooded figure with a mist of shadows around it and a large scythe in hand. The other figure is dressed in white cloths and is also hooded but she seems to sparkle in the sun she is also carrying a weapon that looks to be a sword she also has a shield. The two beings clash in the sky for some time before the dark hooded figure is impaled with by the white ones sword. The sky turns purple and every one on the planet begins to glow and they fill the most alive they have ever felt in their whole pointless lives. The dark figure fizzles out and the white figure begins to descend as she does the streets begin to fill with the curious civilians but a men driving a car and looking up at the sky hits one of the pedestrians, he is thrown back in to the crowd with his head spit open, people began to scream and panic. The seemingly dead body begins to move again as the man sits up, he holds his head to try and stop the bleeding. Someone from the crowd moves to the mans side and looks him over then gasps, "This man should be dead! I know, I'm a doctor" he shouts. Everyone seems to have forgotten the descending being but it lands in the middle of the crowd in front of the injured man. The figure speaks in a female voice, "Well duh hes alive idiots, I just banished death..." she takes off her hood and reveals her beautiful face"What, its like you never seen an Alterres(they are very rare and very powerful beings of the cosmos)" she shrugs and moves toward the wall of people, they part and let her through with their mouths open. The world is changed drastically as the people of Aquas are not effected by death any longer, some even find that they have new abilities that of great powers only known in books an movies.

Descend into Madness

It has been two weeks in this planets time (from what I'm told) and I have still been unable to leave this little blue planet even with teleportation and a hyper wrap would surely destroy this planet. Also All hell has broke loose, it would seem my fight with Aqua's Death had some effects on the people here, they are all immortal and whats worse I believe some small pieces of my power broke off and found host in the inhabits of this world. I am to blame for this madness but an Alterren is an observer I should not get involved with this planet, no matter how they beg and plead for me to do something I must remain un-involved.

The Alterren waves her hand over a hologram tablet and it disappears, this technology is not of this world but the world she had previously visited. Aqua's technology is far behind the last four planets she had been to and with a quick scan of this planets history she knew they were not ready for anything to advance, they would probably destroy themselves.

The Alterren stood on the top of the highest building of the city called New Fortitude and looked down at all the rioting and the looting, with no fear of death the whole planet went mad.

Anastasia (as she is known on this planet by) sighed, "do these primitives need to be chain down by death to act like a civilized species," she says to herself with the sun shinning down on her. Anastasia looked up to see the now light purple sky, it was taking awhile for the sky to return to its original blue color but she didn't care, she liked this color better.

The Alterren jumped off her spot from the building and slowly descended down into the city were chaos had taken over, her bare feet touched the hot street of a moment but the ground she touched turned in to lush green grass. Anastasia walked slowly down the street, her whole body shined and gave off a pressure that every one could feel. All of the crazy people stopped and look at the Alterren then ran out of sight, it was true that her people did not get involved with others but that did not stop her from taking a walk in the city.

Gen was on a park surrounded by women and children as the ohhed and awweed at the performance. Gen stood on top of a huge rubber ball balanced on one leg with the other leg straight up in the air holding an even bigger rubber ball. Gen then pivoted his body turning into a back-flip allowing the ball above him to drop onto the ball below him. Gen landed right on top of the bigger ball upside down in a handstand balancing on both balls the crowd cheered and put money in a jar it was time for him to end today's show he could hear people looting in the distance. He pushed off of the balls landing on his feet and quickly deflated them bowing to the people and then he was off after grabbing his cash he climbed up a tree and was headed towards the looting. Gen put his hood on slightly covering his face parcouring from tree to tree till he came across the shopping district. Gen jumped from a tree to the top of the building being looted he grind at the 7 people stealing and 1 guy was next to them about to rape some women Gen then yelled out knowing he had to help. "The blast god spots the evil poisoning the streets and now he will smight you hard" Gen then jumped down landing next to them the looters quickly dropped their things and circled Gen even the rapist moved towards him. Gen cracked his neck and one of the men ran at him Gen jumped over him catching him in the neck with a backwards chop leaving him unconscious on the floor the. After seeing this the looters started pulling out weapons knives and a few poles. One of the looters swung a pole at Gen but he just grabbed it and pushed him backwards. The guy was about to attack again till Gen said "I would look at your weapon i were you." The guy stopped look at the pole that Gen charged slightly and in that instant it exploded pushing the looter and 4 others with him knocking them out. He charged it enough to hurt them not to kill them Gen then looked at the last three guys they dropped theirs weapons and ran. Gen shook his head no then picked up a rock the size of his fist and threw it at them. When it got close enough the rock exploded sending them into a wall knocking them out. Gen then walked up to the women that was about to get raped and picked her up off the ground she quickly thanked the hooded man and ran off to some where safe. Gen then spotted an extremely cute Anastasia and walked up to her. "hellow beautiful how can the great Blast fist help you."

Lucifer walked through the streets of New Fortitude with no interest in the chaos around him. In fact it almost seemed like he wasn't even aware of the ongoings. Men and women screamed in both pain and ecstacy. It did not matter to the vampyre, why should it? These people were too obssessed with their own pleasure and wellbeing that knew no bounds now that they had become immortal to actually care about the rest of the universe. Lucifer was different, he would use these newfound powers to spread the teachings of his religion throughout known and unknown space. He had been given the tools, all that remained was to crush the vampires with them. A smile appeared on the vampyre's features. Finally, after all this time, the civil war would end. His kindred would be united under one belief.

All of a sudden he felt a strange sensation. It was like that fateful day two weeks ago. Incredible energy was emitted by a woman and she was only a few metres away from him. Immediately he made the connection between the sudden immortality of everyone on this planet and the slight difference in power surrounding the being. Something had happened to her and her immense power had been distributed among the planet's residents and anyone visiting, as was the case with Lucifer. The ends of his mouth curled upwards. The great Blast Fist? It would appear that someone had decided to become a hero.

The Alterren laughed at the "GREAT" Blast Fist, the thought of this human coming up to and flirting with her was just a riot, she had been to many planets and lived for a very very very long time but this was the first time she'd been flirted with. "No, human I am quite alright but thanks for asking," she said sarcastically. Anastasia smiled at the Great Blast Fist, "That was very valet of you to help that woman, I'm [leased to see someone on this planet hasn't lost their minds.

Anastasia had noticed some one not of this planet was close and watching them and suddenly the alterren was in front of the of the man but still with Gen, "umm you obviously don't belong, I noticed you when I did the scan of this planet vampire I believe? I've been to your war stricken world before but I didn't stay long."

Body's and blood were laying in the streets of a small town just out side of the big city, Athena stood in front of the last man of the gang of super humans that tried to take over the town. The young girl had been impaled with a metal pipe that she was now pulling out of her chest, even though she would not die from her wounds it still hurt like hell. "Your gonna have to do better, we can't die remember?" The man started to reply but before he could used her telekinesis to strangle the mans neck and left him off the ground and then with a quick motion ripped his head off like she had done with the others, they weren't died just unconscious if they they were stitched back together they'd wake up.

Athena fell to a knee clutching her wound hoping she wouldn't pass out, suddenly the towns doctor came into the the streets. "Ah, Athena some more baddies? I'll take them off your hands." the good doctor says. "Yeah, thanks Dr. Stein but first do you think you can heal me too?" The doctor had received healing powers ironically, he smiled and made his way to Athena well two of his hooded assistents came out of his office and started dragging the bodies into the office. The doctor put his hand over Athena's wound and a light came from his hand and the wound started to close. "Thanks very much Dr. Stein, well I have to get home before my aunt gets worried, bye!" Athena said with a smile and teleported home. Stein smiled wickedly, "No, thank you for the specimens..."

Gen grew a little red from talking to such beautiful women but his color returned as he straightened up. It was a little embarrassing seeing here laugh he thought she had a cute laugh. "Well I'll help you if you need it because that's how The Great Blast Fist plays this game called life."
Gen stood there his hood over his head casting a shadow over his face, he had it this way to show he's in hero mode and so he couldn't easily be identified there were too many problems having people know your identity. Then it dawned on him she called him human saying as if she wasn't it made him curious to what she was. Sure he was a_Sarunokoe but he was still human. " Sorry if I said rude beautiful but you said human is that to say your not but what are you per-say." Before she could answer she had called out to someone allowing the words vampire to come out of here mouth. "Wait Vamp what?" Gen was confused he had heard about the existence of Vampires but he had never seen one up in person. He was a little excited and it made him want to spar with this person. He had heard the Vampires where strong , fast ect but he wanted to experience it for himself, but provoking him might be a bad thing it was said that many vampires could rip someone's throat out._

The vampyre looked at the alterren, a mix of anger and respect in his eyes. He was amazed at the speed with which she moved and her power radiated even more intensively this closely. But he wouldn't be insulted, even if it was out of a misunderstanding: "Vampyre. I am a vampyre, not a vampire. Please note the difference in pronounciation." Lucifer turned toward the one that had called himself Blast Fist, inspecting him. There was definetly strength in him and Lucifer could feel that he was eager to fight. But whatever powers he possessed, he wouldn't be worth it. Lucifer turned away, looking at the sky: "It would appear that you should return to our planet for a while. Since the rise of the vampyres, all those petty little wars have disappeared and only two factions remain. And even those two have forged a truce." He turned away from the buildings that were partially bloodspattered from idiots testing their immortality. His eyes meeting those of the alterren once more he spoke with a sudden gentleness and love in his voice, a strong contrast to his normally harsh and slightly arrogant tone: "It is like a flower that is finally allowed to bloom. A truly beautiful flower."

Anastasia laughed at both of the strangers, they were both full of character, the alterren didn't have to read their minds two know what they were thinking but it never hurt. The alterren was in two places at once having two conversations it was quite interesting.

"Aye I am not human nor from this world. I came two visit this planet as I do all planets but I was attacked when I entered the atmisphere by the being you people call death-" she was a bit surprised that the human heard her say vampire, "Ah, yes there seems to be one here but not a vampire it seems but a vampyre." she chuckles.

"I wish I could but for the time being I'm bound to this world unless I destroy it and I'm no destroyer of worlds," Anastasia said hearing the change in his voice to a more softer tone. "So vampyre, what is the difference between the vampires and the vampyres? I'm afraid I do not keep up with other worlds politics."

Gen thought about what she had said his hands crossed nodding in agreement to her story. Then he placed his finger in the air showing he got it. "So your a space babe awesome I accept". Gen grabbed both of_Anastasias hands placing them together in his as he looked into her eyes trying to show his passion. "My beautiful space women may I be gifted with knowing your name." It never came to Gens mind that she was one of the figures he had seen in the sky the day he got his abilities. Sure it's not often that he sees death himself but to be able to see that far and identify anything or anyone was beyond his vision so it was only natural for him not to know it was her that night. Gen then looked behind_Anastasia at the Vampyre curious about him when he heard her ask him about the difference between a Vampyre and a Vampire. He did find it neat that she could make a clone of herself but that wasn't the point. "Yeah so what is the difference between a Vampyre and a Vampire."

Lucifer nodded as the wonderous alterren declined his offer. Of course there would be some negative side to all of this. But it was pretty shocking to discover that Anastasia's departure would be the end of this world and it's seemingly immortal inhabitants. Naturally she asked about the difference between the two factions. Lucifer wasn't one to refuse such information: "Not so long ago, vampyres did not exist yet. However, a new religion formed and started to gain power among us. Thus the vampyres were formed. Unlike vampires, who rarely leave our birthplace, and then only to rampage on unprepared planets, we travel the stars in as great a style as every other race. An even greater difference is that we vampyres do not randomly drink the blood of a humanoid. We go about it with a little more restraint and organization. If that makes us more or less dangerous is up to others to decide." What he did not say was the goal of the vampyres. To find the colonies that the vampires had, millenia ago, founded and lost contact with, and convert them. No other race had any business knowing that the vampires, who were thought to be powerful but kept from becoming the greatest threat to everyone else by the pure maths of population, were maybe even more numerous than some other races.

Lucifer left the pair to themselves and walked over to a collapsed building to sit down in the shade of it, silently cursing the heat of the sun. It was something that he had never understood. Why was his race so susceptible to the damned suns?

"Oh my, you send me all a flutter," Anastasia replied and suddenly a just of wind blew around the alterren flowing gently threw the clothes that covered her then her body transformed into hundreds of butterflies that swirled around Gen. "Maybe next time you'll get my name but for right now I have to be somewhere.

Gen watched as the beautiful alterren turned into butterflies and flew away _telling him maybe next time. He was I little sad she could have gave him a kiss to remember her by but he had to live with the mystery of not knowing her name. At that moment Gens watch began to beep and he became troubled he wanted to take to the Vampyre but couldn't at that time. Gen picked up _pieces of broken tech and placed it in a bag taking off. He wasn't focusing on the time and collecting this was bad. Gen ran jumping from rooftops and finally into trees where he disappeared into the leaves of a giant tree. Gen was panting making his way to a door in the tree top that opened to what looked like a home. Gen walked till he came to a door with a mail slot he then took the bag and dumped the tech into the mail slot after the bag was emptied he waited then the door opened. Gen was nervous taking his hood off he walked into the dark doorway withe door closing behind him . He felt his way throughout the dark and onto a chair and began surveying the darkness till a blinding light shined in his face easing with him then someone spoke "what is this you _brought do you think this is a joke" "See what had happened was" "please just don't speak Gen because you know I need those parts without them I can't make my super awesome inventions" The room then became brighter revealing _numerous amounts of tech and a man with Glasses sitting in a chair in front of Gen. On top of _the mans head was a light that blocked the view of his face till he turned it off and took the light off his head. "So Gen tell me what went wrong" "Well Cane bro I did a performance for the people in the park cause dude we need money. Then I later stopped a rape and robbery. Then I met a extremely beautiful girl and a Vampyre. Lastly I got the alarm and I picked up all the tech I could find rushing back here." "Everything was acceptable excuses except the extremely beautiful girl and the Vampire." "No Cane he's a Vampyre different Vampyres are less ruthless bloodthirsty and political or something I forget." "Well you know what happens now" "come on bro please I'll get more tech tomorrow I promise" Cane placed his hand on Gens shoulder and lifted his glasses with other hand. "Relax Gen brother Cane is not going to hurt you" "Your not good" "Just his powers are" "WAIT WHAT!" At that moment Cane began shocking Gen causing Gen to take the pain while gritting his teeth. He hated it but it was Canes way of playing around because it's not the pain that Gen hated it was the numbness afterwards. Cane had stopped and sat down In his chair working with the little bit of tech Gen brought him. Gen sat still his body halfway numb this was the sucky part Gen didn't mind the shock cause it helped him build up resistance to being shocked by other things and people so it was good but the after effects sucked numbness of the body which Cane knew Gen hated. While he sat there all he could think about was the face of the beautiful girl and how he was going to get Can back for making him Numb. After the numbness wore off Gen made his way to a room that was different from the rest of the tree house. Made by Cane specifically for the use of cooking seeing as they live in a tree fire was a bad thing. So Cane made the room out of none burnable material they fond in a junk yard. Gen was not the best cook ever but was better then Cane and he knew his way around food and a kitchen. Gen began to make some curry w/rice for the both of them. After the food was finished Gen added a lot of spice to one of them. Walked to Canes room. Gen offered the plate to Cane, Cane thought Gen looked suspicious so he took the other one from him instead. Gen sat in the chair near Cane and began eating when Cane took a bite Gen looked up to see Canes face which was a bright red this caused Gen to laugh a little. He knew Cane would choose the other plate that's just who he was. Cane gobbled up all the food really quick and rushed out of the tree house towards a watering hole that he had Gen make for if their thirsty and dumped his face init the water to get the spicy taste out of his mouth. He knew he deserved it but the burning was horrible after he was done he went back to his room and continued to work on his tech. "It was too spicy make it better next time" Gen just laughed laying back in the bed looking up at the ceiling wondering about their powers and how they where going to change the world back to it's original self where there was hardly any crime and people could play in the streets and be out after dark. It was a big dream for a little person which always made him giggle. Till he had took a nap for a bit so he could feel charged for his hero work tonight and Cane was going to come with him.

Lucifer watched the alterren depart and decided that that was his que to leave as well. He started walking in the direction he had been heading to begin with, not wasting a single glance on the love crazed Gen. He had to find his shuttle before one of the natives decided to steal it. The wind started to pick up as he turned around a corner. He felt a bit relieved by the coolness of it. He was kind just wasn't made for planets this close to the sun. Focusing on what he would do once he returned to the flagship. First of all they would travel back home to destroy the vampires. With his new powers they would gain victory easily. Once the planet was united they could finally think about building an empire.

It has been too long. While weaker races conquered the stars within millenia of their existence, we, the perhaps most ancient of all, have been bound to our home by war. But we will rise. We will take the galaxies that we should have taken long ago. The Vampyres will finally gain significance in interstellar politics. Lucifer smiled. He made it all sound so easy. Truth was, as a counter to their long lives, reproduction was a... Painful process. While others grew by the billions every year, Vampyres were lucky to have a population of over one billion due to their constant wars and the low rate of newborns. Their only hope was the legend of the lost ones. Their first star travellers, if they had managed to keep peace long enough, somewhere out there, there would be a galaxy populated by Vampires.

Of course there was still the problem of converting the Lost Ones to Vampyres but Lucifer would worry about that once he found them. He looked up and finally spotted the dark shape of his shuttle. Of course there were a handful of punks trying to break into it. Lucifer's smile grew wider. His muscles flexed. This would be fun. As he approached the gang, chains started rising out of the ground. They were brutally spiked and their intent was clear.

Athena teleported home but when she was able to see around herself she could see she was not home but some place outside on top of a building in the big city. She looked around confused not knowing what happened suddenly she heard someone clearing their voice, she turned and to her surprise she found the alterren seating in a large with her white clothes draping over her. Athena knew who she was, she was there in the city two weeks ago when the fight tool place. she slowly walked over to the woman never taking her eyes off her, "You, your the one who caused all this to happen, didn't you?! Because of you the whole world has gone bat shit crazy!"

Anastasia was not surprised the teen was mad at her, it was true that this madness was her fault but her expression didn't change after being yelled at. "Calm down child, I have called you here to try and bring back sanity to this world." she says in a calm and relaxed voice.

Athena calms down and takes control of her emotions, she knows that yelling at an all powerful being is not a smart thing to do and probably a quick way to be smited. "Okay I'm here, what is your big plan to stop the craziness?"

The alterren flashed a smile then her expression returned to being serious, "There is something in this city, something evil, it is emitting powerful waves of chaos that is causing the weak minded to go insane. You need to find and destroy it to bring order back to the city," she explained.

Athena listened to what the alterren had to say, she would do as the being said, she had no reason to lie and misguide her but there was something that didn't set right with her, "If you want it destroyed, why not do it yourself, why have me your certainly strong enough," she questioned.

Anastasia stood and slowly walked passed the girl and looked down at the darken city, "I cannot get involved, I am only an observer. It is true that I alone am responsible for all of this and I would love to set it straight but it is not my way. I can only help you humans by leading you all into the right directions and giveing advice." her voice was somewhat sadden.

"That must suck, to have all that power and not able clean up your own mess," she said and walked to the edge of the building where the alterren was. "Anyways, where is this place of chaos, can you at least telly me that?" she asked.

Anastasia smiled but it was hidden in the shadows of her hood, "of course I can show can, you can see it from here." she pointed and Athena's eyes followed her fingers and peered into the night sky not able to see, suddenly her eye sight improved and she could see it clearly, Athena rubbed her eyes and looked at the alterren, "did you do that?" she asked know already that she did. "Don't ask questions you already know that answer to child, you'll never learn that way." she chimed.

Athena looked frustrated at the alterren, "So I know where it is but why me? there must be stronger people that could do this," she asked. The alterren took off her hood and revealed her beautiful face and raven black hair, "I chose you because you were the right choice, now go. Their will be people that are drawn to you and will help you on this quest, they wont seem like likely allies but they will be there when you need them. Athena had more questions but before she could say anything Anastasia threw a cloth vale over her and she was gone from the roof and appeared near the entrance of the city park where the alterren had showed her.

Near where they were discussing, the sky lit up as a burst of flame shot up into the sky. A Purple haired young man dropped down into the midst of a cheering crowd. If you looked closely you would notice his lips had a scaly appearance to them. Licking his lips with a forked tounge, Sennelith suddenly sprouted large, reptillian wings and flew into the air.
Entertaining people was fun, they always loved the old fire eating routine, and now his job was all the easier. Whooping with excitement as the air rushed past his face, he fired off a couple of fireballs. Flying on, he revelled in the chaos of the moment, the heat, the thrill.

Cane was finished with the tech he was working on and moved his chair over to where Gen was sleeping cringing his hand over and over. His hand then sparked electricity around his fingers, he then lifted his glasses up a little touching Gen's hand shocking him. Gen woke up immediately yelling his hand now numb. "Dude what the hell!!" " Good your awake now we can head out on your "Hero duties"" "Why do you have to say it like that" "No reason" "So let's go I'll get my boomerang and we can leave" "Well you won't be taking your boomerang today I'm still analyzing it but good news I have new tech for us to test out" " Bring it on" Cane turned around and. Picked up a huge case of 50 metal plates about the size of _an egg 25 in red and 25 in blue he picked one up and squeezed it turning it into a disk about the size of a cd disk. Then he pulled out a pair of red Gloves and a belt and sneaker putting them down next to him this caused Gen to look at them but Cane diverted his attention back to the plates. "Okay Gen I've made these weapons for you these plates when squeezed turn into disks that I've made to work with your powers the blue ones are none lethal when u charge them and throw them it produces a net that will capture an enemy and using the energy you put into it to bind them to the object behind them. The red ones are sharp lethal and when charged can cut deep into metal causing the charge to spread making the metal object it touched to explode along with the disk." "So who's the gloves and belt for" _"For me the, gloves help me channel my electricity and the belt helps me to channel the electricity more around my body so are you ready meet you out side." Cane put on the gloves belt and sneakers he pressed a button on the side of the sneakers pulling out wheels turning his sneakers into AT's. Cane then pressed another button revealing a hole in the floor which he jumped down sending him down a slid. His AT's acted like regular skates till he added his electricity to it powering up the newly made engine. Gen put the plates into a divider based bag and pressed another button opening a panel in the ceiling. Gen jumped high getting into the hole touching the inside of the wall. Which then sky rocketed him out of the top of the tree into the air. Gen began to fall and adjusted his angle landing safely on a branch as he ran towards the town free running from tree to tree. At that moment The side of the tree opened shootting out Cane and closing behind him. Cane began skating towards the town right under Gen.

Deep in the sky a young female could be seen. She was floating near atmospheric heights above where clouds would rest yet none blocked her view. Her body was a tint of blue and she had a strong azure aura that enveloped her. She simply floated high, watching carefully down below. Her body began to flicker and suddenly a light penetrated the skies of the city as an azure light was seen coming down like a meteor and landing in the center of the city onto the streets causing a large crater outward with a radius of twenty feet as she stood in the center, though was moved down to one knee. She had her eyes closed and looked around, curious about the people that she had seen. It had been weeks since the incident and all that had changed was chaos being ensued.
Two thug looking men began to approach her, one holding a bat and the other with a knife in his right hand behind his back. The one with the knife had sunglasses at night, the girl was confused about why he would wear such a thing when the night is already black. "Hey girly" spoke the man with the bat. "Those are some pretty fancy threads your wearin', bet they're worth something nice." The man began to approach. "Normally, I'd be scared of someone like you but-- since death ain't relative no more." The man stopped speaking and grabbed the girls wrist, then tugged her forward. She said nothing but gasped a bit at the sudden jerk of her arm as she was pulled into a lean toward him. She said nothing but lowered her head as hair would cover over her eyes. The man smirked as he stared at her outfit, then he licked his lips and reached his hand toward her cleavage to feel. Her body began to rise in a release of power as his hand came near her skin, suddenly his wrist was enveloped with light and blood burst out from it as his hand was severed before it could reach her. "What the--!?" the man began to shout in pain, stumbling back away from her. Both men now quickly became fearful as they moved away from the crater, seeming to crawl away as the girl began to rise from it as her body would levitate with a mass of psionic force. "Wh-Who the hell are you!?" the two men yelled as the man's partner with the knife threw it through the air toward the girl. She raised her right arm in front of her face and the knife dug into her arm instead of her as her eyes were seen with a deadly glare.

"Call me Celiey.." nothing but a scream was heard from the two men as suddenly blood was seen bursting outward into the sky from that area, a radiation of high power can be felt through the city with a psionic feeling behind it.

The sound of something slicing through the air. Unbelievable pain. Blood. A scream. Another attack on the approach. Tearing of flesh. A chorus of suffering. It all happened within seconds. He looked from one of his friends to the next. One of them was bleeding from a large gash across his chest. The chest heaved with pain, ribs showing between redcoloured skin. His horrified gaze travelled on to the next body. The mutilated humanoid form was hanging from a street light, or rather, had been impaled by it, having been flung with so much power that the blunt object was now leading through the left shoulder. Such raw strength... Hadn't it been for their immortality, these men would have been dead before they were even fully aware of the attacker. As his head slowly turned to look at the others, he strafed his own torso with his eyes. He could clearly see where the chains had opened his stomach, tearing him open. He tried to breathe calmly as he looked upwards, away from the horrible wound. That was a mistake.

For now a more terrifying sight than any of the bloodshed was burned into his mind forever. He gasped for air. There stood a figure, clad in strange, alien armour. Unlike anything the man had seen before. It looked less like something that could protect it's wearer than some kind of art. It was infinetly ornate and shone in the moonlight as it clung closely to the body of the figure. Even through the fear, the man recogized a symbol that could be found on the creature before him several times. It was a cross, dark crimson in colour. It was the heraldry of this being, he was sure of it. Finally his raised his eyes even further up, looking at the pale features of the assailant. His whitesilverish hair blew into his face with the wind, swaying back and forth as a pair of dark red eyes looked back at the scared gang member. A small smile started to form on those thin lips. Only now could the heavily bleeding man take his gaze from the beautiful being and look at the chains that surrounded it. Some of them were dripping with blood, but under the man's fearfilled eyes, the liquid of life disappeared, seemingly being absorbed into the silver weapon of murder. As one of the many chains rising out of the ground around the figure raced toward him, the man's last thought before impact was full of false realization. He must be an angel. A messenger of the heavens, sent to make us realize our sins.

Blood flew into the air. The fight, if it could be called like that, was over. Lucifer let the Chains of Torment sink into the ground again, the smile still on his face. Nothing like shedding blood in the darkness of night, with the moon and stars to pour their cold light upon the scene. Breathing in deeply as the last chain disappeared, Lucifer looked up at the sky. It was strangely peaceful, with the sounds of battle sounding in the distance, sounding muffled to the Vampyre's ears. But suddenly one specific sound was crystal clear to him. He looked slightly to his right to see blood flying into the air. Not soon after, a wave of psionic power washed over him. It was exhilerating. He licked his lips. What stunning strength. This was to be investigated. The natural predator inside Lucifer located the location and he raced toward it. The fight had been close, so even while the blood was still in the air, the Divine General reached a strange figure standing in a crater obviously created by her. He gave the bodies of the two men a quick glance before looking down at the girl again. Somehow he knew her name, perhaps it had to do with the psionic energy from before. He whispered the word, rolling it around his tongue, tasting it: "Celiey. What a pleasure to meet you."

Anastasia Sat in her in a giant throne made of stone that she had created and rested on it, although she did not need to sleep she was able to regain lost strength while sitting still. The night was beautiful it was her favorite part of the day but on this planet it was ruin by the ignorant that could not control their greed and sought to abuse their new found immortality. The alterren felt that there was battles near but but two beings stood out from the rest, one was the vampyre that she had spoke to earlier and one was something she didn't know, she felt somewhat part of this world but not at the same time then suddenly a wave of power washed over the area and caught her curiosity even farther.

The alterren appeared above the fighters floating in the moonlit sky, her loosely fitted wrappings swayed in the energy around her and four winged female figures flew around her, they were also in white but robes covered their bodies and a plate of metal covered their eyes and most of their faces save for their nose and mouths. Anastasia nods and the four creatures break up in to twos and heads to the bloody scenes and begins to put the men back together and and heal the wounds. Anastasia had dispatched many other creatures like this around the world to ensure that the humans that were ripped to shreds in battle would be able to be whole once more, she felt it was the least she could do since this was all her fault.

Anastasia floated silently waiting to be noticed, she would not start a conversation but not turn one down, despite her being an observer she loved to interact with people and learn as much as she could, even with her mass knowledge and Celiey was something even she had not seen before.

Celiey would sense the feeling of the being coming as she would slowly begin to levitate once more even higher, now floating twenty feet from the ground and even further from the crater as she turned her eyes. She noticed the vampyres existence but did not acknowledge it as her eyes would fall onto the woman in white as she arrived. She did not speak to her, she would not be the first to exchange words. Celiey would hold her right hand out as if to offer something to the woman as a blue crystalic orb would form in the palm of her hand and begin to glow with a crystal formation in the center of the orb. "A Present.." She waited not for a response, as the orb would slowly float through the air and halt before the woman in white. The orb contained a presence of life though that presence was not clear. It had no aggression intended toward the woman.

There was no response. Not even a quick glance. Instead the figure rose into the night sky. The smile dropped from the lips of the Vampyre. Apparently he was not interesting enough to attract the being's attention. Lucifer had expected something like this, had been prepared to be ignored, but the fact that he hadn't even been spared a fraction of the now clearly female being's time was frustrating indeed. He turned his head to see what was the focus of the scene, though he could already feel who it was. There was no emotion on his features as he offered a slight bow in greeting: "Alterren. What a pleasant surprise to be honoured with your presence twice within only a few hours." But even as he forced a perfectly imitated smile onto his lips, he closed up completely. Seeing the mysterious woman start forming something in her palm, Lucifer bowed once more to the Alterren, this time as a farewell, the scar to his honour slowly sliding into his voice: "I see that you have business with eachother. I had no intention in disrupting it." There was no agression in his voice, only pain at the icecold refusal to acknowledge his existence: "Please accept my humble apologies. I shall not take any more of your precious time from either of you." With that, he turned on his heel, focusing his whole being on one point in an attempt to dull the pain. The ship. He would set to repairing it and leave the planet. There was nothing left for Lucifer to do here. He had come to learn from the humbleness that life as frail as that of the natives inspired in sentient beings. Now that mortality had slipped from this world, there was no knowledge to be gained anymore. This trip had gone to waste. If not for the strange powers now resting inside him, Lucifer would have considered it a complete failure.

Once more he looked up at the sky as he walked toward his ship. The stars were unchanged but he could clearly smell and taste the blood that was still hanging in the air. As if the short mental return to the blue figure had triggered it, he could feel a soft light pour upon his back as whatever she had formed was completed. Hesitating for a second or two, Lucifer stepped out of it, he couldn't bear unnatural light spoiling the pure darkness of the night. Why had other cultures taken to installing lights for nightfall anyway? Were they afraid of the dark? It was a mystery to Lucifer as his lips finally started curling downwards at the disturbance in his peace among the shadows. But whatever caused the light was moving, so after a few seconds the darkness returned to it's place in the alley as the light dimmed, the source moving away from the beginning of the corridor among the houses. realising that he had been holding his breath, Lucifer let it out, not rushing himself as he continued to look upwards. What attracted his eyes to the sky and the stars that lay beyond? Was it the lifeless void? The potential of your dreams being fulfilled somewhere out there? He shook his head and continued on his path. He had only one dream worth dreaming. He wished for his race to stand united. Maybe it had been the kind light washing over him for a few seconds, perhaps it had been watching the barbarity unfold among this once peaceful planet? He knew the beauty that had once been akin to his home. The beauty of eternal night and darkness. The beauty of being neither the top nor the bottom of the foodchain, having to fight for one's survival at all times. The beauty of being able to indulge in whatever form of art one preferred, using the millennia at hand to learn it to prefection.

All of it was gone now. The endless night was alight with fire and flame roaring across the land. Survival was no longer between them and the other predators of the planet, instead being fought out amongst eachother. The only art that was being studied now was warfare and even that captured one's interest for only a century or two before you put it to use, or rather, were forced to do so. Lucifer realised it now. Instead of uniting the vampires into something greater, Purity had thrown them ever further apart, dividing them into two factions that couldn't even agree with themselves, thus causing hundreds of subfactions to fight for control over the others. Was this even about morality anymore? Or had was it simply the awakening of a hunger inside each and every one of them? The hunger for control that had slumbered within them since their creation being unleashed upon their once so simple society by the idea of a government? Trying to shake himself from his deep thought, Lucifer called upon his faith in Purity but with doubts having cracked the shield of faith, he could not help but return to those heretical thoughts again and again. With the ship coming into sight, his doubts started growing even stronger, questioning why doubting Purity made him a heretic. Was free thinking not something encouraged by their religion? So many questions that he didn't know the answer to. With a snarl forming on his lips, Lucifer looked back at the direction he had come from. Even though he knew it was ridiculous, he was starting to believe that those two abnormal women had brought this upon him. His life had been so wonderful... It had been so free and unrestrained without Purity there to restrain him. Lucifer's eyes widened, he had been intending to think back to his good moments with Purity to guide his life, but instead he had slipped and replayed the days before all of that. And now he couldn't get those happy pictures out of his mind.

Howling his rage and sorrow into the night with an inhuman edge to the painwrecked sound. It echoed off the buildings but he didn't allow it to fade, continuing until he could no more. Looking up at the beautiful sky as he sank to his knees with exhaustion, Lucifer couldn't help but curse it for bringing back all those memories of the past, when he had lain on the grass, looking up at the stars and dreaming up what wonderous worlds would await him should he ever dare to venture into the void. Then his eyes, as if guided by his accusiations, moved to the next target of his frustration. The beings of incredible power that were probably still talking to eachother about things beyond his understanding. His confrontation with the two of them had shifted something within him that he didn't want shifted. His beliefs were supposed to be untouchable, as demanded by Purity, but somehow they had been severely shaken by them. How come a journey meant to erase the last few doubts could end in having them being strengthened and multiplied? Lucifer shook his head again, a single tear running down his cheek. All had been shattered once more and now he would have to rearrange the pieces until he was finally complete. The ground around him had been torn apart by the now truly named Chains Of Torment. The tear dropped from the Vampyre's features, falling downwards as if in slowmotion. What a fool I was, am and will always remain.

Sennelith landed, the adrenalin still pumping through his veins, his new powers aweing him. Returning to his normal form, he began to walk across the street. It wasn't long until four hulking men closed in around him
"Oy, you" One of them called "Why don't you give us something to keep us away, you must have something of value"
Sennelith stared at the, these idiots were beginning to dampen his mood
Annoyed that he wasnt getting a reply, one man pulled out a knife and lunged at Sennelith. His eyes widened as the blade stopped dead, Crimson scales covering his body.
Senneliths eyes turned to slits as his killer instincts surfaced, with a primal roar, his now clawed hand swiped at the mans head, the sheer force tearing it off.
Turning around he let loose a burst of flame at two of the retreating thugs. They screamed as the heat burnt their skin, literally melting it away to reveal charred muscle, their melted eyed dripping from their sockets.
Letting the last one run for a while, Sennelith savoured the hunt, running after him slowly, giving him a shred of hope until he suddenly caught up shattering his legs with a crushing blow. Looking down at the Whimpering man Sennelith whispered "Time for you to experience pain you helpless fool" as he swung down with his claw shattering his skull and leaving him in a mangled, screaming heap.
Walking on, blood dripping from his claws, Sennelith was in a foul mood, the ehilarating taste of freedom was gone now only interest remained as he picked up an interesting scent. Walking on, he saw a pale skinned creature crying. Knowing he was a different being from his scent. Sennelith asked "What are you?" hopefully this encounter would prove to hold some interest

Anastasia smiled at the being and excepted the orb as a gift and wrapped her hands around the mysterious ball of light and she felt something coming from it but it was an unknown feeling to the alterren, she could have scanned the beings mind for answers but then she would not have the wonderful gift of not knowing anymore. "Thank you for your kind gift," she said humbly.

Anastasia looked down at the vampyre and felt the sadness that he was truly feeling and frowned, it was not her intention to over shadow him or to ignore him. The alterren could tell that he was angry with her so she let him leave with out saying anything but instead turned back to Celiey and gave her a proper introduction. "On this planet I go by the name Anastasia, may I ask what you are called?" she asked then suddenly felt a tugging, it felt as if it was going to rip her in half, a pain now familiar to her but she hid her pain will not letting it be known to Celiey.

Celiey knew what she would be getting into to get into a confrontation with this odd creature known as an Alterren. She decided instead of standing by herself she would reveal what she knew and so... she began to speak.

"Great Alterren," Celiey pronounced referring to the being by its species. "I am called Celiey, my body is composed using the power of psionics. You know this all too well as your own body possesses psionics. It is from you that I have come to be, for you have brought upon the creation of the ex-beings" (Extra-Beings: This refers to the Alterrens role in the Aquin's transformation of higher powers.) "You are the mother of all of these new beings and so I come to you with a question." Her body begins to glow with an aura of azure as the psionic essence that flows through her body takes the appearance of living flames. Her body would rise into the air and float now in front of the being known as Anastasia. She would humbly place her right hand over her torso and bow her head in custom. Then she would look up at her with a blank look, now as Anastasia could see her from close up she can see the sadness and pain inside of her. The inside of Celiey's soul looks deep and empty, as if she is missing something of great value to herself. "I was born, but I do not know why. Your power has given me life as all other beings here. We are your sons and daughters and you are our mother. But tell me please, 'mother', why do I exist?" The question long plagues her mind. Sense the day that she was created by the experience of Anastasia's power branching out to the beings of Aqua, her mind was taunted for her purpose. Her eyes would begin to fill with hope as her long awaited answer could be near all hanging on the thread of the Alterren's word.

Gen ran through the trees as fast as he could keeping up with Cane but he had something on his mind that made him smile just as much as fighting crime and keeping people safe. Cane looked up at Gen and spotted his smile he was curious as to why he was smiling, it kind of made him smile too. Cane activated a communicator that was in their ears to talk to Gen. "So Gen what's on your mind that made u smile like that" " Oh so you noticed that... Well this may sound crazy but I want to start a group" "A Group" "Yeah Cane a group of people like us that can help stop this mindless fighting of this immortal hell" "I see and who would be the leader of the group" "Of course it would be me The Great Blast Fist!" "Ha ha ha ha you make me laugh brother so where would you find these people to form this group" " Well bro you could be the first member of the group and for the rest, I guess we will find them on our way up the linked chain of Freedom. So bro will you join my group for freedom of everyone" "Ha your really inspired today Gen I'll tell you what when you come up with a good name I'll join your group fare" " Damn making names up is hard for me but I'll do it for the cause so but for now let's take out some criminals." "Yeah." Gen and Cane went through the city fast remembering from a study Cane did to find the base of an evil group of people who are acting like this centuries. Genghis Khan. They did everything except kill since everyone was immortal but it doesn't mean they didn't try. It was even said that they kept women they captured as sex slaves. Both Gen and Cane knew this could not stand and that they had to do something about it. Gen and Cane had finally arrived a few blocks from the place and knew it based on the fact that there were tones of armed men around the huge building. Gen wanted to go in but halted himself to see what he was up against. Cane then waved his hand in front of his eyes _causing a small spark and he was able to gather data on the surroundings of the building. "From what I can tell there are about 20 people out side 50 inside and 30 in the basement the 30 might be the women who where captured so how do you think we should proceed" "Well I would take them head on but we can't risk the captured people getting hurt or used as shields. So let's think like this I want you to sneak in and save the women ill head to the roof of the building when you give the signal that you have them I'll make the attack" " What your going to take them on by yourself you can't do that" "I can and I will if I'm going to be the groups leader I have to be strong to inspire others got it" "Fine but know this if you destroy any new tech that's in there I'll punish you" "Ha...Now go" Cane went down through a man hole into the sewers heading towards the building. Gen climbed up the nearest building all the way to top and began running and jumping to roof tops till he jumped to one last building. He took a deep breath and ran fast then jumped onto the HQ building making it on the side. Gen used his skills getting himself to the top with ease and without getting spotted now all he had to do was wait. Caine skated the pathways of the sewers till he finally stopped at his destination. Based on his calculations he was sure this was the spot he then cracked his fingers as it bolted with electricity. With his other hand he placed his hood. He knew it was time for brute strength as he struck the wall with his bolted hand causing a hole in the wall. This wasn't only brute strength but the combination of both brains and brones. While his fist was in the wall the electricity exploded causing _huge hole. Cane repeated this over and over till his last punch broke through the other side. The wall crumbled revealing a group of scared half naked women some where even kids it was horrible. "Run your free get out of here " The people didn't question it and ran escaping their tormentors running past Cane some thanking the hooded man. "Okay Gen it's clear give them he'll for me too!!" Gen was ready and rearing to go he put his hood on covering who he was he was The Great Blast Fist now no longer Gen Denka. _Gen then bent down drawing a charged circle into the ground around where he stood. The circle exploded the floor around him sending him through the ceiling crashing from floor to floor till he landed in the heart of the criminals. There where people every where it seemed like they where partying. "So is this a private party or can anyone join" Then a man sitting in what looked like throne spoke it seemed as if he was their leader and he spoke in anger. " I don't know who you think you are but you've just signed your own death wish coming into the den of The lions now Die get him!!" people rushed towards Gen as he just stood there as they then aimed their guns at him. "Who I em ha you will know soon enough." Gen pulled out six red plates three sticking out of both of his hands he squeezed them and quickly charged them. Throwing them at an angle he cut the guns in half and caused them to explode blowing the gun men back. The people then pulled out knives bats and poles what ever they could to try to beat Gen into a pulp. Gen readied himself as one of the men charged him with a bat swinging it downwards at Gens head. Gen caught it easy with his left hand charging the bat while punching him with his right hand in the stomach. Gen then moved his right hand down grabbing the mans belt and charging that too. Gen threw the charged bat into a crowd of the people exploding blowing and knocking out a small bunch of then the mans belt exploded propelling him backwards into 2 other guys knocking them out. After that all of the criminals rushed him Gen dodged and countered most of there attacks making them hit each other. The leader of the criminals was getting more and more angry at the fact that his men were being taken out by one man. Soon all the men outside ran in to join in on the fight Gen started getting a little tired after fighting so many men but he knew he could do it. Gen stopped moving facing towards the leader of the band of criminals. All around Gen laid defeated criminals the floor cracked seeming like it was ready to break. "So you dare challenge Boren Leon of The Death Lions. I'll make you wish you never where born." "Ha trash like you shouldn't talk down the someone as Great as me" Gen rushed the man who was sitting on the throne and in that instant the criminal leader smirked. At that second two giant robotic hands came out of the ground, each hand grabbing one of Gens arms stopping him from getting free. "Shit I can't get loose" The throne then began to transform and shift till it became more like an open cockpit with robotic legs. This was something new it didn't even look like it belonged to this planet more alien based. Gen struggled to get free but couldn't no matter how hard he tried till Cane spoke on the communicator to Gen. " Brother whats wrong " "huh how long have you been listening" "Since the fight started but what's wrong" "well I'm trapped but the real problem is it's by a new form of tech I don't know what to do" "Sigh do what you can do but try to bring it back with little damage." The leader of the death lions was an angry mood as he had the mech pull at Gens arms ready to rip him in two. "So I see your quiet now but it's about time we end this you piece of trash there's nothing great about you . Ever since I found this thing inside of a crater my world has changed for the better and one guy isn't going to change that for me." "Just Who The Hell Do You Think I Am!!! _I'm going to tell you something important now so you better clean the wax out of your ears and listen close!! _The reputation of Team Sekai echoes far and wide! When they talk about it's bad ass leader the man of abominable spirit and masculinity there talking about me The Great Blast Fist so prepare cause your going down now!" "Ha ha ha ha ha ha and how do plan to do that when I'm about to rip you in two." "This is how" Gen then clicked his feet together making his shoes shape to his feet from toe to toe like if it was like a glove. Gen then moved his legs backwards towards his bag using his feet like hands grabbed two blue plates in each foot and with his toes he squeezed them turning them into disk's. Gen used his power and charged them threw his feet throwing two on each of the robotic arms causing a small explosion forcing the mech to let go of Gen. Nets then attached itself to the robotic arms pushing them outward trying to force them each to the other side of the room forcing an open attack. Gen landed on the floor quickly recovering and charging his fist cringing a little from the pain it caused but he was going to use the power. "Now are you ready to taste my fist that carries a beacon of freedom from this immortality based world! Now behold my blazing fist of freedom!!!!" Gen then started to run up to the open cockpit with his fist cocked. _ "No No No Nooooo" Gen then connected with the punch and everything went silent. At that moment a huge blast of charged energy shot out of the criminal leaders back blowing the roof off of the building and into the sky. The blast also crumbled the floor below them caving in on Gen._

Cane had made it to the surface just in time to see the explosion and Gen get covered. Cane rushed to the ruins of the building quickly digging up the rocks to search out Gen with worry in his mind. "Gen come on don't die on me not after letting me here such a good name like that come on Gen" "Like I Said Just Who The Hell Do You Think I Am!! Don't you remember I can't die that's one thing I want to change about this world." At that moment an explosion broke through the rocks revealing Gen and the mech with little damage. "So with what you said that means your the first member of Sekai bro" "You have a lot of power in you little brother." At that moment Gen passed out not used to expelling that much power at once. Cane picked Gen up and put him in the mech and used his power to move the mech back home.

The droplet fell and fell. Finally it reached the solid stone. Upon meeting the rough surface, it shattered into a thousand of smaller droplets, each one sprakling in the moonlight. It almost seemed like time had frozen to watch the beauty of the moment. But then it returned to it's usual flow and Lucifer was woken from his trance. It had only been a single tear, but it had taken his desperation with it, destroying the doubts as it burst apart. He knew that they would return in time. Slowly getting to his feet, he wiped away all of what had happened, focusing himself on the fact that he had to unite his homeworld. The difference in the thought was almost physical to the vampyre. Something had changed drastically. Instead of the intense need to overpower the vampires and finally rule the world that they had shed so much blood for, Lucifer found that he instead wanted to restore, not destroy. The sharp, bloody edges to the rock that was his idea of the future had been smoothed away, becoming more melancholic, remembering what once was. Despite the sudden and overwhelming shift in the thought, it still seemed strangely familiar, as if he was only rediscovering it.

Lucifer's hands slowly clenched into fists. Then he uncurled them again. Flexing his muscles as if in a physical effort not to lose the fight raging in his mind. Problem was, he didn't know which faction involved in this confrontation was his ally and which his enemy. On one hand he had sacrificed too much- No! The vampyres had sacrificed too much to step down and give up the fight. But on the other hand, this new vision of vampire society was fascinating as well, with both factions uniting instead of fighting until one of them was obliterated. Finally he decided to put the decisions off until he returned home. Wiping his mind clear of all that inner conflict with some trouble with straggling thoughts, Lucifer smiled at the silence. Finally. Complete quiet. He felt like he hadn't been granted a single moment of peace since his arrival on this damned planet. With a more neutral viewpoint, he was able to understand that the meeting with this strange girl, Celiey, couldn't have gone much differently. She had been there because somehow she had known that the alterren would be there. She had no interest in the vampyre so he would forget about her and move on.

Now standing at his full height, Lucifer turned to see the person that had adressed him. There was something strange about him. If he had to pick a word to describe that strange sensation that went out from this figure, the vampyre would have chosen artificial. There was something about the new arrival that seemed unnatural. He continued to smile, his lips parting to reveal his glistening fangs. But inside he was slightly irritated at this intruder into his short equillibrum. Now thoughts were flooding his mind again and noise reached his ears once more. How very bothersome. But his smile remained unshaken, drawing on the reserve of calm that Lucifer had gathered within him during that short moment of blissful revelation. He made a step toward the strange non-human. How very bothersome indeed. Another step drew dust from the ground and let it fly through the air for a few seconds. It was followed by another as Lucifer approached the stranger. He then stopped about five metres away from him. It appears that trouble of all kinds is seeking me out this night. He noticed the blooddrenched claws of the creature but wasn't bothered by them. Why should he be?

The smile changed, grew darker, more threatening. The fangs now seemed bloodthirsty and murderous as the vampyre spoke: "I am the Divine General of the Pure Vampyres, Lucifer. And you are an intruder into my comfort zone." Chains of Torment rose from the ground around him, not actively doing anything, simply there to make a point. The smile finally dropping from his lips, Lucifer coldly continued: "I recommend you leave."

Anastasia took a moment to think about what Celiey was saying and let it sink in then with a smile she answered, "You are a protector of this world, a guardian, protect this world at any cost," Anastasia said then faded away from Celiey sight and appeared back to where she was, on top a building. The alterren sank to her knees no longer able to hide her pain anymore, voices of agony were crying out to her but she had no idea why or how to stop them. This pain was familiar but yet new to her and she would have to figure out what these voices were and appease them are be ripped apart by them. Anastasia bottled the pain up again and stood with the orb of blue light following her she walked to the edge of the building and peered through the darkness and wondered how Athena was doing on her quest.

Athena was met by two men, one was named Dean about the same age as her and he had the ability to go fade into the shadows and use control them the other, William who was younger then her had the ability to heal. Even though they were now immortal a hole in the chest was a hole in the chest and hurt like hell so a healer was great to have by your side. The trio enter the unholy cave where the alterren said that there was a beacon of chaos that was making the city go insane. The cave looked unnatural and recently dug, the walls seem to glow purple and get of a weird energy but for the time being Athena ignored it and thought the quicker the destroyed this beacon the faster they could get out of this creepy cave.

The group turned a corner and were met by creatures that looked like a cross between praymantis and a spider but giant sized, the three stood still and watched the two creatures that had spotted them, they seemed to look at each other as if they were asking what should they do before the turned to face Athena and the boys and let out a loud hiss and charged the intruders. In a panic Athena shot out her had and using her TK she grabbed the creatures and tore them to pieces. The two boys in back at her sighed in relief and so did Athena but then they felt a rumbling and heard the awful sound of hundreds of the hissing sounds the creatures made get closer. "RUN!" Athena yelled and the three turned and ran toward were they entered.

Celiey had brought her right hand down and turned it over to look at the back of her hand. A grin peered across her face as she looked at the orb indented into her gauntlet. Psionic residence is formed inside of it around the orb that seems to analyze and process all genetic information of those within the orbs. Several blue orbs would begin to drip from the ground up like rain that came from the beings that she had blown open. She stroked her palm through the open air as the orbs floated closer to her. As one of the orbs would come toward her chest she would hold her left arm out in front of it while the orb inside of her gauntlet had faded and the new one had been soaked inside of her arm. As the orb begins to soak into her arm's gauntlet, psionic essence would flow around it and analyze the presence of psionic level inside of it to measure it's poison contents possibility, as the orb is seemingly clear of all traps she absorbs it into her arm. She would nod as she looks up to the skies. "and now I understand a little bit more about this world..."

All three of Athena's small dove out of the cave and scrambled to their feet still trying to get away from the creatures. Dean looked over his shoulder and saw the spider like creatures had stopped before they exited the cave, Dean stopped and called to the other two to stop as well. "Look, they didn't follow us out. I wonder if they even can leave." Dean said confused. Athena walked back to Dean and looked up at him and shrugged, "Who cares, we need to get pass them and now is a great opportunity to get these things out of our way." Athena pushes her arms out with her fingers all stretched out and quickly separates her arms, her power separates the horde of creatures and slams then against the cave walk, she then nods at Dean telling him it was his turn to jump in. Dean melts into the ground becoming a shadow himself and travels into the cave walls then turns the shadows of the cave into spikes impaling the monsters, they seemed to have been unaffected by the recent immortality and die.

"Well that takes care of them,"William chimes in feeling useless. Athena grins, "Yeah but who knows what else is in there. That may have actually been the welcoming group." Dean floats back in a ball of shadows but then slowly reforms to his human body, "Hopefully that was the worst of whats to come," Dean replies. Athena takes the lead and walks back into the cave, "Come out, we're immortal! Whats the worse that can happen?" she asks playfully trying not to think of worse thinks then death as she avoids the corpses of the fallen creatures.

"You are a protector of this world. A Guardian. Protect this world, at any cost."

"What are you talking about?"

"Hmm?" Robert looked up from his shot glass, looking at the man in the seat next to him, one of his older colleagues at the morgue. They'd met up at this place every day for the last two weeks, sharing shots as they toasted their ruined careers. Well, that's not true. The first day had been just an average meet-up. They were there at the bar, when the news started coming in, all sensationalist and stuff. The dying not...well, dying. People getting shot and being alive, but in a lot of pain. Even along the war front, people being blown up, their body parts twitching, as if trying to pull themselves back together.

Robert had tried to ignore it, but the day it all started happening to the world, something happened to him. Suddenly he felt like he could feel someone around him at all times, day or night. He'd look over his shoulder, and no one would be there, but he could always feel as if he was beside someone, and if he only looked closer he could see them. Eventually he started to push it to the back of his mind, but even there it was ever present, sending different sensations and thoughts through him. He started losing sleep over it, and he was lucky his supervisors never happened to hear his strange mutterings, words from someone else coming out of his mouth, like just now.

"Sorry buddy," Robert murmured while rubbing his eyes, "this may have to be the last one of the night."

"Yeah, I hear ya," his partner replied with a scoff, "Starting tomorrow I've gotta remember what it's like to function in normal society. Ugh." He forced a shudder as he finished his sentence, causing Robert to grin. He knew exactly how the man felt. He'd been at home with the dead. It would be strange not having them around to listen to his thoughts...well, the ones that were his anyways.

A short time later, the two of them stepped out of the bar, buzzed but not plastered, and began their separate walks home. As the cool night air tried its best to sober him up, he found his thoughts drifting to the stranger in his mind. He wondered if they could feel him like he could them. On a whim, he leaned against the wall of a building and closed his eyes, trying to focus on the stranger in his mind. What would he feel? What would he see or hear? Who was it that he was connected to?

Sennelith was a little taken aback by the manner with which this "Vampyre" dealt with him "Now, now. Why so hostile?", he said, in a slightly amused tone, apparantly unfazed by the Chains of Torment and his threatening manner "My name is Sennelith" his claws shifting back into normal hands and his wings melding into his back until they were no more. To all intents and purposes, he could have been mistaken for a human.

However, his eyes remained slanted and his lips remained scaly, an orange tongue of fire darting around them. This was an interesting encounter, truth be told, he was very interested in this creature. And, even if Lucifer turned to battle, then it would be a chance to sharpen his claws.

Instead of dropping his guard as the stranger did, Lucifer simply clenched his fists, causing the chains to spiral ever higher. He looked at the creature with undisguised annoyance: "Sennelith..." He tried to roll it like had done with Celiey's name, but the word strained aginst his speech, resisting him. Halfway through the word, Lucifer gave up on giving it the beautiful ring that a vampire's speech had to it and simply spat it out with a hint of disgust. He hated things that could not be integrated into his culture. They were so unrefined, so brutish. Something gnawed at the edge of his mind, and it took him a few seconds to realise what it was. He had thought of his speech as that of the vampires, not that of the vampyres. He truly was changing. But he turned his attention back to Sennelith or however that dragon-like creature called itself: "Since you did not understand me the first time, I shall repeat myself one last time."

A snarl on his face, he spoke slowly, as if the person he was talking to had problems understanding him if he spoke normally: "I do not wish to be disturbed." Then, seeing that he wouldn't back off, his anger grew and a shadow gathered on his features: "Go. Back. To. Wherever. You. Came. From." Still no hint of a retreat. On the edge, the divine general, if he could consider himself as such after all those doubts haunting him, yelled. Well, that wasn't exactly the word for it. Rather, he seemed to speak normally, with something amplifying the volume of his voice. It was one of the things that was strange about the vampires. They were able to manipulate how loudly their speech was without straining their vocal chords: "NOW!" There was the screaming of metal being pulled along rock, sending sparks into the air, then the building to Lucifer's left collapsed, pulled down by his chains subconsciously.

Anastasia felt someone trying to enter her mind, she allowed it but only to an extent and as soon as the connection was made Anastasia probed Roberts mind knowing that his power was to connect with her. *hello there, I'm sure your wondering who I am, On this planet I am known as Anastasia and I am an Alterren. May I ask who you are?" she asked already knowing but felt it was still polite to ask or at least for conversation.

Sennelith stood unfazed as the volume of Lucifers voice washed over him, taking a step towards him, his lungs expanding with the large breath he took, he unleashed a primal roar of his own, the roar of a dragon, one that shook the foundations of the buildings around them
"I would back down if I were you, Lucifer" he growled, a playful element vanishing from his voice "You are facing the power of ages past, the power of those that once dominated this planet." as he spoke, he shifted, hands changing shape and turning into claws, wings bursting from his back, he now was almost entirely dragon, only a few human features remaining, his hair, the structure of his face and his humanoid form.

Blinking at the roar, Lucifer spat onto the ground: "The power of ages past?" He turned on the spot, slowly walking away. Then he stopped, now only a bit away from the shuttle, which still had blood spattered onto it's artful white hull. He looked at the crimson that had dried into the detailed scenery depicting a garden full of roses. He had ordered the design himself. Every shuttle aboard the flagship was decorated in such a way. The Sacred Garden as it was called, was filled with a flower that could only be found there, nowhere else on the planet. The white roses that bloomed there all year long since so long ago that even Lucifer didn't know who had planted them, were so pure compared to the red ones that were found anywhere else. It was almost a comparison to the vampire race. Nearly all had descended into chaos and bloodshed, with only a handful remaining peaceful, withholding themselves from the battle that raged on the planet. Lucifer and a group of others had once spilled alot of blood to protect this beautiful place from the horrors that plagued everything else. Vampyres and Vampires had been slain alike because they wanted to capture the garden as a strategic point. It was one of the rare instances where both sides had fought side by side since the beginning of the conflict. The memories of the place nearly brought tears back to Lucifer's eyes. The chains retracted, one of them slicing a clearly visible line across the asphalt before disappearing.

Then the vampyre continued walking, looking back as he drew close to the shuttle: "Power of ages past indeed. What a wonderfully unworthy master they have found." His laugh sounded through the streets, echoing from the house walls. Giving his potential adversary a more serious look that seemed to be capable of dealing out death. A slight mist seemed to be gathering around his feet: "You think yourself powerful because you have inherited the pathetic powers of your ancestors? Such a thing is foolish and will get you killed." Turning fully, Lucifer glared at the youth with undisguised disgust: "If you truly believe that you can defeat me simply because you have power, then cross the line I drew upon the ground. Then we shall see what is greater..." A cruel, stinging smile appeared on his features as he finished his taunting challenge: "Power without control or power with control."

Originally posted by starryknight
Anastasia felt someone trying to enter her mind, she allowed it but only to an extent and as soon as the connection was made Anastasia probed Roberts mind knowing that his power was to connect with her. *hello there, I'm sure your wondering who I am, On this planet I am known as Anastasia and I am an Alterren. May I ask who you are?" she asked already knowing but felt it was still polite to ask or at least for conversation.

Robert wasn't sure what to expect when he'd made his little attempt, but hearing his "other" voice clear in his head, as if it he were wearing the world's best headphones. He felt a flood of sensation, but it was all muted, and a feeling of politeness. It was too much for his alcohol-addled brain. He immediately pushed the entity to the back of his mind once more, doubling over against the building and losing the remaining drink sitting in his stomach.

"What the hell?" he asked after he was able to steady himself. He didn't expect to get anything out of that, much less someone talking to him! He didn't know what was going on, and he wasn't sure he wanted to find out. When his knees stopped buckling, he slowly and carefully made his way home to sleep. It'd been a hell of a night...

Sennelith walked forward, apparantly unfazed by the Vampyre's taunts. "Well that's useless as both of us seem to be in control of our power" he said mockingly, a malicious smile appearing on his face "Unless of course you are implying you have no control over your own power"Getting ever closer to the line he continued In any case, you are going to be taught a lesson in manners" a silence descended as he lifted his foot, bringing it over the line, and bringing it rashind down to the ground.

Lucifer had already walked over to the shuttle, gazing at it with something like nostalgia in his eyes. Slowly the pale hand traced the intricate pattern on the shuttle, caressing the flowers on it. Such beautiful worksmanship. He admired the woman that had created it. She was one of those that had withheld themselves from the war and she had only escaped execution by the vampyres for this because Lucifer had interfered, asking for her to ornament some of their arsenal in return for being left alone. He felt the petals of metal that almost seemed alive with nature's power. It was so beautiful. But that wasn't the only reason he was stroking the artwork. Feeling the touch of it's master, the shuttle started up, humming slightly. It would take some time to analyze it's own status but apparently Sennelith had decided to keep Lucifer company for that time of waiting. Not that that was positive in any way but that one.

Slowly the vampyre turned on the spot. The mist returned, twisting around his body in intricate swirls, gently stroking him as if to calm him with it's touch like a worried lover. But there was no calmness remaining in the vampyre. He had been provoked and the one foolish enough to do such a thing would be punished. Though he was at ease, leaning slightly to the side against an invisible wall, there was incredible tension. Not visible, but rather feelable. It was not in his body, but in the very air he breathed. Slowly his thin lips parted, revealing his fangs to glisten in the moonlight. They almost seemed to be made of silver as they reflected the light that shone upon them. Strands of saliva hung between those devices of death, not without threat itself. For it was a poison, deadly to lesser creatures and causing strong paralysis to those that stood above that unimportant cannon fodder. Taking a step forward, Lucifer's foot could not be heard as it stepped upon the asphalt, seeming silent and soft like a feather in comparison to Sennelith's lumbering gait.

As he took another step, weaving it into the first movement in a way that made it all seem like a delicate dance, a gust of wind could be felt. It made his coat billow and the ponytail freed itself, letting the open hair fly in the air. It gave the vampyre a very different appearance. Instead of the calm and gathered Divine General that had stood upon that same ground only a few seconds ago, now there walked a figure that more resembled the nobles of the vampires, of which Lucifer was, after all, one of the most powerful before his change in heart. His white hair now hanging into his face wildly, he snarled: "You'll regret disturbing my grieving process with your arrogant, selfaggrandising behaviour." Lucifer's eyes shifted. From rather normal crimson eyes, they changed, something spreading from his pupils. It was pure black, covering the eyes completely within a second. Then it lit up, burning with a bloodred light.

Another step forward, this time not that of a dancer though, more casual, less selfaware. But where those black boots touched the ground, an incredible cold, that of death, spread out along with a thick mist. It was a form adopted by vampires when they were ready to fight without their usual elegance, too angry to care about such a trivial thing as beauty while in combat. Lucifer wasn't baring his fangs anymore, but somehow they still seemed painfully close and threatening, hovering over the dragon-like man's throat like a sword of Damocles. As with many other things about the vampire, it wasn't seen by the eyes, but rather felt through the skin. If his enemy were a vampire or vampyre, they would have noticed a more subtle change in Lucifer's behaviour. While before, he had clearly only wanted to be left alone, he was growing more and more agitated by the second. This was becoming less a fight to preserve his peace, which had been lost anyway, rather than to teach the intruder about respecting those that wished to be left by themselves. Levelling his pistol, Lucifer spoke quietly, the silence currently filling the street they stood upon allowing the sound, both sad and furious, to travel to Sennelith's ears without anything distorting it's condemning message: "Never before have I met a sentient creature so entangled in it's own emotions that it became oblivious to the feelings of those around it. Such lack of empathy is a disgusting stain upon all there is."

Sennelith's smile widened "Arrogant? Look who's talking Vampyre, but yeah, I'm enjoying myself far too much at the moment to care about you" Looking at the pistol, he uttered a short laugh "You are indeed arrogant to think that will harm me" Flames seemed to dance around his feet as he continued to walk forwards, flickering into life and twisting like snakes.

Gen wakes up in his bed with Cane in a chair across from him with half of a disassembled mech that earlier belonged to the Leader of of Death Lions. He felt weak from expelling his energy like he did, it was the first time he did something like that. "So your up Gen I thought you would be sleep for like a day or two doing what you just did" "How long have I been sleep" "About 5 hours or so you should rest more it will help you regenerate your used energy." "No I'm alright I have to go back out there and you know you can't stop me." Gen sat up and got out of the bed wobbling a little then started to fall. Cane turned around in the chair grabbing Gen stopping him from falling while sitting him down. "You have to lay back down you need to rest" " I NEED to go out there people need my help and I can help. So as a Sekai member you must understand I do what I do cause it's _whats needed" "Fine you do you but don't come back dismembered" "Ha Just who the hell do you think I em." Gen got up after being released by Cane and walked out of the room and the tree house. The air was nice but he had to keep moving if he couldn't standing still for too long or it could cause him to collapse. So Gen climbed up a tree fixing himself on a strong Branch and started his travel jumping and running from tree top to tree top the air whizzing past his hair keeping normal. Till he stopped, spotting in the distance in front of a cave stood A beautiful girl who looked accompanied by someone. Gen then spotted a man made of shadow walk out the cave and turn into a normal looking person and joined them. He watched from the roof tops as he was easily able to tell that they all had powers like him. Gen figured their where more like him and Cane that gained powers do to the event. Gen watched as they walked into the cave, Gen was curious as to what they where up to so he followed a minute later. Gen entered the seemingly dark cave charging and unchanging his finger causing it to glow so he could use it as a flashlight. The first thing he noticed was the corpses on the floor of the creatures in the cave dead something he hasn't see exist in a long time he kind of envied that they where able to die. The thing that was most perplexing was what where they. Gen walking more into the cave trying to follower after the 3 that went in before him._

As he heard Sennelith's words, Lucifer simply smiled. Not only at the foolishness of the boy but also at the scene that could be seen by anyone who ventured close enough. Two men, closer to allpowerful gods than mere mortals, facing off in the moon's light. One of them burning with emotion so strongly that flames manifested around his feet to scorch the earth he walked upon, marching toward the enemy. The other cold like ice, mist rising from the ground around him, twisting around his body, his silver pistol aimed almost casually at the adversary. It was quite something to behold. The violence about to be unleashed, two tidal waves of power crashing against one another in a test of strength, speed and skill. Like demigods from mythological tales, the pair would do battle, turning to battle over the most trivial of matters, unknowingly fighting for the amusement of those that watched from the heavens. But it was time to dispatch of this insolent child. His finger curled around the trigger and pulled.

The bullet raced out of the barrel but as Lucifer watched it fly forth, time seemed to slow to allow him to watch the projectile without any problems, to enjoy the worksmanship of the weaponsmith. For this weapon wasn't any less a piece of art than the shuttle. Though having been created millenia ago as a gift given to him upon his birth, it hadn't failed once in it's duty. An ancient vampiric myth stated that a weapon given to a vampire at his birth was going to fit him perfectly once he was old enough to wield it. This was true for Lucifer. The hilt smoothed into his hand and whenever he saw the engraving upon the silver, the divine general marveled at how beautifully his name had been placed upon his weapon. Such was the fascination of vampires with art and perfection. No matter what they did, they put their heart into it, poured their soul out to create something that was both practical and pleasing to the senses.

Lucifer's crimson eyes watched as the bullet, also not without a highly detailed pattern placed upon it as decoration despite being shot too fast for anybody to see how much love the smith had put into this piece of metal. Even Lucifer only knew the pattern because he had looked at it before carefully placing the projectile in the revolver. A millenium or so ago he had asked a smith why they put so much effort into creating bullets if they were simply going to be shot at the enemy. The answer had been accompanied by a laughing smile: "We do so to please people like you. People who pay attention to even these details." But that was long ago and did not matter right now. What did matter was that the bullet struck flesh, passing through Sennelith's left arm at the elbow with ease.

The vampire's smile grew slightly. The sht hadn't done as much damage as it would have upon a lesser creature, who would have been destroyed by the force, or a vampire, for whom the weapon was designed after all. Instead of tearing off the lower arm immediately, instead it left a gigantic hole in the arm. Thin strands of flesh and skin held the limb together. But as Lucifer and Sennelith watched, the weight of the claw showed to be too much and slowly the strands tore, one by one. Then, with a sickening sound, all of the remaining connections ceased to exist and the lower arm dropped to the ground with a thud. "It appears that I'm not quite as arrogant as you thought."

Rushing. The sight from someones eyes, passing over a fresh body of water at high speeds. All that could be seen was the walls of water pushing out from her, the beautiful Aquin sky above her and the lines of blurring speed from her travel. She turned, shifted, flying at greater speeds as she prepared to ascend. Suddenly, whatever... whoever it was took direct flight directly up into the sky, seeming to tear from the water and ascend straight upward, spiraling in a circle. Upon peaking at 500ft above the water, the figures arms were thrown outward to bring her to a sudden stop with the water being thrown from her. It was the blue haired aquin girl, Celiey. Floating high above the water, her body glimmered from the shine of the water droplets over her fresh soft skin. Her glass-like plates over different parts of her body seemed freshly polished with the inside of them having her memory spheres shining. She watched the city that she first found when coming to this planet, remembering the times within it, wondering about the future she'd make in it. Celiey swung her right hand out and pulled it back as the glaring bright sphere faded through the plate and into her hand. As the girls fingers wrapped around it, she prepared to use it. As she straightened her grip on the sphere, she held it up before her.

"Adept Learner!" The sphere flashed as the sight was captured, helping her memorize the full sight of the city before her.

God Cloth Seiya
Jericho was walking through the plains challenging people for the amusement of him and Ares.

Jericho then stopped "there is a tablet nearby" Jericho then saw a city about a could 100 miles away "it's in that direction."

He was about to make his way towards it when 20 soldiers surrounded him. He ended up grinning "what can I do you for you gentleman?"

"It's no hard feeling Jericho but we have orders to bring you in."

This seemed to interest Jericho "why am I being taken in and how do you know my name?"

"Sorry but that's classified information, now we can do this the easy way or the hard way?"

Jericho laughed and then activated the goat, he then clapped creating a loud BOOM and sending a powerful force all around himself sending his enemies flying. He stood there "well that was easy" Jericho then looked back towards the city "Time to find that tablet, and on a special note I need to find out what that was all about later."

Celiey's head suddenly turned as she thought she heard something. Looking down from the city, her eyes seemed to cross the bridge leading from it into another city where an explosion had taken place just a few seconds prior. "A chance for more study?" The girl said with an excited look on her face. Before she knew it, Celiey had dropped from the sky like a dead weight, causing a large splash appropriate for any human-like figure crashing into water from a 500ft drop.

Not long later, the girl appeared to rise out of the ground in a spectral state, as if a phantom. A talent she learned using her adept learner ability during the year prior. Her body solidified again as she floated now only yards away from the male called Jericho. She didn't attack, but watched in silence with curiosity. Her lips mouthed the words, Adept Learner as a glowing sphere rose from her once more and seemed to record the sight before her. She noted the male and the explosive power he had displayed with the damaged if not killed enemies around him.

God Cloth Seiya
Jericho had heard a large splash behind him but did not look back "perhaps it is another challenger"

Jericho began to get a wide grin over his face and continued walking towards the city "I sure hope hes stronger than these weaklings." He stopped right at the man who apparently knew something but he had saw that he was dead.

Jericho then summoned the Golden Dragon Slayer, picked up the threw him upward and when he came down he sliced him in half. There was now blood all over him and his sword, the sword disappeared and he again made his way towards the city.

"I wonder if that will freak him out a little bit?"

Celiey descended a little as Jericho began to move, letting her right foot barely touched the ground before she gently bounced from it, hopping forward in almost a graceful manner as she floated across the ground, before her left foot gently touched a few feet ahead of where her previous one had, bouncing again. It was as if she were weightless, bouncing on the moon as she followed after Jericho without even so much as a flinch at his actions. Instead, she seemed to mind her orb which was recording every action he made.

I wonder if he's trying to impress me. She thought as she followed the senseless hulking man.

God Cloth Seiya
Jericho seemed to be aggravated "You can stop following me whenever you fell like it." Jericho didn't liked being followed by some random person in the middle of nowhere.

As the girl gently landed on the ground upon one foot, her face suddenly lit up. She stared at the male with a curiosity, her head slowly tilting. As he spoke, her hand rose up and pet across the air over her sphere. She said nothing, but continued to be bothersome toward the rogue.

God Cloth Seiya
Jericho was starting to get even more aggravated "I know your there and it's kinda getting on my last nerve."

His head sharply turned "the's moving." Jericho actually got a grin over his face seeing on how he knew which direction it was going in "the guild of thieves" Jericho then started walking towards the tablet "you can follow if you want just don't try to be sneaky when I already know your there."

"I was not aware that I was hiding." The girl blinked with her large eyes watching the brutish male. She was... hiding? She curiously began to hop again, pushing off the ground on her foot gently to float forward nearby the ignorant male. She had nothing better to do. Why not simply follow this simpleton and see where that leads?

God Cloth Seiya
"Huh, do you find me interesting or something or do like following people in the middle of nowhere?" Jericho was looking at the weird creature that kept following him. Jericho sighed "You want something to eat I could buy you something when we get to a market, I'm feeling kind of hungry and I'm not that cruel for know reason."Jericho waiting for a response found a tree to lay down on and relax for a little bit.

Originally posted by God Cloth Seiya
"Huh, do you find me interesting or something or do like following people in the middle of nowhere?" Jericho was looking at the weird creature that kept following him. Jericho sighed "You want something to eat I could buy you something when we get to a market, I'm feeling kind of hungry and I'm not that cruel for know reason."Jericho waiting for a response found a tree to lay down on and relax for a little bit.

"Sometimes," Celiey said with a blank face while she continued to follow after the brute. She kept a fair distance, as if to let him have his space, though she did not keep so far as to let him feel that she was not there. She seemed to enjoy that tingling irritation that one might get from her breathing down their neck. A few seconds after Jericho propositions her, Celiey had kicked off the ground and floated through the air, landing before the brute. She turned, her arms folding behind her back.

"The city ahead is monitored by a powerful being called 'Anastasia'." Celiey had brought up a hand as another sphere had emerged from her arm, before it began shooting out images across the ground; videos displaying Anastasia in action before Celiey and other powerful beings. "She has a large quantity of powers and is unquestionable. Entering this city virtually surrenders yourself to this girl."

God Cloth Seiya
"Surrender huh" he began to laugh "It's been awhile since I've done that. Jericho had heard of her before "I know what battles I can and Can't win, so if I must surrender to her I will.

Jericho then felt the stone moving again "Its coming at us" he grinned and activated the raptor "Be right back" He took off dead sprint on his way towards the stone. It wasn't long until he came across the members of the thieves guild. He started to run around them in a circle.

One of the members finally said "What's going on?"

Another replied "I don't know" he ran as fast as he could only to be stopped by his hand through his chest.

Jericho smiled at this "Puny Weaklings" he saw the one that had it and quickly snatch it before they could even react. "It was nice doing business with ya."

He proceeded in returning back to the mysterious creature he had met with the stone in his hand. He raised it up so she could see it, it had showed a bird on it "When I absorb this it will give me the power of flight."

Celiey had watched for a moment while her right hand shifted back and forth, investigating it. Her adept learner had caught sight of the brutes actions. She nodded once, before her body suddenly became like a blur. Her hand, firm in its conviction, struck Jericho in the chest with a blunt force that sent him directly onto his back as if he had just crashed into an immovable object. Celiey looked down curiously at the male after, investigating him.

God Cloth Seiya
Jericho kicked himself back up with a smile on his face "Not bad of an attack, but you'll have to do better than that to hurt me." He lifted up his shirt showing where she had hit him at. "See not even a mark, but I am impressed on how you were able to hit me while I was using raptor."

Even though he was impressed with her speed Jericho was still wondering why she had attacked him. "I'm not sure if you have a good reason for striking me in the chest but,if you want to explain to me why, I'm all ears."

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